The Day TNA Wrestling Died

at one point in time people really

thought that TNA could compete with WV

the same level WCW could in its prime

they had a very stacked roster featuring

some massive names such as the likes of

sting and Kurt Angle and TNA also helped

to build some amazing stars who we now

see Tinley dubbed every such as AJ

Styles ec3 and Bobby Roode at one point

CM Punk was even in TNA before he went

off to become one of the biggest stars

in WV history so where did it all go

wrong with a roster as stacked as theirs

they should have been Bound for Glory

pun intended

welcome to the day TNA Wrestling died


welcome to part one of potentially three

or maybe a little three-part series

depending on how well this video goes

down in my series where I look at TNA

through a time line and talk about where

it all went wrong for them now there is

no definitive day that T and they died I

mean after all they're still running

operations as a company but the day I'm

selecting for this video is a day that I

believe serves as a catalyst and led to

a downward spiral for TNA making TNA

lose all its popularity and putting it

kind of in the place and it's in now in

terms of how many viewers it has let's

begin Total Nonstop action was founded

by Jeff and Jerry Jarrah in 2002 the

promotion was initially known as NWA

Total Nonstop action as it was

associated with the National Wrestling

Alliance aka the NWA not to be confused

with the rap group they look to fill the

void left by the death of WCW and create

a potential competitor but WWE and while

they never only got onto WB's level for

a good time they put on some great shows

got many stars over and attracted a very

loyal and large fanbase and that's the

important word loyal between 2002 and

2006 I would argue was their glory is

between this time TNA had a likes of AJ

Styles sting Kurt Angle Christian

Christopher Daniels Bobby Roode the

Dudley's Samoa Joe and Austin Aries all

of which were big stars in TNA and

between 2006 and 2010 they were an

established company and known largely

across the wrestling fan base here's the

thing though I should mention that while

TNA were popular and the second biggest

wrestling company they were not perfect

in fact they were far from perfect there

were a lot of bad moments and angles but

the only thing is that these angles

weren't bad enough to put the company on

a downward spiral that ultimately make

it to lose its popularity entirely like

the moment I'm going to be discussing in

today's video and that is largely down

to TNA's fan base being very loyal

putting up with a lot because believe me

they put up with a lot upon TNA is

launched in 2002 infamous wrestling

creator writer Vince Russo was silenced

a promotion assigned the guy that played

a part in killing WCW was a weird move

from TNA but it's actually gonna be a

theme of I'm going to be talking about

in this video

he stayed between 2002 and 2004 where he

was an on-screen character and report

came out that behind the scenes there

was a creative power struggle over the

direction of TNA which led to him

leaving following Victory Road 2004

however Vince will return as a writer 14

a creative team in 2006 2012 during

which time many dumb things happened

including but not limited to the reverse

battle royal and the electric steel cage

match remember those during this time it

became a regular for the fans to chant

and fire brew so whenever a bad booking

decision or terrible angle was happening

Vince had become the creative creative

in July 2009 which was ironically the

same month that Kevin Nash beat

AJ Styles at Victory Road to win a title

what a coincidence

it was also this same event that saw

Shawn Mel take on survivor contestant

Jenna Morasca

in a match that was labeled by Bryan

Alvarez or the Wrestling Observer

Newsletter as the worst women's

wrestling match of all time and there

was also the match that birthed this

famous sound clip that you hear in the

butcher mania intro - five stars by this

point TNA was really starting to

replicate WCW they had the same head

writer or four match stipulations and

relying on stars of the past and pulling

them over newer talents fans were

starting to get sick and the only way

for it to change was for Sora in a high

position to come in and change TNA and

what I got instead was people come in a

high position and reinforce everything I

just mentioned on October 27 2009 it was

announced that Hulk Hogan had joined TNA

on a full-time basis also joining him

was Eric Bischoff the signing was

reported worldwide with bleach report

calling the new

Pease a very weird story Eric bishop and

Hogan were both made on-screen

characters while also working backstage

Eric Bischoff would work as an executive

producer and Hogan's role was revealed

by Dixie Carter in interview in the UK

Sun or she said quote he is involved

with everything from looking at the

talent to how we shoot the show yes

that's right that is how much

involvement he had he was working with

the cameras the signing of Hulk Hogan

and Eric Bischoff was announced on

October 27th a press conference in

Madison Square Garden Dixie Carter

stated our goal is to become the world's

biggest professional wrestling company

hope defines professional wrestling and

we look forward to partnering with him

in a variety of ways as we continue to

grow TNA globally Hulk Hogan Eric

Bischoff and Vince Russo three key

figures in killing WCW were now all

working together again and trying to

work out a way to become the biggest

wrestling company in the world

oh god this is doomed from the start

Hulk Hogan made an appearance on the

finale of The Ultimate Fighter

heavyweights on Spike TV aka the same

Network TNA was airing on hoping would

announce that impact would be airing on

January 4th for a special three-hour

episode now this may seem insignificant

