Which automaker company owns your favorite car brand? You'd be surprised

Not to disappoint you but most badges you see on your favorite cars are not as transparent as you think they are today

I'll be showing you which automakers own your favorite car brands

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Let's begin when you think of James Bond, which car brand comes to mind

That's right Aston, Martin today Aston, Martin isn't owned by a larger automaker

But don't think it was always that way it was once under Ford and then sold to a group of investors in

2007 one key investor was Mercedes Benz parent company named leur the tie-in with

Mercedes now gives Aston Martin access to AMG engines for its latest sports cars a sweet deal moving on

BMW for you guys that didn't know it stands for Bay or ish

Motorin work

It's German for barbarian motor works BMW owns two automobile brands


Which was relaunched in 2001 and rolls-royce which was acquired in?

2002 you can even see some BMW influences in the rolls-royce

Ghost sedan next one on the list there's a automaker Daimler AG

Ring a bell it probably doesn't but at the same time it probably does because I just mentioned it when I talked about Aston Martin

I know for sure it didn't ring a bell for me when I first did my research its original name was damned ler bends before

transitioned over to the new name damn ler AG in

1998 they own all of Mercedes divisions such as the Benz the AMG and a Maybach

They also homesmart you remember seeing those tiny cars in the road

They could basically pop a u-turn in one lane Daimler. Also owns a truck companies such as Freightliner alright

Let's move on to Fiat that was founded in 1899 it is Italy's largest auto

Manufacturer and also one of the oldest auto makers in the world

They mainly produce railroad engines tractors and airplane engines until

1950 where they then offered a full lineup of cars

Enough with the Boring stuff, which car companies do they control well here

They are a breath Alfa Romeo Maserati and Chrysler which was apart after filing bankruptcy

In 2011 with Chrysler comes all of their brands as well such as Dodge Jeep and Ram

That's right that means the ultra powerful Hellcat is also under Fiat you think that's impressive wait till you see the last

Automaker on this list make sure to watch the whole video the next automaker was actually under Fiat back in the day

That is before ended up separated from its parent company in

2016 ladies and gentlemen Ferrari once known as Fiat crown jewel is now independent and known as a symbol of speed

Luxury and wealth yep

The next car company revolutionized the use of assembly lines for cars its iconic car the Model T

Is widely considered the first massively available automobile any guesses if you guess forward then you're correct?

Ford Onan had major stakes in Land Rover Mazda mercury Aston

Martin just like stated before

Volvo and Jaguar all those brands were either sold or shut down and the only brand they currently own is

Lincoln the next automaker company downsized

Quite a bit after filing for bankruptcy back in 2009 you might have heard a bottom in the news

I mean I couldn't miss them. They were all over the web at the time that is General Motors

Have known as GM the car brands. They currently own are Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC

and Holden a brand only

Distributed in Australia this next automaker was known as a new kid on the block back when it was founded in

1948 Honda named after one of the company's founder Soichiro Honda

Sorry about pronounced it wrong

I remember during my teenage years encounter in Honda owners

making fun of Acura owners and vice versa but all it took was to pop open the hood of an Acura Integra to expose the

Honda branding under the hood their reactions

Priceless moving on to Hyundai or Honda whatever you want to call it based in South Korea

I launched his first car in cooperation with Ford in

1968 today hyundai owns a good chunk of kia, it's key competitor

You know what they say if you can't beat them join them the two share many parts among their production such as engine and trans

One interesting move that on the recently did was to branch out its Genesis model to a sub brand of its own

Genesis motors next on the list is Mazda the name originates from our hua

Mazda and Iranian god. That's a cool fact. Isn't it once known as a company that manufactured tools

eventually expanded to automobiles in

1930 the only time I ever had with any other automaker was but Ford owned one third of the company

Later on went on to sell its shares

Which means Mazda is independently owned moving on to one of my favorite automakers of all time?

McLaren a British firm known for building fast sexy sports cars, but hey

That's not all they also run a Formula One team and a division named applied technologies

Which make a unique selection of a product such as bicycles medicine and even solar panels and yes McLaren is?

Independently owned now. Let's talk about Mitsubishi men you might not know but Mitsubishi Corporation

It actually depends largest general trader market. What does general trader marking you ask I'm glad you asked according to Wikipedia

Businesses working with some different type of products which are sold for consumer business or government purposes Mitsubishi became a car maker in

1970 and remain independent for a long time, but now it's controlled by brand not Nissan Alliance talking about right now, Nissan

They actually only 43% of Nissan as many of you guys probably already know Nissan runs his luxury focus division

Infinity before I confirm that this was true

I already had a hunch that they were closely related the same hunch I get when I see

CVS and Walgreens and in Advance Auto Parts in an

Autozone Nissan recently revived Datsun in order to sell economy cars to emerging markets they also own the Romanian car market

Dacia and hold controller stakes in Mitsubishi

Like mentioned previously not really much to say about the following

Automaker company and that is Saab one unique thing is that they specialize in

Aerospace and defense manufacturing as far as automobiles

They're not doing too hot sap isn't quite dead, but it's not doing too

Well the following car maker is a Subaru they doing quite well for themselves

By setting a new annual sales record for ten consecutive years

And if you consider that they are for the most part independent you have to admit. That's quite impressive

I say most part because Toyota owns

16% of Subaru have you ever heard of Tata or Teta?

Not sure which way to say it well

It's a company that currently owns Jaguar and Land Rover that they purchased from Ford back in 2008

according to most haters fame came when it released its Nano vehicle for

$2,500 I mean look at it

What is that banana was originally created to lead India's and middle class away from motorcycles?

Sadly the Nano had many issues and a filter his target by a long shot now. Let's talk about Tesla

There's not really much to say other than it was founded by a group of engineers back in

2003 their cars are currently manufacturing in Fremont

California everybody main independent from any other larger automaker the company recently outlines plans for a new semi truck a super-fast

roadster and a new crossover called numata why moving on to Toyota one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world

They own


Dot 2 and Hino Motors, you might also remember the sign brand that was also under the Toyota umbrella

I remember the boxy car the xB and a scion tc sign cars were targeted towards the youth

but after slow sales Toyota ultimately decided to close the blinds for the sign in

2016 the following Swedish automaker was founded back in

1927 known as Volvo it was purchased by a Chinese firm from Ford

Following a huge time investment and money to update the Volvo lineup and for the most part it paid off

Now Bulbul stands as an independent automaker company

I might have just saved the best for last

And this next automaker has to have one of the best lineup some brands under their belt it blows me away

Just thinking about it the automaker is Volkswagen and for those that didn't know it means people's car in German

They quickly rose to the top. Thanks to its beetle selling well worldwide

It is also one of the biggest auto makers in the world ready to be blown away

Let's go they own howdy

Bentley Porsche Bugatti, Lamborghini

C skids man trucks Scania and Ducati

Impressive all guys that will say

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