Donatella Versace Interview | In The Studio | The New York Times

with a brother died and the way died

I took shoulder strength and so we'll do

it don't worry I was living a fail in

public in the couldn't shovel fail to

anybody this office especially will now

reflect relieve me from emotion the one

who shot anybody

this is a place where my emotion

nobody believes me I'm not a very secure

person you know a question everything

again whether their ability was always

hidden I was going home and crying but

clothes in the room because I need a

little kick of fashion which he was

never at a loss my brother

those sketches are all cartographers

Giannini were very good friends look

every day that's all droid of her give

it to Janna to me


during the war since 18 years way to

worry out of reverse a in the 21st

century how to keep her such a relevant

my mother shows a seamstress she the

vigor the narrator snowy streets

reference fairness so general the same

anything I still have people over for

juggling years we teach a younger


what is to sew and retic at address to

sort of rather Coralville SEO and Tanya

Edward just a fear of obsess for tearing

the shoulders

some people take a same kind of shoulder

for a long time in brains I like to

change it versus parallel German tip


this have been told I project this image

you know very distant very cold

nobody is afraid of man it was I love

this at least how are you good

unless you make last year that's you the

super machine to roll over

see you know what to do Bakura

like to see Eric branding I don't I what

to do I think what sort of that is a bit

too big for this outfit sorry II was

looking for

I like close to virtual feel powerful if

you were black with boots the winter and

he'll give you an attitude like I'm not


we were so very well when I have here

the morning in my studio surrounded with

my designer team I feel this is my

family again in a way to read and say

whatever I think do whatever I want with

my family who understand me not you

thank you yes thank you