RoosterTeeth just lost a CO FOUNDER and he alleged something crazy about RT, also was a RWBY VA...

good morning guys I'm still waking up

I've barely had any coffee and I'm still

wearing this shirt and you know what why

not I guess we're just talking about

roosterteeth no big deal right

roosterteeth ha what a joke that company

has become I got tagged at 4 p.m.

yesterday from gaming ghost shoutout to

gaming ghost and apparently Joel Heyman

a co-founder of roosterteeth is a no

longer with the company let's take a

moment to give him a round of applause a

good job Joel you are moving on to

better things I've seen many people

leave roosterteeth over the last 16

months or so and most of them actually

seem to be doing better once they leave

I've seen independent creators leaving

RT and then having very successful

twitch channels or YouTube channels or

starting startup projects for businesses

or getting positions at more successful

companies I mean overall I've seen a lot

of success from people leaving

roosterteeth so hopefully Joel find

success in doing so as well the tweet

reads from gaming ghost here oh hey

apparently a major figure head at

roosterteeth left turth left it's all

good we're just talking about

roosterteeth here you know no worries

about the type of a co-founder Joel

Heyman no longer works there for the

thumbnail could you consider putting the

character dr. Oobleck no I won't be

doing that it's got to be a click Beatty

anime girl you know how it is the

character he voiced in the show he was

head of roosterteeth advertising and

corporate productions actually Real Talk

though that he's the voice of Oobleck

huh I like you black oubliette is a cool

character absolutely underutilized in my

opinion but maybe that's why maybe there

was a little bit of an internal conflict

with Joel and other people at Artie

might not agree on some things and Artie

seems like the kind of company to be

petty enough to kick people out if they

don't agree on things like that like

maybe they would do that to a certain

voice actor I don't know there's also

this tweet from gaming ghosts 11:00 p.m.

