The Truth About Googan Baits

before we kick another video I wanna say

thank you so much to zachary fish burger

this gentleman right there for being the

compadre of the day I cannot miss that

he got to make sure to say thank you now

this stuff right here unfortunately I

had to go buy it from an army-navy store

yes that is right I spent some time with

old Steven an army-navy store right over

so I'm actually going to make I make

another go super you guys you need one

of these this is they used to give these

to me for free but now since I got out I

had to pay 30 bucks for one and then uh

some burlap this is all cut up already

and then you're going to need some of

this stuff's all found at the army/navy

store now one of the most important

parts that you probably need is going to

actually be the uniform and I hope I

have the right one still I don't

remember I may have had to turn them all

in no I know but it's not the right camo

this is the one that they don't even

wear this anymore those look good want

some of the worst camel the owner me

coulda came up with I don't think I got

did I give them away on a good note we

don't have to Bonnie boots

gonna have boots these are actually

terrible boots so we're out in the field

but they're very comfortable to walk

around in normally they're terrible you

you ever rocked inside these boots I

guarantee you they broke open they split

and everything else but they're really

lightweight okay so now I know I don't

have the right don't have the right came




oh well that's their dirty oh yes

they're not dirty they're just from

yesterday yeah okay that's my daughter

she's running around with under on her


yeah okay

that's just so one of the real reasons

why I want to do one of these videos is

every time I type in like Gilly sees

like I'm gonna click images right here

and those right there are absolutely

these are just terrible and I mean

that's that's terrible that's terrible

that I mean every single one of these is

just garbage like what is that when you

guys make something like this you guys

don't want to look like a furball in the

woods I mean you literally I mean you

don't want to look like a Yeti walking

around or like whatever there's Bigfoot

think that's less is best essentially

like this is like kind of laughable the

amount of jute that person like what is


now okay so I know I'm gonna do one of

those for you guys I'm actually going to

make one I'm just waiting on a couple of

things I need we have a Sara just

ordered some shrimp netting you got to

have some shrimp netting what it cuts

them it takes a long time to make one my

original ghillie suit I don't have

anymore actually gave it to one of the

snipers as I was leaving but it took me

30 I think we clocked in like 34 hours

in making it so they take quite a long

time to make but they're very very

satisfying when you do get it done

thought of a stepping on my dog there

but as a bag so we're gonna knock that

out at some point

slowly but surely you need a canvas bag

I'm just just wait it's gonna have it

here's that wagon Lula phone yesterday

sarah said she likes it and I'm trying

to think is this a wagon wheel it has to

be right

it seems so thick time to switch trucks

haven't seen you in a little bit baby

girl Sarah I will see you we're going to

the house

good talk glad we had that conversation

it was really good she can't hear me

because the other truck is too there we

go oh that's locked nope that was long

just want to say you look half decent in

that truck okay you're going home how do

we have trucks we can't hear each other

I'll see in a little bit

to anyone wondering if they need a Texas

lady promise you you do you need one in

your life all right Franklin

I think we're gonna change her name to

Franklin now we'll stick with Clifford

yeah I'll tell you guys right now I came

just to move this stuff out of this unit

cuz I'm not gonna use it anymore

that stuff was on my gate my little door

dealio and let's just say I god I wish I

was recording right there cuz I was

probably one of the biggest like moments

a long time just say every single one of

those was stacked up at a dead some

current but so I originally was not

going to do this video but you know I

was like I've read a bunch of comments

about people saying you guys copied

so-and-so and I know it's not coming

from the people that watch this video or

this channel every single day it's

mainly just from like outside people

they don't really understand the group

of guys that we are and we're just a

bunch of guys that like to fish and have

fun it's all started because a lot of

the companies never wanted to work with

youtubers and they kind of thought they

were all jokes right you know what let's

do it ourselves let's actually go forth

and let's actually do this and for what

I'm talking about is googan Bates and a

lot of you guys probably click those

videos you're wondering the truth behind

it all and whatnot I'm telling right now

I have used a lot of Bates you know I

would not put my self my name or any of

the guys names on a product that we

don't believe is its

top like the best of the best of the

