Inside the arena of the future: The Barclays Center

what's up I'm Amy P Nelson of SB nation

I'm a live cell at the verge we got

Sports tech tech sports and we're here

this morning because this is the great

unveiling of the Barclays Center home of

the Brooklyn Nets they're saying it's

the most hi-tech stadium in sports we're

actually standing in front of a wild

piece of technology it's called the

oculus it is a 360-degree LED sign it's

HD they can show movies on it they're

gonna have audio out here inside there's

even more high-tech stuff this free

Wi-Fi which is choice and there's just

all kinds of people in media here today

thank over 250 credentials issued Mayor

Bloomberg is inside and we just kind of

want to go check it out and I'll cut

some trouble yeah till we can get up -

all right we are finally here to

celebrate the grand opening of the

Barclays Center Arena Brooklyn has

arrived as a center of exciting

entertainment thrilling big-time sports

and thriving commerce Barclays Center

Arena is so much more just a building we

are the most technologically advanced

arena to date we're standing in front of

the Daktronics center hung six

millimeter true HD center hung and then

you can see all the other Daktronics

ribbon boards we have almost 8,000

square feet of LED in here as well as

the sound system you see the speaker

raised and the lighting here is going to

be like no other venue that you've ever

seen before

Wow so how fast your Wi-Fi can be is

even better than LTE we're seeing we're

up to 2 1 gig surface we're bringing in

optimum light paths as our sponsor so

we're in 2 one gig circuits is active

active and it has BGP failover which

means you know one of them drops the

other one picks up right away are there

any other sort of interesting add-ons

for a fan perspective technology wise

that you can talk about so we're

focusing on the Barclay center app we're

gonna do working with a company called

bypass lane to order your food on the

app and then go and pick it up like easy

pass when you go through and drive

through the easy pest free Wi-Fi you

know as much as many fans as possible on

the run outside - absolutely you can get

it out

you people camping outside using your

archive absolutely absolutely

I'm more stupid not and we're not even

closer you feel free to go anywhere Wow

people are gonna come here they're gonna

sit outside and or I'm your wife

yeah but what I don't want them to do is

like yes I know I'm one of those guys

I'm kidding I don't know so what's the

coolest thing that you've seen so far

that's a blaring obviously the ocular

right out there hole led set they have

their I think the lighting for the games

will be very unique

this is my partner new life from the

verge she's from our tech site is there

anything we should ask him what kind of

fun do that incoming phone a Samsung

Galaxy s4 laughs in an app Scott 300

mascots lose more water vision water

good we're in the video production room

huh at everything inside the van you all

all the canvases everything that lights

up is controlled from this room up here

no so I'm pretty sure if I hit this

button right now that that Center hyung

goes off so this is the this is the

video production room Logan is the the

director of facilities presentation here

at the Barclays center you know he works

on a lot of the content here but he's

responsible for this for everything

inside this room the only question I got

from from Bruce Ratner from my boss was

he walks over his iphones like where can

i plug this in it's like you have a

place you can plug this in and have the

musical everywhere yeah yes we do really

recent iPod doctor there's an iPod dock

for for the entire arena yeah so what I

do for the guys that put call me maybe

on repeat all the time and they love

until they get all their work Hey what

we're seeing here is exactly it's new to

you it's it's actually very new to me as

well because it's just showed up

yesterday I was amazing

we basically this is our in-house

lighting system is this make everything

go faster

looks like I could get beamed somewhere

yeah so can we press all the buttons can

I just go like this

right now what would happen yeah I could

dream anything happens you know you can

control every led in the entire bowl if

you just press this button do it I don't

want to know what that is awesome well

that is the best thing I've ever seen

we are the most technologically advanced

arena to date one-of-a-kind unique again

we work to build something on like no

other venue