last night here oh hey you may not find

anything yet regarding an official tweet

on his account regarding why he left

Artie but this is the initial Twitter

the digital tweet where he said he

doesn't anymore it says do bricks carry

you know that thing you don't want to

catch that people have been catching the

last number of months that thing let's

go take a look at that tweet so there is

this person lamp who says I love you but

I don't know how you exist at

roosterteeth lawl Joel says I don't I

don't and lamp says that makes sense and

well there you go I guess after that

people took note of that and started to

wonder what's going on

conversation had a bit more information

in it and I need more coffee man I'm

struggling here let's take a look though

gaming ghost again says at Joel gonna

miss your voice in caboose Joel says

thank you he was a fun little character

glad I got the opportunity to do it for

as long as I did they recorded some PSAs

so they have those actually this is

super sketchy

this makes roosterteeth look so terrible

like oh my gosh I can't believe what I'm

reading actually Cortana says finally

free Joel responds and says let me

emphasize how crazy this is guys look

what he says here he says it was funny

because before dropping me I was brought

in to record a bunch of PSAs as caboose

guess so they could have a library after

I was gone or something I should have

seen the writing on the wall holy smokes

I mean this is his a you know I mean I'm

trying to be as impartial as I can on

that one I mean it's his opinion of why

Rooster Teeth had him record stuff but I

mean if if that's the fact that Rooster

Teeth had that got record a bunch of

stuff and let him go which is what he's

saying here I mean unless I'm reading

something wrong and still early I'm

still waking up have enough coffee but

this is absolutely terrible for

roosterteeth guys it's so bad let's read

it again it'll calm down a little bit he

says it was funny because before

dropping me I was brought in to record a

bunch of PSAs as caboose guests so they

could have a library after I was gone or

something I should have seen the writing

on my wall no that is still crazy

reading it a second time I need more

coffee I'll be right back here's

something else that's interesting joel

has been tweeting certain things with

what's going on in the world right now I

mean I made two videos on this topic

already before this video and I

said--and wanna talk about this anymore

this is very relevant to take a look at

though because roosterteeth has been

taking a firm stance on this issue in

one direction and it seems like Joel is

retweeting something here that is a bit

opposite of that stance and actually

this makes fun of companies like

roosterteeth let's take a look at this

meme so one more time this is not

something that Joel made this is

something he retweeted though and the

tweet comes from Ian I don't know if Ian

made this little meme or not but Ian

post the meme and jewelry tweets it

here's what it says we at brand are

committed to fighting injustice by

posting images to Twitter that express

our commitment to fighting injustice

obviously this is a joke it's a parody

making fun of these companies that think

making a little tweet is actually doing

something so all the criticism I

mentioned in last two videos I don't

need to

explain that any further and hopefully

you guys have seen those and if not well

it's it's all good thank you for being

here at this one

auntie Nina on the meme says to that end

we offer this Solem white-on-black JPEG

that expresses vague solidarity with the

black community but will quietly allied

the specifics of what is wrong what

needs to change or in what ways we will

do anything about it

this is probably true if brand is

particularly guilty of exacerbating

these issues we hope this action

encourages you to view brand positively

without you know expecting anything from

us brand you know the ones trademark I

should have done this at the beginning

of the video I blame that on a lack of

coffee ultimately that's still my fault

though I take full responsibility for

not being caffeinated up enough but this

would have been more official if I would

have included us at the beginning my bad

anyways I mean you all know who Joel is

but really really quick Joel Heyman is

one of the cofounders of roosterteeth as

well as an actor writer and director he

formerly served as head of our tea

advertising / corporate productions he's

best known for starring in red worse

blue as caboose and O'Malley the

stranger hood as Wade and Oobleck in

Ruby as well as biter okay that's enough

of that now do you remember that meme

that we were talking about a moment ago

that Joel had retweeted from Ian the one

that was making fun of companies like

Rooster Teeth

well even on the Rooster Teeth subreddit

roosterteeth is getting a bit of heat

from some of their community now let me

emphasize that most of their community

is probably still behind them on this

one at least on their subreddit but

that's not surprising because if there

is any safe space haven for fanatical

roosterteeth white knights that hate any

sort of logic that is certainly the

roosterteeth subreddit it is absolutely

chock-full of them they are crawling out

of the Woodworks over there with people

that just deny this stuff it's the same

type of people that I was ranting about

yesterday these want to be activists who

prop up corporate companies like Rooster

Teeth and say they are anti-capitalist

immense hypocrisy that's the kind of

people you find over our roosterteeth

although there are some decent people

there not everyone is like that not

everyone is a pathetic individual some

of them are alright for example this

little joke post actually got 5,300 of

votes on that subreddit which is

shocking let's take a look at it so here

is the joke and for those of you who

don't know how to works well it's

probably for the best but let me explain

this one so the person goes on Twitter

they open the app or whatever go to the

website and on their timeline they

we have these two tweets that they see

like right on top or one on top of the

other and it's one from roosterteeth

that has 400 likes and it's one from

Doland dark that has 12,000 likes that

said the Dolan Dark One was out for

about 20 minutes longer than the

roosterteeth one but that's still way

more engagement that that time period

doesn't you know discount that

so the roosterteeth tweet is saying

happy Pride Month you know it's the same

