Enzo Ferrari | Founder of Ferrari Cars | Rich & Famous | Short Biography


Enzo Ferrari a connoisseur of the car

the fine art of fine tuning the master

of motoring he was the founder of the

Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team and

the Ferrari car manufacturer

born in Modena Enzo Ferrari grew up for

with almost no education but a little

boy doesn't need education to know he

loves cows fast cars


after serving in World War one he was

keen to get his hands greasy and took

jobs in small companies pulling apart

cars by 1920 he had a job at Alfa Romeo

and even better they let him behind the

wheel to raise his reputation grew and

even mussolini praised his racing


he started his own Ferrari racing teams

with the support of Alfa Romeo in the

1930s he developed the race cars and

built up a team of over 40 drivers by

the end of the 30s

Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo to refine

his own style his own badge and to begin

an empire built on motoring as a

connoisseurs art


in short he was ready to make her

bearing his own name and the famous

prancing horse the horse was the symbol

of an Italian World War one a fighter

plane and became the logo of Ferrari

symbolizing sportsmanship gallantry and

Boldin his first car was the tipo eight

one five the first true Ferrari Ferrari

first major racing victory in the

Formula One World Championship was the

British Grand Prix of 1951 then the wind

kept coming not only on the Grand Prix

circuit but also in events like LeMond

Enzo Ferrari sold the company's sports

car division to the Fiat Group in 1969

but retained control over the racing

division and a strong influence over the

company's direction until his death in

1988 at age 90 I was lucky enough to

work with him for four years

very successful year in the seventy and

I'm sure that from the sky at the moment

today he's very pleased of his factory

because Ferrari is leaving a very good

moment in the road cars activity and

Ferraris back again at the best level in

Formula One in 1996

Ferrari made a landmark decision in it

history by hiring two-time defending

world champion Michael Schumacher for an

astronomical salary of around 30 million

dollars a year Schumacher backed by his

hugely successful Benetton team blitz

racing records and revitalized Ferrari

to the tune of hundreds of millions of



in fact the Financial Times named

Ferrari number one on its 2007 list of

the 100 best workplaces in Europe they

must be doing something right

Ferrari sells 4,000 of its eat your

heart out autos annually at a cool 140

thousand dollars each and if that sounds

rather exclusive it's no coincidence the

company with that famed rampant stallion

logo has a production limit of four

thousand three hundred autos per year

maintaining both quality and rarity


what's next for the prancing horse

apparently a Ferrari theme park not sure

what Enzo would think of that