Fortnite Developer Interview

all right we are back here at ninjas

getting ready for the next game josh is

gonna join him they're gonna play some

fortnight and speaking of all things

fortnight we are now joined by the

worldwide creative director of Epic

Games Donald mustard Donald you've had a

busy six months here this fortnight

thing is taking on a life of its own and

of course longtime gamers know you from

your incredible work of chair and now

being over all of you know epic

fortnight is a big part of epic right

now at such a phenomena to be such a big

week for you guys what has it been like

you know you've been in the game for a

long time but fortnight has it's more

than just a game it is a pop culture

phenomenon at this point I'm sure even

your kids are that much more popular at

school now the dad works on fortnight

right they're pretty popular no I mean

we've just been just so humbled right

and excited by all the growth of the

game and the community and and and

that's really what you know III is about

for us this year is this how do we how

do we celebrate all of this with with

the players but yeah I mean it's been

pretty huh I can't think of any other

word other than Holmdel and it's

astonishing but what's been great is how

I think you guys have given back to the

community and ali-a and Vic start we're

here earlier and in just said the same

thing it's like you guys are giving all

these content creators and players so

much new stuff to play with constantly

and that is you know I know is

incredible as a player but I'm sure from

the development side it's you have to

think of the roadmap and you know

constantly there's never an off week

there's always something going on so

tell us any when you think about that I

mean you're bringing in these items like

how real-time are things happening on

the game it's pretty real-time and I

think that's what's actually so exciting

about making a game like fortnight in

2018 right because you know it used to

be that you would plan things out and

you'd work on them for years and then

you release it to players and then never

think about it again and move on to the

next thing but there were tonight I mean

we're it's it's it's as fresh as it gets

right we're making we're making tweaks

almost in real time and you know some of

the some of the items that we have

coming up over the next couple of weeks

or things that you were conceptualizing

last week Wow oh and we'll see we'll see

cool stuff happening in the community or

or cool exciting things that we want to

do and we're pivoting very

quickly to to kind of embrace the meta

that's emerging and so as a game

designer it's it's one of the most

awesome and satisfying things I've ever

seen and for me personally and for all

the team right to be able to to work on

something that's so fluid and so live

and we've got really cool plans for oh I

think you're going I mean this thing is

you've got such a great nimble team at

epic as you said that everyone can sort

of like on a dime you guys can come up

with ideas make things happen obviously

you've got these seasons as well that

are rolling out so it's kind of exciting

to think of you know season five six

seven and like how we look at the IP of

fortnight and and the seasons I mean how

do you plan this out you're thinking

obviously real-time like hey what are we

doing this week next week like how far

out do you guys think in terms of the

big beats of what you want to do with

the game so I mean we're starting to

think now about I mean so season five is

well under you know well underway being

developed it comes out in about a month

yeah I think even today players in the

release that we put out this morning are

starting to see some of the cool stuff

that we're starting to begin to tease

for what something coming up similar to

the comment you know a few what I love

is that you guys can you can tease

things and it is so real-time with that

feedback of like you know something's

coming and like you know and you must

love because I mean team see what the

community does with this in the content

creators and you surfing around on

Twitter and stuff it's like it means the

T must be giddy with all the Excel and

it's amazing and when you see stuff like

emerge like fork knife right for example

like we can just be like let's put

something in quickly and you know a week

and a half later we have the fork knife

food truck in the game and you know it's

it's really cool to kind of play with

some of these things that are emerging

but yeah I try to plan out a little bit

ahead and we've got you know some really

good ideas for a season six in season

seven and see hey and but you know we

kind of try to keep it fluid we have an

arc of kind of where we see things going

but along the way we want to be able to

react to the gun tweet based on feedback

so it's not like everything's you know

can and I said as a game designer that

must be really exciting to be used to be

said you'd spend you know years working

on something and you'd have no idea

really yeah until players got to play it

