HEAVY RAIN™ PS4 - Jayden Finds Out Who The Origami Killer Is

only got a few more hours left to save

Shawn Mars there has to be a goddamn

clue somewhere stern-faced this kid's

gonna die and I'm going around in


all packed up and ready to go what are

you talking about the investigations

over we know who did it we no longer

need your services anymore Norman so you

can ride your files all the way back to

Washington I'd be lying if I said I was

gonna miss you

the investigation isn't over you have

absolutely nothing on Mars Mars is

guilty case closed

anyway it's no concern of yours now

you're off the case

so pack up and [ __ ] off Blake you are an

unbalanced psychopathic [ __ ] I'll

take that as a compliment

honestly I don't give a [ __ ] what you

think I found the origami killer

everyone's happy end of story

have a nice trip back Norman

the killer's name is here somewhere in

this data I just have to find it find it

before it's too late

oh one last thing sir you should be

careful not to overindulge even know

it will be dangerous

fairly dangerous it'll end up killing

you if you're not careful that would be

most unfortunate sir

to receipts from the same gas station

might be near the killer's home

the killer lives in this zone 342 people

live around there not good enough

gotta find a means of identifying the

killer more precisely

ah that doesn't get us anywhere the gun

look killer left at the Blue Lagoon

perhaps it's some way of tracing its


impounded in a police case five years

ago the gun is still supposed to be in

police custody who checked it out

it's not a car

arrey was in record mode when I was

fighting with a killer perhaps there's

something on it

the sword was already in backhoes office

it's got nothing to do with a killer

go watch I'm sure I've seen this before


the watch they get for promotions to

lieutenant the killer is a cop

looks like the killer is a cop Carter

Blake that would explain the dead-end

investigation and his desire to frame

Ethan Mars

there's only one cop in that geo

profiling zone gotcha

he owns a warehouse on the docks if I'm

wrong Sean Morris is dead

are you sure it's the right car at the

docks call the SWAT team oh and I'll

need a chopper today of course I'll need

it today you're [ __ ] imbecile