Ranking all 32 NFL Owners of 2020 from WORST to FIRST


what is going on guys a lot changes in a

year last year at TPS we ranked all 32

owners from worst to first

compared to this year's rankings there

was a dramatic change in the bottom 10

and a few notable switches inside the

top 10 as always we're looking at

current track records as well as past

performances and future outlooks in our

rankings so without further ado here's a

look at how we ranked all 32 NFL owners

for 2020 from worst to first

number 32 Dan Snyder Washington Redskins

this once proud organization has become

a laughingstock under the arrogance of

Snyder who's compiled a 142 193 and 1

record stepping in as owner in 1999 he's

recycled through quarterbacks

he's held on to the controversial team

name he once sued an elderly lady for

having to give up her season tickets and

he doesn't care about a decline in

Redskins ticket sales attendance or TV

ratings he seems fine with the visiting

teams fans filling up the stadium the

Redskins just have two playoff wins

under Snyder this man is just the worst

he's the worst sell the team do

something number 31 shod con

Jacksonville Jaguars con unlike Snyder

at least cares about his fans and

doesn't go great lengths to alienate

himself from them but being a nice guy

is one thing constantly hasn't gotten a

whole lot done as Jaguars owner

cons ago over as the owner in 2012

Jacksonville has only won 38 games since

then the Jaguars have recorded a six

wins or less in seven of Conn's eight

seasons wasting draft picks and running

stars like Jalen Ramsey and unique and

got way out of town there's no recipe

for success also what's up with the

loyalty to GM David Caldwell and head

coach Doug Marrone he seems like a nice

guy though number 30 woody and

Christopher Johnson New York Jets the

Johnsons used to be good owners New York

made the postseason six times between

2001 and 2010 including two trips to the

AFC title game but they've been a

downright embarrassment over the past

decade they've wasted more money in free

agency than just about any other team

they're always affected by locker room

drama they're changing head coaches and

GM's every second year hopefully by now

Jets fans have learned to point their

finger at the owners and not just

players number 29 Martha

Ford Detroit Lions we won't understand

Ford's loyalty to GM Bob Quinn and Matt

Patricia Jim Caldwell was fired after

having three winning seasons in four

years but Quinn and Patricia are still

here after consecutive last place

finishes in the NFC North right that

makes sense

not sure what the Lions want to do here

they keep trying to build around Matt

Stafford with zero success it's not a

good look on mrs. Ford when the Lions

fan base shows up with paper bags on

their heads demanding changes demands

that go unheard number 28 bid will

family Arizona Cardinals owner bill bid

will passed away during the 2019 season

on October 2nd his family has taken over

ownership and though the future is

looking promising with Kyle Emery and

DeAndre Hopkins the recent results speak

for themselves

the Cardinals have been among the worst

team since 2016 3 head coaches in three

years from 2017 to 2019 where is the

stability that's said the Cardinals are

poised to turn a corner soon that will

help the bid will shoot up the rankings

number 27 Mike Brown Cincinnati Bengals

well the Browns used to be good remember

when they made the playoffs every year

from 2011 to 15 - Brown's credit he

finally fired Marvin Lewis after the

2018 season he actually spent some money

in 2020 free agency as well and most

importantly he didn't disrupt the 2019

tank job which netted the Bengals Joe

burrow Brown has been viewed as one of

the worst owners in sports for a long

time now but the future is looking

brighter and brighter in Cincy number 26

Jimmy Haslam Cleveland Browns a 33 94 in

one record since he took over as the

owner in 2012 kind of speaks for itself

but Haslam is a bit higher on this list

due to the fact that the Browns actually

look poised to turn things around in

2020 we said that last year to about

2019 and never really happened but let's

hope this year is it all that was

embarrassing how often he changes his GM

and coaches passim gets a thumbs up for

knowing when to make the change for

example the Freddy kitchens and Hugh

Jackson firings Hassim looks like he got

himself a savvy GM and Andrew berry and

a qualified head coaching Kevin

Stefanski the Browns should be back in

business real soon hopefully even though

they never really were in business since

like the 60s but you know number 25

Glazer family tap of a Buccaneers

Landing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

isn't enough to move up on our list that

much such as life when you haven't made

the postseason since 2007 and have only

one winning season since 2011 the Bucs

had five different head coaches in

2010's and yet GM Jason light has held

the GM role since 2004 okay then maybe

bradying drunk will erase nearly two

decades of embarrassment since Tampa's

2002 Superbowl season number 24 David

Tepper Carolina Panthers the Panthers

won 12 and 20 through tempers first two

seasons but he deserves credit for going

with his reign and not his heart

firing Ron Rivera and releasing Cam

Newton weren't easy calls by any means

but he knew they were necessary

we love the hiring of mater rule as head

coach and Teddy Bridgewater and

Christian McCaffrey should take this

team to the postseason real soon temper

unlike so many other owners isn't afraid

