Magic Johnson Introduced as Dodgers Owner by Vin Scully

well the new owners of the Los Angeles

Dodgers have been announced we were here

for the press conference I'm Maria

Saraya when hears you're playing the

field extra I'm fed up

I'm fed up to here I go back to the so

called changing of the guard

when Branch Rickey handed the franchise

to Walter O'Malley and I was there when

Peter O'Malley handed the franchise to

Fox and I was there when Fox handed it

to Bob Daley and Fox and I was there

when Fox then handed it to Frank McCourt

and it has now been handed to the

Guggenheim baseball Management Group and

I am telling each and every one of you

right now this is the last new ownership

press conference I will ever attend well

it's the dawn of a new era right here of

the Los Angeles Dodgers no more Frank

McCourt it's all about the new ownership

in Magic Johnson mark Walter and Stan

Kasdan now we had a chance to sit down

with Irvin Magic Johnson today at the

press conference it's a beautiful day to

be out here and a ballpark that I've

spent many days eating dr. dogs and

eating popcorn and watching the Dodgers

win World Series and watching some of

the the greatest baseball players in

history play for this great organization

we want to bring that Dodger pride back

to our fans to our players to the Los

Angeles community and we feel that if

they give us time we will do that I

don't want to talk to you about the two

different families of Dodgers the

current Dodger team and then the legends

that are always here first the current

players I know you've had a chance to

talk to them what kind of things are

they asking you were talking to you

about well you know we really haven't

talked to them because we were not

allowed to really interact with them and

also to what I do is I like to just stay

in the background not really bother them

but there will be a time for us to


and we will make sure and I would make

sure that whenever is convenient for

them then we will sit down so I don't

want to interrupt their daily routine I

don't want to interrupt what they have

to do to get ready so it would have to

be maybe on an off day or sometime when

they feel comfortable we want to sit

down I'm not going to force it I just

say okay my doors open and when they

have an opportunity when they feel good

then let's sit down and talk and I know

we will

I'm itching to do it but at the same

time the first priority we have besides

that forget that is winning and

performing well-known this field and so

I'd rather for them to do that because

it's going to be plenty of time to sit

down talk to myself it's nice a third

first place right now it doesn't hurt

either does it no it doesn't hurt but we

have always had you know we've always

had the potential to be in first place I

just you know you got people you got to

have multiple guys playing well at the

same time so you got to have pitching

the pitchers pitcher when we have that

you know with Kershaw or the best

pitcher in baseball and then you got got

to have guys hitting well we have that

Ethier is having a fantastic season Matt

Kemp is the best baseball player on the

planet and and then you have guys like

Ellis and Dee Gordon and the rest of

them really supporting and then our

relievers have been doing a good job and

then our defense you know I think Don

has really stressed that and

fundamentals and you can see it's

working on the field so now our jobs

let's see when you think about mark and

I our job is really to support stand and

Ned and let them do their job you talk

about the fan experience which is so

hugely important here and all of the

legends that come out to Dodger Stadium

do you want them to be included in the

fan experience as well the Maury wills

the Don Newcombe no question about it I

mean hello they are the Dodgers they

made the Dodgers they they created

Dodger bright you you always want to

bring them in and be a part of this

great organization and I learned that

long time ago that's what we do at the

Lakers we bring it back to

guys so we want to definitely may

include them in whichever way they want

to be included our fans love seeing them

they excited when they see them and they

grew up watching them and then we want

the families to come we want the mothers

to be able to bring their kids and dads

to bring their sons and you know we want

them to come in and have a great great

night out here at Dodger Stadium or day

and just enjoy themselves and feel that

they can they're comfortable enough to

bring their family and know that they're

going to be safe and just have a good


Dodger fans will be excited to see Magic

Johnson and Andre Ethier at the

turnstiles in Dodger Stadium thanks for

joining us magic thank you for having me