How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name


hi I'm Janet ibid oh I want to thank you

guys so much for joining me for this

live hostgator demonstration today I am

gonna walk you through the steps that

you can take to find out who owns a

specific domain name I'll back up a

minute and talk about why you'd want to

know who owns a domain name the primary

reason is that if you find a great

domain name for your website for your

blog your online presence and you want

to register that domain and you find out

that it's not available there is an

opportunity for you to find out who owns

it to reach out to that person or that

entity and see if it's possible to

purchase or transfer the domain name to

you it's not that uncommon that someone

would register a domain name and never

built never build a site out that the

domain name might be available for

transfer so I'm gonna walk you through

the steps for that it's very quick it's

not a complicated process so we'll start

sharing of course the first step to

getting online is finding a great name

for your website there's lots of places

that you can register a domain name most

hosting services have them in fact

Hostgator here of course we have our

lovely snappy mascot so if I wanted a

website that represents him so I want to

see if I can get snappy from my

snappy website and

it's telling me that snappy shop comm is

not available

I've got other options here that I could

register for but if I've got my heart

set on having that comm I might want to

see who owns it and see if I can

purchase it so there is a website that

actually has all of this information I'm

gonna put the link here so if I can show

you that with you it's who is dot I can

org and they have a search option too

you put the domain name with the domain

extension that you're interested in

finding and it will pull up the contact

information so there's an email and a

phone number and that's a great place to

start to reach out and see if there

might be a possibility to transfer that

domain to me I want to point out that

the Whois database is going to collect

information on every domain that gets

registered no matter who you register it

from what service you use to purchase

that domain the input the contact

information that you put in does go into

the database there are exceptions of

course gdpr

that's in place in effect that will

automatically mask that private

information a lot of people do as well

opt for domain privacy or use other ways

to mask the information so that their

personal data isn't out there here's an

example of what that might look like if

I look at snappy store instead of snappy

shop it shows me that the information is

redacted for privacy so if you do find

this is the case and you still want to

pursue getting that domain name there

our domain name brokers then you can

reach out to that can help you do that

that's what they specialize in they'll

find the owner and help you negotiate

possibly a purchase other domain names

so that's pretty much it for the

demonstration that I was going to share

you just have to remember that I can

Whois database I'm gonna put the link in

the comments to that if you want to look

up some web some um some domain names to

see what the availability is or who owns

them so yeah if you find the perfect

domain name and it's taken that doesn't

have to be the end of the road you can

purchase you can't possibly purchase

that domain name for your own use like I

said this was super quick there's a lot

or to know about getting your domain

name online there's considerations you

need to be aware of when you're picking

a domain name that it represents your

business it represents what people are

going to be able to find or do on your

website it's got to be broad enough that

if your business expands you diversify

into different areas that your that your

website you're not going to lose that

equity that the domain name will follow

you as your business grows

there's also considerations when you

register like domain privacy and other

options that you might want to implement

and then of course there's the managing

that domain name after you own it

so the good news is we do have a webinar

coming up May 22nd at it's 12:00 o'clock

Central Time us if you want to know more

about how to protect and manage your

perfect domain name we'll be covering

everything about domains at that webinar

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otherwise thanks so much for watching if

you have any questions put them in the

comments I'll be happy to get back with

you and appreciate your feedback any

suggestions you have for topics we can

cover in the future and hope that we

will see you at the May 22nd webinar

thanks again

I'm Jana Thibodeau and hope to see you

next time