Annoying Orange - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spoof!)

-♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips ♪

♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips ♪

♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips ♪

♪ High in vitamins A & K ♪

♪ Rutabaga ♪

[wind whipping, swords clanging]

-I just don't get it.

One minute we're chilling in the soil

like regular, old turnips, then the next

we're able to do awesome ninja stuff like this.

And this. [thwack!]


-Michelangelo, just stop.

"Cowabunga" will never catch on;

stop trying to force it.

-Definitely, dude. I'll tweak with it a bit,

and get back to you guys with some fresh ideas.

-Yeah, I would've started drinking radioactive Slurpees

ages ago if I had known they'd instantly

turn me into a black belt.

-(Orange echoing) You don't need black belts.

With enough hard work, you can become...

orange belts! [laughs]

-Wait, dude.

Isn't an orange belt like way worse than a black belt?

-Why don't you tell me? [hacks, spits seed]

[seed bounces off swords]

-Whoa! How did you know that?

-To fight like me, first you have to believe in yourselves.

-And second?

-It helps if you imagine your opponent in his underwear.

[laughs] Grundy undies.

-Opponents? Where are we gonna find opponents?

-I have a feeling an opponent will "turn up."

[laughs]: Get it? Turnip?

It's a joke.

[news theme plays]

-Breaking news: the city is under attack.

A radioactive Slurpee accident has turned a block of cheese

known only as The Cheddar

into a seemingly unstoppable force of evil.

-Hyah! -[groans]

-Say cheese! Hyah!


-He have to stop him.

-But, dude, he's on the surface.

We've never been to the surface before.

-Come on, turnips. Let's go!

-[laughs evilly]

You've all been cutting the cheese for years;

now it's the cheese's turn to cut back.

[broccoli screams]

-Boss, looks like we got company.

They look like... turnips?

-Whatever they are,

they'll be diced up in salad soon enough.

-Peabod, Stalksteady, attack.

[both scream blandly]

-Whoa, I didn't expect it to be so bright on the surface.

I can barely see anything.

-Just start swinging, Donnie. -Sheepabunga!

-Michelangelo... no.

-Yeah, bro, you're gettin' colder.

-Got it. I honestly appreciate

the constructive criticism, dudes.

-[screams] -Okay.

My eyes are finally starting to adjust.

Where are they? Let me at 'em!

-Dude, you already took care of them.

-Oh. Cool. -Curses!

-We got you surrounded, Cheddar. Give yourself up peacefully.

-I sincerely doubt that will happen.

-What? You're gonna fight us?

We got you outnumbered.

-Plus, you don't even have a weapon.

-Hippobunga. -Can it, Michelangelo.

-[chuckles] You turnips seem to have me mistaken

with a much milder cheddar, but I assure you,

I'm as sharp as they come!

Yah! Tonight I dine on turnip soup!

-Hyah! Yah!

[swords clinging]

-[Cheddar laughs]

Is that all you tulips got?

-Holy smokes, he's too strong!

-Wait. Remember what Orange taught us.


-Huh? [others laughing]

Hey! Stop laughing!

-Cool unicorn boxers, dude!

-Those were given to me as a gift!

I was running low on laundry and had no other options.

[others laughing]

Stop laughing! How would you feel

if I laughed at your underwear selection, hmm?

How would you feel then?

-Actually, I'd feel pretty "grate."

[laughs] Get it? Grate?

-I sincerely doubt that. -No! Grate!


[screaming in agony]

-Aw, don't put evil cheese on me.

Nobody's gonna want to eat an evil pizza.

-You did it, Ninja Turnips! You saved the city!

-Don't worry about it. "Pizza" cake. [laughs]

-[laughs] Good one, Raphael.

-Ring-tailed-lemur-bunga, dudes.

-Michelangelo, just go away.

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-[Orange laughs] Knife!