best kind of like back in the day when

we did that when we announced it was

favorite those people right there there

was a ton of hate that came from that as

well people like all these are just talk

offs know a couple years later I think

it's one of the largest rod companies in

the industry and we're doing very well

with the all support but it just goes

back to proof we will not promote and/or

put our names on something that we do

not believe is the best and only the

best that's it one percent so as you

could tell I do have just about every

kind of bait on my boat I've used

everything I really have honestly have

everything down to I don't use that very

much ever I mean I've probably got two

bags this I'm a boat just to test them

out this has probably been on my boat

for about three years now I don't use

them these are mainly what I've used in

Florida I don't know there's another

kind of cross mainly going after the

cross scene here because I've seen a lot

of comments about this a lot of people

said we just ripped off a company and

whatnot that is not true at all 100%

we've spent over a year

really just making this product the best

between the plastic like to get a

plastic correct like the density of a

plastic the amount of salt in the smell

in the packaging oh my gosh

this stuff is not an overnight process

we've had a team of designers like his

it's not an overnight thing we've been

working on this

let me let alone the shell that comes in

you know how hard this was to get done

couldn't been it overnight process we're

not knocking anything off I wish I could

show you guys something I may have to go

to the store I don't want to do this

incorrectly so I may have to go buy a

couple more baits okay give me a sec I'm

gonna grab everything I need from in

here and then I may have to make a pit

stop real quick I wanna make this very

clear I'm not bad-mouthing any of the

companies involved in this video a lot

of them I've never actually used their

product I just wanted to grab everything

that looks similar or is in the same

kind of category like I read a comment

saying that we copied this bait right

here the D bomb I have never in my life

I promise you packaging looks great I

mean it looks like looks looks like good

packaging good good marketing packet Hey

I've never honest to god have used that

bait the packaging looks good at least

anything the water is facing there just

just give me one second let me get

inside oh I'm gonna let this truck as

well also want to say guess what just

came in some of that trip netting yeah

that's what I've been waiting on there

you go this is it's yeah I guess it's

kind of called trim nating but this is

pretty much it's I don't know ghillie

suit netting I think it's just

germinating then I gotta get a pair of

those those are for metal detecting kind

of getting set up a little bit you guys

remember this green table this is the

one where we used to do all the throwing

the baits down right before I went out

there did the underwater footage which I

will do I said that in yesterday's video

I will do a little bit more underwater

footage with those here in a little bit

but I'm gonna get this set up real quick

so give me just one sec so real quick

the only one I don't have with me kerlix

time all 100 percent of them from my

last trip of the Michigan is the dragon

drop I don't have any more of these come

out about it that's that's what it looks

like I got all the rest of them right

here so just I'm gonna start setting

these things up and I'll show you guys

so out the gate I want to say this one

more time this is not me negatively

saying anything about any of these

companies that are currently laid out in

front of me not us not not saying

anything bad I'm little they're just

gonna take the bait and put it next to

it and you guys gonna make your own

judgment call I'm just gonna go next

with telling you there's a couple

I'm gonna be honest I've never used in a

purchase I'm going to point them out

real quick that gene will rue I'm never

used never used that one

never use that one I have use this

haven't used that I have use this never

use that I own a couple of those of

having use them in years

yes in Florida yes a couple years ago

and a couple years ago there we go

that's that well I think I'm missing

something yep these two right here one

sec now we're good I think I might be

missing something but this is I don't

know this is me being 100 are you guys

there we go powers the Kraken girl a lot

of people have been saying that we have

copied multiple one of these baits

combine them and whatnot and that's not

the case I promise you you ready all

right here we go

this is easy peasy lemon squeezy just

pull it apart

all right this pull tab in there keeps

them nice and straight mmm yeah I don't

think it looks like that nope definitely

not to his yums crawl and there's got

like little rounded edges it curls

definitely doesn't look like that long

this is more of a croc creature bait

this is a space monkey and definitely

doesn't look like that that's got two

appendages on top and this one doesn't

have any it's connected now this one

doesn't have any flaps on the end of it