to make sweeping changes we admire that

number 23 Mark Davis Las Vegas Raiders

Mark Davis took over following the

passing of his father Allen 2011

unfortunately the younger Davis hasn't

implemented a proud winning culture like

his dad did for all those years the

Raiders have had one winning season

under mark giving one hundred million

dollars to Jon Gruden looks like a

questionable decision so far

Gruden by the way marked the fifth head

coach under Mark Davis ownership there's

not a whole lot of organizational

stability here hopefully I moved to

Vegas changes that number 22 Pat Bowlen

estate Denver Broncos tough wondering

given the circumstances late owner Pat


was one of the best in football the

Broncos won three Super Bowls in his

tenure sadly he passed away on June 13th

2019 before the 2014 season Bowlin gave

up team control due to his battle with


while the Boland family continues to

work through the ownership control

president and CEO Joe Ellis has helped

run the team the Broncos have recorded

three straight losing seasons and four

straight not playoff years but John

Elway has to be blamed in some capacity

for not being able to find a reliable

quarterback better hope that Drew Locke

is the answer number 21 Stephen Ross

Miami Dolphins this may be too generous

in the eyes of many frustrated Dolphins

fans but Ross work over the past year

netted Hamady number 21 spot firing Adam

GaSe and bringing in Brian Flores

already looks like a home run

Ross was all aboard the tank training

2019 to help the Dolphins get their man

into Otunga vy lower miami also added

the likes of Byron Jones Shaq Lawson

Matt brighter Jordan Howard and Kyle van

Noy during the 2020 offseason suddenly

the Dolphins look legitimate and it's

all thanks to Ross rebuild number 20

Dean Spanos Los Angeles chargers the

charges are coming off a disappointing

from 19th season but credit Dean

making the tough call and moving on from

Philip Rivers it was painful but

necessary the charges are getting a

brand-new stadium which should help

their attendance woes Dean doesn't have

a great track record as owner in terms

of wins and losses over the years the

Chargers are trending up here he could

find himself closer to the top ten in

the next two or three years if all ages

according to plan number 19 John Mara

and Steve Tisch New York Giants the

Giants may have won Super Bowls 42 and

46 under these guys but their most

recent title was nine seasons ago now

what did the g-men done since then

they've wasted so much money in for

agency they're drafting has been awful

they were way too loyal to Eli Manning

and that set him back the front office

hasn't moved this team forward in any

way training Odell Beckham jr. after

giving him a mega extension how's that

working for you now they only cracked

the top 20 because of those two Super

Bowl banners number 18 Virginia Hallas

McCaskey Chicago Bears the Bears are

just two years removed from a 12 win

season and NFC North Division title they

stumbled to an eighth and a finish in

2019 but at least the Bears are no

longer terrible McCaskey is currently

the longest tenured owner in the NFL she

simply hasn't been as bad to their job

as all these other owners given the bear

status as a mediocre team and mediocre

ranking seems fair here number 17 McNair

family Houston Texans the McNair's are

in this spot because well we have no

idea why they handed Villa Bryan the GM

duties you watch he traded away to Davie

on clowny and DeAndre Hopkins for Wordle

home market value and our opinions

owners shouldn't be satisfied with the

vision titles and merely gunplay of one

every few years if the McNair did it

right the Texans would be a legitimate

Super Bowl contender by now but I mean

hey if 10 wins is enough to satisfy them

they shouldn't expect to move up our

rankings anytime soon number 16 Arthur

Blank Atlanta Falcons the Falcons

haven't recovered from their Super Bowl

51 heartbreak but franchise has been

fairly steady under blank who stepped in

as owner in 2002 he compiled a 153 134

and 1 record with a playoff berths and

three NFC Championship game appearances

on his resume criticized him all you

want for being too loyal to Thomas

dimitrov and Dan Cohen but half these

teams in the league should wish they had

blank as their owner he's not too

hands-on and he often hires the right

men to do the work and women too you


2020 and those ridiculously cheap

Stadium food and beverage prices they

can be even more likeable $15

suck and he just made a cheaper so I

like him number 15 Stan Kroenke Los

Angeles Rams three straight winning

seasons two NFC West Division titles and

an NFC championship banner over that

spend that will parting Kroenke from the

miserable stretcher on his Rams had from

2010 to 16 bringing in Shawn McVeigh as

head coach nicely done

and from a business standpoint the

brand-new sofa Stadium is as luxurious

as they come

if the Rams can win a Super Bowl they

had to put a Crocky statue in the front

of the stadium maybe number 14 Jerry

Jones Dallas Cowboys Jones finally moved

on from Jason Garrett which was a huge

win in itself

honestly Jason Garrett makes me

embarrassed to be named Jason bringing

in Super Bowl winning coach Mike

McCarthy was also a home run gotta love

that CD land pick another strong showing

at the draft bye Jerry we're pretty high

on the Cowboys turnaround in 2020 which

is why Jones is higher on our list than

most Allis fans probably expected number

13 Jim Irsay Indianapolis Colts credit

