Oldest Man to Climb Mt. Everest, For Now

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons) 


Ever get the feeling that you're too

tired to exercise? Well, this might just give you the kick in the pants you need.

Eighty-year-old Yuichiro Miura became the oldest man to reach the top of Mt. Everest

Thursday morning — eclipsing the previous record of a 76-year-old. (Via WFLA)

Before you start trying to picture your parents or grandparents climbing up the world's tallest

peak, think about this: Miura also conquered Everest at the ripe ages of 70 and 75. But

besides his age, Miura's climb is even more impressive for a few other reasons.

The oxygen concentration at the summit is a third of that at sea level. So, for the

80-year-old Miura, his body would feel roughly 150 years old. (Via WXMI)

ABC reports in recent years,  Miura's had four heart surgeries — including one just

two months ago — not to mention, breaking his pelvis and fracturing one of his thighs.

And if all that and the frigid temperatures weren't enough, there's the possibility of

getting into an actual fight on the world's tallest peak — which happened a few weeks

ago. A trio of climbers claim 100 or so sherpa guides took offense to the idea of them climbing

on their own. (Via CNN) All of that aside: Miura's time in the spotlight

may only last a few days. An 81-year-old Nepalese man who held the previous record is planning

his own ascent in the coming week.