like ours does that makes it kick real


sighs ours is quite a bit bigger density

of plastic bars the squishier clearly

mmm not the same size nor the same bait

yeah I think these ones are pretty snot

gonna not gonna be the same I think it's

more for the Bandito bug

those are more creatures okay we can all

agree now we're go over here now a lot

of people have tried to compare these

side to side saying they're the same

thing when in fact they're not even

close for one leave this was it what

does it kind of shape like plastic

density or is a softer there's a stiffer

backside they got a hook thing we don't

have a hook thing the claws what are the

claws shaped like Luther hell dip in the

claws look ours are curved in theirs are

not curved and they're pointed they're

split two different things completely

different and then next to these two

next to it you got well honestly these

two baits kind of look identical two

separate companies they're like both are

hollow but anyway they don't

look nothing like ours okay so on this

table there's one similarity that we

have with one of these baits on this

entire table that may that may have

people ask themselves

well you guys are copying them no no no


okay I'm tell you right now we are very

honorable people and we went to the

company that has the patent the patent

that is right you guys will look at

these packages and they will have a

patent number on them we went directly

to the company and we asked them can we

please license your patent I was right

that's exactly what we did we license

the patent and we 100% ourselves have

created every one of these baits our

custom like we did them all ourselves

the only thing we did is we went

directly to the company that owned the

patent and we asked them hey can we

please license your patent because it's

a very good patent and it works and

we're gonna design our own base and use

that path every single one of these

baits 100% has been custom designed by

myself John Perry flair Lake for guy

Orion or Scott Martin promise you all

custom no copies no fakes

none of us buying some random mold from

China or from somewhere else and then

just taking that mold and repackaging it

that is not happy 100% custom next up

and also I want you guys to think about

it for a second when you're creating a

crawl bait bait that's supposed to look

like a crawfish and Acland crawfish in

the water you're not gonna make it look

like a unicorn you're not gonna make it

look like a bluegill you understand what

I'm saying when you make and go out and

to design a crow bait you're trying to

create the best craw bait in the world

and trying to make it have the best

action the best plastic the best scent

the best amount of salt everything like

you guys gonna realize I'm very

passionate about this and so over all

the other guys there's a reason why I'm

doing this video as you guys I want to

make it known

we are very I mean look on the front of

the package look what it says pure

passion right there Johnny there's a

reason why we did it well you're purely

passionate about this everything about

this sport and fishing what we do I love

it we love it I'm getting all worked up

let's move on to the next one that

people have been chatting about I mean

that would be the Bandito bug okay this

right here is one of my favorite colors

and a lot of you guys Scott you're gonna

hear Scott Martin you say el natural all

natural this thing is tasty and it comes

every single pincher is going to be

attached and you're gonna pop them off

I've already popped them off for you

guys but they're all gonna be attached

to the body okay that supplies think

that's another thing when you guys grab

these bass look at all squishy that

plastic is that those appendages are

gonna move like crazy okay

now a lot of people I'm just going to

kind of focus more on like the creature

baits we can put it up next

crawl it's the same size but it's got

more appendages move different okay a

lot of people have seen say we copied a

D bomb yeah I don't I don't I don't

think so

I was quite a bit different I also saw

somebody that said we copied the Magnum

bug well out the gate

this one's pointing ribs are facing the

different way Penta jizz only has two up

top very big two on the bottom ours are

short we have four more compact way more

compact two more appendages and yeah not

the same plastic is definitely different

100% different large is very soft look

at that

I mean I'm Tony those are a bad bang I

wanna make this no and I'm not saying

any of these are bad bass they probably

work great also gonna be irate when we

went out to make baits we wanted to make

the best ones possible honestly these

three pretty much they all kind of look

the same they should be grouped in with

this one up here we almost set it next

to of this one of course every single

one of these days bottom appendages

these ones are just a little bit

different on the strike king one that

kind of flare out and then these ones

somewhat the same same kind of deal okay

I think we all could agree with that if

you can not look at this and tell me you

kind of don't agree then oh hey I'll

