Everything You Need to Know About PUMA's Iconic Cat Logo

Puma was established in Germany in 1948

today it's one of the largest sport and

lifestyle brands in the world working

with collaborators such as Rihanna Big

Sean and Selena Gomez Pumas logo is also

one of the world's most recognizable

emblems which has evolved since the

first iteration 70 years ago the

original Puma logo featured the brand's

mascot an actual Puma which is a species

of big cats the locally depicted of Puma

leaping through a capital D the deal was

for Destler honoring the brand's founder

Rudolf Destler Rudolph wanted Puma

products to embody the characteristics

of their feline namesake speed strength

suppleness agility and endurance before

Puma brothers Rudolf and Adi had

co-founded Garuda dust a shoe fabric

which in English means Destler brothers

shoe factory

the two fell out and formed their own

companies Adi Dassler founded Adidas and

Rudolf started rue de which he later

renamed Puma both brands are still based

in the brothers hometown of Hat saga

Nava in 1957 Rudolph added details to

his original logo with the word Puma

placed under the leaping cap a year

later the words Rudolf Dassler shoe

fabric were added within the logos

border in that same year

Puma gained its second ever trademark

the form strip or forms - in German the

form strip is a band that spans the

length of a shoe starting from the heel

and finishing at the sole although

initially added as a functional feature

stabilizing the foot inside the shoe the

shape of the form strip reflected the

brand's identity as imagined by Destler

evoking a pouncing predator these days

the form strip plays a mostly aesthetic

role but it remains a crucial part of

Pumas brand imagery in the early 1960s

the Puma form strip experienced success

on the world stage Germans French Amon

Hari when two gold medals while wearing

Puma footwear at the 1960 Olympics

and football icon Pele wear Puma cleats

before succumbing to injury early in the

tournament as Brazil won the 1962 World

Cup in Chile by 1968 Puma was on a roll

to keep up with rivals such as Adidas

and Nike the brand had expanded its

range to include sportswear and bags by

this point the brand's logo was a simple

leaping Puma with borders and text

removed two years later this version was

refined designed by cartoonist Lutz

Backus the Puma icon was a minimalist

depiction of the leaping feline similar

to the Puma branding be recognized today

a testament to the designs durability in

1973 New York Knicks point guard Walt

Frazier better known as five became the

face of Puma in the NBA

his signature suede Puma Clyde sneakers

popularizing brand with b-boys skaters

and hip-hop legends throughout the 70s

and 80s

Puma experimented with two different

fonts in the mid 70s settling on the

heavy sans-serif upper case word mark we

know today the modern puma logo was

finally created in 1979 puma refers to

this design as the number-one logo and

it holds the same legendary status as

the Nike swoosh or adidas three stripes

the number-one logo features the

silhouette of a puma leaping over the

upper right corner of the would mark the

Puma icons ears became more pronounced

and his eyes and mouth were lost as the

image became a silhouette but since

these last changes Pumas logo has

remained untouched for decades

an impressive legacy by any standard

perhaps one of the most noteworthy uses

of Puma branding occurred in 1996 when

UK sprinter Linford Christie were Puma

logo contact lenses at a press

conference before the summer Olympic

Games in Atlanta

the stunt shocked observers at the time

not least official Olympic sponsor

Reebok today kula remains spend of the

world's most revered sportswear and

lifestyle brands its number one logo

informs trip branding as recognizable as

the Nike swoosh or the McDonald's golden

arches like its feel and inspiration it

is adapted to changing times and

different environments and to this day

remains a big cat in the sportswear

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