now michael jordan is the goat when it

comes to being like a basketball player

and he's an amazing businessman he's one

of the few nba players who has ever been

able to make more money off the court

than he did on it

and was able to become one of the first

billionaires from the game of basketball

and won the few billion dollar athletes


so when he took ownership of the hornets

in 2010 many hornets fans or as they

were called back then the bobcats were

excited because their team wasn't

looking too good

only winning 34 games that year and

missing the playoffs and honestly the

years to come one looked too hot for the

hornets either with them making the

playoffs only twice in 10 years

in both of those times losing to the

heat in the first round but this year i

believe the hornets are finally on the

right track and might see some success

coming their way in the near future

and honestly saying that is kind of

weird because i think that we've all had

like the base idea that the hornets are

just trash and always will be but i

think michael jordan after 10 years of

not winning anything while being the

owner of the hornets i think he finally

has built a team that could win in the

near future or at least getting a base

for that team now i think a lot of this

team's future success is put on the

shoulders of lamellar ball which could

be a really good thing moving forward or

a really bad one

and also one that could set this team

back again to being trash

but as i said in one of my lamella ball

videos i personally think that the

hornets would be a great destination for

him and this is also just a great

pick for the hornets in general as well

even if he does turn out to be a bust

not saying that he will be a bus but if

he does turn out to be a bus the hornets

still kind of went a little bit let me

explain how lamela benefits from this

starting with the fact that the hornets

are just expected to be bad so i don't

think we should expect these

unreasonable expectations from lamella

right off the bat and can we just change

our expectations on the mellow

because people are acting as if he's

going to have like 20 and 10 his rookie

year well let's be real here he isn't to

be honest i see him averaging somewhere

around like 15 points and like seven

assists which would honestly be

considered a good rookie year for him

i think it would take him a while to get

used to the nba and the playstyle in it

and he's also gonna need to change his

shot tendency which to his credit he's

gotten a whole lot better from his time

in high school which i can respect a

whole lot because when he was first

blowing up in chino hills where he would

just shoot wherever and whenever he

wanted which at first i didn't think he

would break out of but as he has gotten

older he really has gotten better at

what shots to take and what shots not to


but he still has moments where like he

takes like bad shots and just chucks up

threes and kind of gets him like a heat

check moment which he won't get away

with in the nba but i feel like as time

goes on that will change

so time is going to be needed for lemo

to really start doing his thing

in my opinion i think it would take him

about like a year or two to get there

but the best case scenario is that like

he's like trey young where he starts off

kind of rough in his rookie year then

kind of gets used to the nba and then

skyrockets from there but i'm betting on

it will take him like a year or two to

come into his own which isn't that bad

for like a 19 year old then as i said

the hornets aren't expected to win so

that means that he has a lot of time to

get used to things and find out what

works for him

and what doesn't instead of feeling

rushed to like win now but let's say he

does win a lot in his rookie year well

that just boosts his confidence and

that's only going to be a positive forum

then the rest of the team

isn't that bad but it's not that good

like don't get me wrong

there's a few good pieces that this team

has that they can build around with


starting with devante graham who broke

out last season and showed that he can

be a reliable scorer

and i think someone young like him can

really help lamelo and his progression

now graham is not quite an all-star yet

but he's pretty close to one i believe

and he's also a good three-point shooter

dude took nine threes a game and shot 38

that honestly isn't that bad for the

type of threes that he actually took

and recently they signed gordon hayward

who is decent but i don't know what's up

with jordan

and giving like players a [ __ ] ton of

money even if they don't deserve it like

gordon hayward is good and is decent and

like he's a plus for your team but he's

not a 120 million dollar player

and also rozier isn't a 58 million

dollar player either but i think it's

either going to be lamelo or rozier

starting at point guard this year which

if lamela's on the bench this just means

that he can learn from both graham and

rozier but i can also see him starting

as well

or if rozier is not okay with being a

backup to lamella then i believe you

just need to trade him at that point

like lamelo is the guy you are putting

your trust and franchise in and you need

to do everything in your power to make

him happy

and if that will make him succeed then i

guess you gotta do it now this move is

also good for the hornets with the fact

the hornets had the second worst

attendance this past season

and most of that is because one they

suck but also there was no reason for

anyone to go to the game there was

nobody anyone wanted to watch in

particular and now with lamelo you have

someone that fans want to come and watch

now i'm not saying they're going to be

filling up the arena but

because of him it will most definitely

boost your attendance when stadiums open

back up then players like malik monk who

i don't think is going to be anything

special but someone who can be at least

a 3nd guy or at least at bare minimum

someone who can stand in the corner and

make threes when the mellow makes plays

for him and then miles bridges who i

think has more upside than monk he could

also go this upcoming season

saying he did boost his scoring by a few

points this year so maybe with less

pressure on him we could see a rise in

stats from him then there could be some

moves that could be made this offseason

and one of those players that i see like

circling around a lot especially now

is westbrook who personally i don't

think the hornets should try to get

because i know i'm gonna sound like a

rust hater but russ could really [ __ ]

your whole team's like timeline up

because the hornets are a very young

team with a good amount of depth and

with the rust to first get them you lose

a lot of that depth and then you just

get another ball dominant point guard

who is only looking to put up stats what

they do need is veterans who are there

to help out the young guys and not just

there to help themselves out kind of

like what vince carter was on the hawks

where he was more there to help the

younger guys develop instead of putting

up stats that's what the hornets need

they also need a center like a pure

center as someone who can just set

screens for lamella and graham i'm

thinking someone like clan capello or

assan whiteside someone who gives you

defense and is a presence in the paint

now i'm not saying that this team is

going to be a playoff team next season i

see them being a competitive

eighth to like 10th seed like they might

make the playoffs as the a seed if a few

things go their way but i really see

them being a competitive ninth seed

fighting for an 8c to get into the

playoffs and honestly for most teams

that would suck but for a team as young

as the hornets i think that would be

really good for them i think for hornets

fans you will need to wait a little

longer before your team becomes an

actual threat but i'm saying in the next

5 years i can see this team doing really


if they keep doing what they're doing

now and the players they draft to

progress upwards

but anyway that'll be it for this video

if you didn't enjoy it please leave a

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guys i'm signing off