show you one more space monkey there you

go think I think I've already actually I

think I've already shown that Bay and

last but not least the trench ah the

only one that I could possibly think of

that someone would say that we were

trying to mimic and or copy or something

is going to be the brush argh

but not even close to being the same

like I'm just gonna pull it out but I'm

just doing that's pretty much the only

one that I can mentally come up with

like they might think it's just just

look you have to break off like I've

said every appendage always why I'm

comparing these two together because the

size is somewhat similar but not even

close to being the same after I actually

put them down on the table I approached

it and compared these I'm gonna show you

this is got twist details extra big

flappy stuff and then these two nubby

stubby I don't know two arms I guess two

appendages this one's got four on top

with flaps on it long appendages no

twirly things in just the flap right

they're completely different plastic

every one of our plastics are consistent

same squishiness and then these are just

well I'm not saying zooms brush hogs are

bad baits like at all

using them before I've caught fish on

him but like I said when we came out

here to make our own baits wanted to

make the best ones possible okay every

one of them like I said comes in the

package you pull it out this is a rack

Lee thing right here look at that you

have to peel it off everything is tagged

there we go now you got a jumbo mondo

worm okay now that's probably last time

you guys are gonna hear me going to

soapbox and show you guys a bunch of

stuff all together because it's not

really needed moogan bites of the baits

and I do fish and there's almost all

plastics I'm going to use yeah hey it

was good it was good I know it's all a

lot of you guys that are actually

currently watching this video you guys

are you guys are probably not the ones

that were saying all the stuff on

Instagram and in videos oh they're just

copying they're just trying to get money

this is not about money

purely passionate no one believed in us

as youtubers and thought they were kind

of a joke so we're like you know what we

have to do this ourselves we went out to

dinner ourselves we did it honorably we

want to ask the company can we license

to use your patent and they said yes yes

you can and then we went from there we

just started designing our own baits it

took over a year to get the baits done

up the plastics right the salt right the

taste right the taste as in the scent

wow did the packaging take a long time

so hey all right guy get this mess

cleaned up feel like I've been on this

little thing for a while hopefully you

enjoyed it before we get off here I want

to show you guys yes every single

plastic does say googan on it see

there's googan every one of the shells

says googan on it all the appendages say

googan right there or on the crawls and

the flappy portions of the they all say

good okay so real quick before I hop off

here you guys you guys are you guys are

awesome I read all the comments of

everyone on the channel I know there's a

lot that comes through but I honestly I

honestly read everything one now this

surprisingly enough no one has said

anything about ok I think I almost poked

myself in the eye there now I'm kind of

shocked I guess it really it's a hoe

it's a guy who what it is from the other

day the video from the other day now

hold on I really like this school cuz

you guys comment down below a lot of you

guys know a lot more than what I know

now I originally said this was a light

because I didn't know what it was and it

kind of looked like a light and now

after you guys say it it's it's a

tractor fuel bulb thing you know what I

mean after looking at it now that

actually kind of makes a little bit more

sense because there's no electrical

thing going in and out of it so a light

didn't make sense at the time

but you guys told me that's what it was

and then this the thing that I said was

a shot-glass it's actually a cowbell Wow

hey that's what I got you guys for my

little my little my little gem bucket

here that's what I got you guys at the

new house inside the garage they were

having built me and services having a

discussion I cannot wait till it's done

but we're gonna have an area that's just

for metal detecting and then we're gonna

have all these weights and stuff in the

back but I'm really getting in this

metal detecting thing a little bit too

much I really want to go actually do it

more tomorrow but I'm like stopping

myself because I I don't know how much

you guys are enjoying those videos I

really want to do creeks and rivers this

stuff I want it pretty bad I wanted to


matter of fact shower go see what's in

my backyard so so now I'm having a

little bit of hose issues here whoa what

are you doing Avery that's an airplane

so we're having a little bit of hose

issues that's pretty much when I'm

ending my night on right here we cannot

get this little attachment for the hose

so I hope you guys like the explaining

of the googan of the baits if you guys

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