well you walk they might be basically I

heard that you changed the ID of my zero

to thingy - maybe actually clown music

yeah maybe I did why did you do that

what did we do wrong we did nothing


you guys need to take a step back you

guys are taking over the game I'm sick

of joining every lobby and seeing

paintballers and ace pilots play that

every day I'm sick of it okay bye well

sorry for just caring about this fake

girl just there's a bunch of pixels I

don't care but look man I wanna well be

wanting you you want yeah I want to beat

the crap out of you you mess with you

mess with it - you mess with me oh I'm

gonna grab my tablet okay cool well

you're playing on mobile yeah for sure

you're gonna so okay so you're gonna go

up against like one of the best players

in this game with a mobile tablet yes I

am I'm the best mobile player of Arsenal

okay buddy okay so um okay but look I

will only want we want you on certain

conditions I want this I want these your

to sound back to normal and I also want

to skin myself that only I can get put

it directly into the game if I win I get

both of those things all right if I win

all right you have to use a clown skin

for a week okay and the idea will stay

the way it is in two seconds I'm the

best mobile player okay buddy I'm like

the best PC play yet name it name the

video best mobile player real it okay I

accept your challenge you're gonna go

down okay you're going down okay are you

ready to die huh I'm not gonna die you

are not okay cool just okay that's

Claire yeah okay we get it you're

garbage here - garbage mobile player

okay now go to the growing three I've

had three bruised best iPad ever that's

better in my note eight Oh God I'm

probably approaching if I lose guy

guys if I lose to a mobile user please

unsub yeah the best mobile user compared

to the best piece easier ok go die


camper nice bomb guys I just lost the

first kill to the best mobile player and

I'm stuck with a garbage little Tom I

don't think I really stand a chance now

he keeps talking to me I'm losing to the

best mobile player in the game right now

guys guys I'm losing I'm listed to the

best mobile player right right now guys

you killed me three times in a row

guys I'm garbage guys know I don't do

I'm mobile I got some overall hit boxes

okay then shoot above the wall right now

if you got the hit if you got the hit


oh god oh god oh the I'm on mobile

okay buddy so mol have free in my 201 no

okay buddy 80 damage from the map from

the maghreb I was a clean tech that

always headshots mighty you you don't

think that's weird

I just got good aim

cool I want to cover the desk Brenda

down yes okay now I'm stuck now I'm

stuck from garbage now you will die a

lot unless you're a bot still work oh I

turn on mine okay wait I'm trying to

rock it up and it doesn't okay anyway oh

crap oh god my tea let's talk let's talk

things out Mike my tea left money let's

talk things out go to a mobile user you

have hey ma you hacker hacker yeah baby

dev review the same thing on me bro you

have a buck forty huh

I'm on the worst sniper in the game all

right oh yeah get a thing oh my god turn

on your turn on your aim up you really

need it right now

turn it on I don't have a name but I'm

telling you I'm a mobile user so mobile

users get free any motto up oh oh my god

I can't hit this shot at all are you

sure are you sure I'm sure

Rose hey guys sparks from Warren here

back with a and F look at the match were

having so I was actually kind of acting

fishy because his weapons did more

damage than usual and look at the bottle

of corner that's not a rifle he had was

supposed to deal only 50 damage but it

somehow dealt morning at he also had

mobile hit boxes yet was playing on the

computer suspicious I thought so too he

didn't use a mod though he just had the

mobile advantage blue for PC Mouse and

yeah that's pretty old P okay back to

the video just wanted to let you know

and that's why I was gonna squish super

easily he's had all this crouching guy

bro you use hacks you're cheating I bet

I bet you see me through the walls right

now because Deborah Rosie you've never a

use the exact same crap and the hell did

you go oh where did you go where'd you


what crap I got yes hi garbage aim

I hate the Spencer carbine I didn't

expect that wall wait how do you one

shot me with a hush puppy and there was

no headshot Oh as a headshot my screen

oh well my screen doesn't it just

doesn't display it's like normal

okay I thought that you're like using

damage hacks now along with your aimbot

I would give really suspicious air

mighty God was that a headshot - no

those dollars body shot okay you rigged

the spawns because you should've spawn

where I was looking at you that you

rigged the spawns so not only are you

are using a lot but you rigged the

smallest God why see you should spawn

the blue building Oh God

Oh cheater wall hacker dollar no it was

wall hacking yeah burn it up burn burn

burn burn burn

god I hate the minigun it's awesome I

literally found you in you beat me down

but pistol that's stupid as not that's

not how gun should work worth where a

minigun is worse than a pistol it's

stupid that makes no sense a minigun is

literally worse than epistle that is sad

that is really sad well you were yeah

see it sucks it's garbage

cool your journal win because I'm just

suck of garbage finally okay weird get

jump up no I'm not gonna die like tense

on the roll like like you like you did

okay what what happened mighty mighty


Oh God oku I die beyond walk okay now

you have to go on gun okay but by the

way going knife kill does not mark the

winning going gun mark going gun kill

does a marking wind okay I check out

this trick shot a mater okay I lost

first minute okay last match money

baseplate was playing all mobile so he

had the bigger hit boxes and now we're

playing on PC I'm just gonna say oh no

he was playing on mobile co-lead odd he

was playing mobile now he's playing

wrong now he's playing normally so no

longer can he get these weird headshot

kills yeah I'll just say he was playing

on mobile guys that's like that's like

the it was just mobile yeah I was just

mobile deeply was no I use no camera

with the code that no there was no

extended hit boxes there was none of

that it was legit fair game play from

your truly mighty beat player he's a

tough a guide to like just play I'm a

stand-up guy yeah he's a stand-up comedy

guy guys he wouldn't do that he's not

mean I wouldn't do that just for my own

engagement nice baseball washer Oh God

God man um okay that tree in the corner

it doesn't work like you just go right

through that's stupid you got to know

which trees you can walk through that

makes no sense why would you have that

to work oh yes I'm treated with hey this

tree you can't Mike was in the way

standard for 1v1 should be gun rotation

don't actually be unfair though be

ameliorated fair yeah because if one

guys stuck on like keeps meeting guards

and one guy housing a god gun it's just

it's just unfair to dude oh you're

reloading cool

oh god I need me that way well you're

actually stuck on a worst weapon now

oh crap yeah I'm winning I wasn't

cheating I was playing on mobile pleased

all right

no that was my only chance only for

damage per shot oh my god well that's so


I wish I wish I had a gun to that I vote

for Danni long range Dodi

oh you double joint double jump I I

walked on the whole I walked on the

brick wall there's like a little glad

you can walk on okay buddy I'm gonna let

that slide

oh this is actually I literally can't do

anything like that

that won't work a fighter not next to

the docks I believe yeah what were you

shooting from how do you do that much

damage you cheater

oh my god Clara can keep me from

advancing bro your Chi oh yeah now

you're stuck on the cars gonna do hacks

again huh how about try flank huh trying

to flank instead of just being garbage

it's just cheating buddy mighty mighty

just just stop

mighty mighty thank goodness okay I'm so

good cards I have the mp7 okay this

better is shocking but what's at the

same time yeah okay I only did one


I said I'd know how to use garbage and

then I'd just die one shot Oh God sorry

HP no door because it's mighty bees

please I'm funny oh my god it's my oh my

god have a clock this okay this guns a

meme okay it's good at long range but

yeah alright what you've got that you

got the W because the first game I was

playing on mobile you win I'll undo the

changes to the the ID and you'll get

your special little John skin okay okay

cool I win I'm the best okay buddy