Skyrim: Golden Claw Owner Location

guys what's up let's get real gaming

showing you where the golden claw hold

areas so you can return the golden claw

to him it's going to be in River one

here's the location over Riverwood on

your map then the fast travel you shall

be able to fast travel since the river

world is one of the first place you go

to when you start the game right now

we're just going to wait for this to

finish loading gonna start spinning this

thing around as you can see I'm a level

six so I'm still a noob at this game and

dubs just got this game so he's like

probably a level two by now by the time

these videos up you're gonna go down

where everyone um I'm gonna go to a

couple wrong places in the beginning but

it's going to be on the right side of

the road right here when I go and take

the right right over there it's going to

be over here

you're gonna answer

and these guys are fighting right now

and you're gonna talk to him

you're supposed to say what's going on

or what's wrong or whatever but for some

reason I was trying to sell my stuff

then I remember in trinkets

oh that some of you guys might be

wondering how to do this right now so I

just came to my mind right now so now

I'm gonna ask him what's going on yeah

and then he's gonna keep on talking we

still have plenty to sell robbers were

only after one thing yes that's a golden

claw she asked him to II mean the golden

palm now exactly confused

looks like he's embarrassed now I'm

gonna put this and it's gonna give you a

can they give you a big gun a great to

hear for me a rewarder he gave me 400