Finding the IRL Value of the Hypixel Minecraft Account! ($$$)


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but guys today it's gonna be kind of a

quick one because I'm really busy with

school at the moment I got I gotta get

back to the study grind in I just wanted

to like fire out a video for you guys

today and kind of talk about something

that one of you guys actually suggested

me which I definitely do appreciate and

that is the worth or the value of the

hypixel like the high pixel account name

because if you guys didn't know the

owner of high pixel his name is Simon

and he owns the account hi pics like the

og account high pixel and I don't know

why I just did quotes there but but he

owns the account high pixel and

basically today we're going to find the

value of that account and what it is

worth now I think one of the largest

valued accounts on minecraft currently

last time I think somebody told me

$15,000 just pinged my freaking elbow

man oh my god I think it was 15,000 I'm

not too sure but yeah anyways we're

gonna be doing a little bit of math I'm

sorry if you guys hate math I do too I

I'm kind of like failing math but we're

gonna try and come up with a value today

and we're gonna see how much this

account was worth now obviously I don't

think I'm gonna be able to buy it I

probably won't be able to for it neither

would you guys so it's gonna be kind of

funny to find out exactly what in this

account is worth so let's get it now I

thought it would be important to kind of

mention at the start of this that this

isn't really like exact like now

obviously I'm not the owner of hypixel I

don't know the earnings of hypixel nor

is that my business but today we're

gonna be judging off of a website that

we actually found if you guys look up on


hi pixel dot Nets net worth it actually

I'll pop up a screenshot right now for

you guys

it basically says the hypixel server

networker the high pixel net domain is

worth twenty seven million dollars and

obviously I don't know like if this is

true or not like don't don't make me

feel out to be like or don't don't

consider me right in any circumstance

here because I'm definitely not nor do I

have access to the earnings of what high

pixel makes nor is it my business at the

end of the day but what we're going to

be determining is by it

how many ranks are on high pixel and

we're going to take that number of ranks

and we're going to take the net worth of

high pixel which in this case is twenty

seven million dollars and we're gonna

divide it by the amount of ranks now

when I was doing this I actually came up

with a number and it should pop up on

the screen right now and it's roughly

about 2.5 million dollars now for a

minecraft accountant that is a twenty of

for 24 dollars

um the fact that a minecraft account can

be a 2.5 million it's kind of crazy but

um you know obviously I don't think this

is exact and I don't know like if it's

completely real but um alright I don't

even know why I just stopped trying to

kill that guy alright we're gonna go

after that kind of looked like we were

teaming there but alright he wants who

is this guy alright we'll give you a

screening my man usually people don't

take screens with me because I don't

think I'm that relevant anymore guys um

but yeah it's 25 million all right dude

all right you can you can live another

day we're gonna go down here take out

this okay alrighty alrighty

great but basically the value of the

hypixel account is 2.5 million and

honestly I'm kind of like when I did

this math like I was kind of blown away

because like if you think about it it

that's that's really like I don't even

own that amount of money

but for a minecraft account like adding

up how he has every single rank that is

what determines the value in this case

obviously you can probably do it another

way this is kind of how I found it to be

not too sure if this is any in which way

at all accurate at all uh definitely not

brah I don't know I do not know but at

the end of the day we're just playing

around right guys we're playing him uh

we're playing a block game but guys like

I said this was gonna be a short one I

gotta get back to the books but

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guess that's that obviously no I don't

think the hypixel account is worth 2.5

million and I don't think anybody would

be willing to buy that leaving that on

the comments down below if you guys

would buy it for 2.5 million but me

personally I don't think I got 2.5

million dollars but you never know maybe

somebody's a millionaire watching me um

but anyways guys we're gonna see you

guys next time have a great day ladies

and gentlemen and please do not take

this video serious and if anybody

comments down below hate saying o

obviously it's not worth 2.5 million I

said it already guys leave a comment on

there and kind of teach him a little bit

because there's a lot of haters out

there that are very very I guess you

could say

not the smartest when it come they just

watched five seconds of the video and


they don't really listen to the

explanation so please explain it to them

if they don't understand and anyways

guys see you guys next time have a great

day ladies