and now I mean some and sometimes are

things where I'm sure you you make those

changes then you tweak things or dial

things back and people would give me a

feedback right in real time about

weapons feel

no we definitely don't always get it

right but that's kind of our that's kind

of our goal is just to keep it fluid and

keep it fun and when we're not afraid to

just try stuff and we know that if we

dial it too far or don't go enough like

the community will tell us and we'll and

we'll dial it all in together and just

keep it keep it fun and then you do

crazy things like fan oohs from that

Avengers crossover I know we got the

panel at the Coliseum on Wednesday with

you and guru so that's like when people

saw that like I can't believe this

actually happened I couldn't believe it

actually happened I mean it was what it

was and what a dream right I mean like

to be able to I'm such a huge fan of the

Russo brothers and a marble and a disney

and all you know everything that they're

doing and so yeah when when the Russos

called us up and said that while they

were editing infinity war right they're

like you know between you know breaks

we're playing for tonight and we just

thought wouldn't be so cool to do

something and so it was just it was

incredible to be we just we started

brainstorming and a few hours later you

had the idea for the Thanos LTM and that

was three weeks before it actually came

out Wow we we were like let's do this

crazy thing and everyone I mean everyone

at Disney and Marvel and epic we all

just piled onto it and in three weeks we

turned it from a crazy phone call that

into a thing that everyone was playing

how often you think that kind of stuff

will happen was that a really special

kind of one-time occurrence or do you

know didn't feel the other kind of cool

cross though is that's in your plans

like you know where that goes I mean I

think just like with a lot of things

it's it's us experimenting with stuff to

see what what do what if players like

right and and it seems like that people

love the famous event so I mean I think

if there's other things that make sense

or for the Fortnight brand and for you

know other brands then no we're open to

exploring all sorts of cool stuff I'm

sure I'm sure a lot of people are

calling last time we saw you was a gamer

Awards when we were talking a big

fortnight announcement there you know

and we talked a little bit about you

know cross play and the idea of people

being able to play with their friends

you know cross all these devices then

you add it in mobile which was insane

you can play you know mobile versus Xbox

and then you know PC and things like

that I think people still are wondering

you know when are you going to sort of

fully unify everyone all these platforms

across all the console platforms

PC mobile is that's still your goal but

are we any closer to that right now

so cross-play is really important to us

and players love it you know like right

now console players can can cross play

across like you said like cross PC and

across mobile across Mac and we're

working with our partners to take it

even further

let's hope we'll get there one day look

at there all right well it's been an

amazing success story for a night just

keeps going you got the pro-am tomorrow

hundred folks of course ninja Marsha

many others competing for charity right

yeah that's what's so exciting so we

have the celebrity pro-am tomorrow it's

it's 50/50 celebrities and fifty pro and

stream game streaming gamers and they're

gonna be competing for a three million

dollar charity pot that they can donate

to the charity of their choice and we're

just we're so excited about it we're so

excited for the celebration that it is

for our fans in fact I even brought you

yeah as her like we have all sort of

stuff we're gonna be giving away at the

party and at 3:00 this week so I brought

you a fortnight boogie bath bomb a bath

bomb tonight after you know eight hours

of stream that's right you know and then

I also brought you one of our super

limited edition yes Bush pins so yeah I

figure you seem like a bush camper I'm

wearing my PlayStation shoes I can put a

Bush pin on it's right right so it's

cool I love it notes I mean he said the

phenomenon of the merch and everything

it's so cool and what I will say is I

think it's nice to see you guys giving

back to the industry in the community

with the charity tournament even being

here at e3 has been a big party a big

booth I love that a game like this is so

successful epic and you have been in the

industry for so long it's nice to have

you guys here at e3 celebrating what

fortnight has not only brought to gaming

but brought to the entertainment level

thank you and for us and it's all about

the players and we just couldn't be more

grateful to all of you players thank you

so much for all that you've done for the

game well I know how hard you guys work

to give back to the players so there's

lots more to come hopefully we'll see

you tomorrow I guess the pronoun yep

Donald thank you so much I gotta put my

pin on mister