thing we were talking about the other

day these companies probably don't

actually care about this stuff they just

use they use these movements to seize

power that's all it's about

imagine the ROI imagine you're a company

like Rooster Teeth and you don't

actually care about this stuff but you

know that if you just make a simple

tweet you can rally up the power of a

group and that group might back your

company I mean that that tweet has

immense return on investment that tweet

costs almost nothing you pay the

employee who's doing the tweets and all

that and what else I mean not much more

than that these tweets cost almost

nothing for these companies and the ROI

is tremendous at least they think it is

they think it is but more and more

people are calling them out for this BS

nowadays and guess what it might be

hurting them nowadays to that said

there's they still I mean it's a tough

thing they still overall get pretty

decent engagement on these tweets but

how many those people actually end up

supporting those companies probably not

many so a lot of those people don't

support the companies and more and more

people are waking up that these

companies are full of it you think it's

a good move I mean we'll see that said

you know don't get me wrong if companies

genuinely cared about the stuff it'd be

a different story

I just am confident in my opinion that

that they don't that they don't care

about this stuff at all and they're

using it they're using these people it's

really gross so Dolan says he makes a

tweet above it I don't want to read the

whole tweet I'm just kind of

paraphrasing all this basically right

above the roosterteeth tweet is this

tweet from Dolan that makes fun of

companies like Rooster Teeth calling

them out for being fake and for not

caring about this stuff so it's

hilarious that this roosterteeth user

saw this on their timeline and then went

to Reddit and posted about it and it

actually got 5,000 up votes as I

mentioned some of the people that have

even been defending roosterteeth are

starting to realize how full of hot air

companies like them are of course let me

just reiterate that there is also plenty

of fanatical white knights that prop up

these giant corporations and defend them

like it is their final hill to be on so

that is still on

fortunately a thing as well here is

another example of how fanatical and

crazy and vitriolic these fanatical

roosterteeth white knights can be and

let me emphasize vut rollick I mean

these people are very toxic they love to

find reasons to hate on others and

witch-hunt them for example look how

some of these people are turning on Joel

now let me emphasize not all of them are

like this not all of them are some of

the people in Bruce Lee's subreddit

probably just lurk and don't involve

himself with the drama and all that sort

of stuff but the fact is there are

plenty of fanatical white knights that

instantly turn on Joel now he's out of

the company for example this this

comment 168 upvotes

it's a shame that Joel ended up being an

unpleasant person I don't want to stick

on this thing I don't like being on the

subreddit man I'm just gonna scroll

through some I'm picking and choosing

what I'm reading here I will gladly

admit that yes you're not getting the

full context I don't want to stay on

this post I don't wanna stay on this

subreddit here's some things that I find

interesting if you want to take a longer

look by all means go ahead and take a

look at that subreddit you're you're

more than welcome to I don't want to

stay here that long

I do wish roosterteeth would just come

out and say if he is still with

roosterteeth I know they don't owe us

anything but I would just like to have

confirmation plus it's honestly pretty

dirty plus it's honestly pretty dirty

excuse me regardless of what you think

of Joel not over the last few years his

name has been left out of any

introductions relating to the founding

fathers that's disgusting and this

person actually you know even says above

that that's been a rollercoaster with

Joel and you know there's been like some

issue with other things that Joel was

about basically alleging that so I'm

what I'm getting as this person is not

just taking Joel's side and they are

mentioning that they think roosterteeth

should speak out on this and so this is

other person rarity who says I feel like

there's a situation Artie should address

so again not all of the people on the

subreddit are fanatics and some of them

do want to hold roosterteeth some of

them do want to hold these corporations

accountable for what they do round of

applause for those people I appreciate

you very much especially because you

guys are a minority on the subreddit you

guys have a you know what oh my gosh

look at this now this is exactly what I

mean about these fanatical white knights

like there is a lot of crazy allegations

in this comment - Joel alleges that Joel

said that people will burn

down other people's houses talks about

firearms and conspiracy like talks about

isms like this is the whole nine yards

here and I don't without any evidence

I'm sorry but I don't believe this stuff

because these same group of people the

same group people excuse me have gone

after people that I have seen online

including myself with lies before - I

mean they just make up anything they can

to make people they don't like sound

terrible so for all for all I know

they're doing the same thing that you

all right now again maybe the stuff is

true but there's no evidence in this

comment and I've seen this very same

community make up terrible disgusting

things about people and the fact that

they are willing to make things up and

use disgusting terms so lightly is

absolutely so bad I can't even come up

with a word with her I can't even you

barely even talk man this stuff is

disgusting I'm over this topic I'm gonna

wrap this up starting to ramble too much

I still haven't enough coffee and this

is man this is not I want to spend my


okay I'm leaning back again like the

last video this is what I do when I'm

just over it I I get away from the

camera and I just I'm just like I'm done

dude I'm out I'm out I've ranted enough

about this stuff to be fair there was a

lot of comedy in this video - there's a

lot of funny moments at least like those

memes and stuff I enjoyed that up you

guys enjoyed this video I'm gonna wrap

it up here though man I'm in this I

haven't spent too much time in this

freakin loony den of a subreddit again

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