but the reason why I mentioned this and

why this is significant and a big

announcement is because Jerry fourth was

a Monday aka the day that Monday Night

Raw the most popular wrestling show as

during this time TNA ed the impact TV

show on Thursday and this one night only

moved to Monday nights and created one

night only ratings battle between TNA

Impact and Monday Night Raw the

similarities can be seen from a mile

away Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff two

key figures in WCW have come in and

immediately announced a Monday show oh

my god this was the beginning of the end

and one thing that you might be

wondering is how Vince Russo was going

to work with Hogan and Bischoff as it's

widely recorded that Vince Russo had

major problems with Hogan and Bischoff

during WCW including an incident we saw

Russo cut a shoe promo and Hogan and

Hogan threatened to sue for defamation

of character

however despite his concerns of Vince

Russo states that the three men on a

January 4th episode met up and settled

their differences an interesting note is

that it seemed as though WWE were

actually treating the show as

competition they countered TNA's

announcement of the show by announcing

that Bret Hart would be appearing on Raw

on January 4th the first time since the

Montreal Screwjob Dixie Carter would

then go on to state that while spike was

not expecting intact to beat role in the

ratings it would be considered success

if they managed to at least maintain

their usual Thursday night impact rating

which when you hear this quote kind of

makes you wonder why they put the show

on that day in the first place that's a

complete lie

January 4th came round and TNA pulled

out all the stops for this episode of

impact with three championship matches

and many returns and debuts the results

of the show are as followed Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin consequences Creed aka

Xavier woods homicide Jay Lethal Kyoshi

suicide an amazing read compete and they

steal asylum match that ended in no

contest for an interesting reason are

mentioned in just a second

ODB defeated Tara aka Victoria to become

the new knockouts champion awesome Kong

and Hamada defeated Sarita and Taylor

wild to become the new TNA Knockouts tie

team champions Hernandez and Matt Morgan

defeated Raven and Stevie Richards

D'Angelo dinero defeated abyss and AJ

Styles defeated Kurt Angle to retain the

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

the show also featured the returns of

Scott Hall Sean Waltman sting Jeff

Jarrett and Jeff Hardy who had only

recently left it w e-- and you might

remember came out and just chilled on

top of the cage during the Steeler

silent match which is why the match

ended in a no contest by the way so

imagine that we also saw the debuts of

Ric Flair Val Venis the nasty boys and

Orlando Jordan and with all these debuts

and returns and just sting Ric Flair and

Jeff Hardy alone TNA might actually have

been able to compete with w/e however

the ratings came back and Monday Night

Raw go an average of 5.6 and TNA go an

average of two point two despite losing

the battle twe this set a rating for

impact a ratings record for impact and

gave confidence to spike executives and

TNA higher-ups which would cause

something crazy to happen on March 8

2010 and TNA Impact officially moved to

Monday nights

competing directly with Monday Night Raw

in an interview with Bob the Love Sponge

Eric Bischoff said that he felt history

was repeating itself in regards to him

competing against McMahon for ratings

once again this move was doomed from a

star and just was never going to work

they were more than doubled in the

ratings on an episode that feeds and

Jeff Hardy and sting returning as well

as Ric Flair debuting if they're more

than doubled and that it was only

downhill from there on the 8th of March

episode impact drew a 0.98 competitor

Ross 3.4 on March 15 impact jury 0.8 for

competitive draws 3 point 7 1 March 22nd

raw 13.2 to 0.8 6 March 3 ninth

raw 13.7 to 0.62 fit of April raw 1 3.15

to 0.98 for 12 raw 1 3.24 to 0.8 April

19th row 1 3.05 to 0.95 April 28th Row 1

3.3 to 0.5 May 3rd

one 3.05 20.8 May 10th nope just

kidding' the May 3rd episode was the

final episode of Monday night impact it

ended after less than two months and

just 10 episodes it was a complete


they were doubled and tripled many many

times during this ratings war and came

nowhere near to beating raw in the

ratings the big problems with these

shows is that Bischoff and Hogan were

on-screen characters and were the main

parts of each show's fans were longing

for new younger stars to be built rather

than just relying on former WI guys and

wrestling legends like they had just

seen AG Stars losing to Kevin Nash and

the last thing needed was Bischoff and

Hogan on-screen as major characters

Hogan and Bischoff also used their high

positions to put their untalented bland

family members on TV gareb issue of eric

bischoff son was given lots of TV time

and even joined the TNA's awful attempt

at a coup NWO style faction in aces &

eights and Brooke Hogan Hulk Hogan's

daughter got far too much TV time and

honestly the less said about that the


the day I believe that served as a

catalyst TNA's downward spiral and


it's October 27 2009 the day Hogan and

Bischoff were announced for TNA if you

want to compete with dota re the last

thing you want to be doing is hire two

people in high positions who were key to

another company losing a war word wre

it's the point of liquidation to work

with another guy who is a key figure

another company losing a war with double

agree to the point of liquidation of the

company it was always gonna fail but the

thing is TNA president Dixie Carter was

never gonna know that because she knew

nothing about wrestling anyway guys

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