Jim for picking the right men to lead

the team in GM Chris Ballard and head

coach Frank Reich even with Andrew Luck

long gone the future is very bright in

Indianapolis don't blame Jim entirely

for the frustrating stretch from 2015 to

17 a healthy luck would have made a

difference the Colts were a perennial

powerhouse under Peyton Manning winning

Super Bowl 41 in the 2006 season

Jim's 275 and 252 record speaks for

itself here number 12

Ziggy wolf Minnesota Vikings the Vikings

are still searching for their first

Super Bowl but this organization has

been better and more stable than most

since wolf took over in 2005 three

playoff berths a trip to the NFC

Championship game and four winning

seasons dating back to the 2015 campaign

wolf has been smart with his hires in

the front office and in the coaching

staff he always opens up his wallet to

keep his star players too he's done

everything possible to try and feel the

championship team wolf tries harder than

most and the recent results show it now

if the Vikings could just break through

and get him that Lombardi Trophy number

11 Pegula family Buffalo Bills the

Pegula's might be the worst NHL owners

but they're certainly trending up as NFL

owners Shawn McDermott and Brandon being

are constructing a future powerhouse

here the bill should be the kings of the

AFC East with Tom Brady long gone now

things are looking good for Buffalo with

Josh Allen Stefon Diggs toward a V is

white and Ed Oliver among others don't

be surprised that the Pegula's are in

the top ten come next year's rankings

number 10 Jody Allen Seattle Seahawks

took over the seahawks following the

passing of her brother team owner and

co-founder Paul Allen it was obviously a

difficult task to suddenly take over a

team midseason following Allen's

untimely passing but Jodie has handled

everything tremendously and the Seahawks

have recorded consecutive playoff

seasons under her leadership she's

trusted seven GM John Snyder and Pete

Carroll to steer the ship

she stayed he's out of the personnel

matters and lets them do their work

that's all the Seahawks fans can ask for

number nine the York family San

Francisco 49ers the 49ers ended a

six-year playoff drought in return to

prominence in 2019 winning 13 games in

route to a Super Bowl 54 appearance that

led to a nice jump in the rankings for

the York family Kyle Shanahan and John

Lynch have put together something

special credit New York's for finding

the right men while also giving Shanahan

the delicate patience he needed these

49ers will be a force for a long time as

they try to win that elusive six

Lombardi Trophy number eight Amy Adam

Strunk Tennessee Titans when your fans

refer to you as mom you must be doing

something right

I mean look at these photos you look

like the nicest lady in the world like I

just want her to give me like a hug I

don't know who's your mommy what strung

took over as owner in 2015 following the

passing of her father Bud Adams the

Titans have recorded four straight nine

and seven seasons under strunk

including two wild-card births and a

surprise trip to the 2019 AFC

Championship game drunk at a home run

when she hired John Robinson is GM

Robinson and turn hit a homer when he

hired Mike variable as the new head

coach the titans have a new fun-loving

culture after over a decade of

mediocrity what more can the people in

Nashville ask for number seven Gayle

Benson New Orleans Saints mrs. Benson

took over the Saints following the

passing of her husband Tom Benson in

2018 the Saints have recorded

back-to-back 13 win seasons under her

leadership including a trip to the 2018

NFC Championship game for the most part

Benson has quietly sat back while GM

Mickey Loomis and head coach Sean Payton

continue to work their magic when you

have a consistent championship

contending team all you can ask is for

the owner to not get too involved and so

far Benson has done just that number six

Green Bay Packers inked Green Bay

Packers who needs one owner when you're

publicly owned and a consistent winner

the Packers went from perennial

contention with Brett Favre to even more

greatness with Aaron Rodgers

team president and CEO Marc Murphy led a

smooth turnaround when you replaced Mike

McCarthy with Matt Lafleur who took the

Packers to the 2019 and it's a

championship game the Packers have way

did some of Rogers prime years no doubt

which slightly affects their ranking but

most NFL teams would love to be a

consistent contender like the cheese

heads number 5 Jeffrey Lurie

Philadelphia Eagles three straight

winning seasons and a playoff berth for

him and the Eagles remember all the

backlash he received for sticking with

Howie Roseman who was ripped big-time

for hiring Doug Peterson turns out Larry

knew what he was doing the whole time he

brought the Eagles their first ever

Super Bowl championship and there's no

reason to think they can win more in the

near future

number 4 Clark hunt Kansas City Chiefs

finally hunting the Chiefs have reached

the top of the mountain in 2019 the

Chiefs won Super Bowl 54 to end a

half-century long championship drought

hunts faith in Andy Reed and GM brand

each have paid off tremendously

immensely magnificently stupendously a

bunch of other adjectives it took them

some time but they finally got the job

done and it doesn't look like these

Chiefs are going anywhere anytime soon

more Super Bowls appear to be on the

horizon for hunt so they're in good


number three Steve bisciotti Baltimore

Ravens only three losing seasons for the

Raven since bisciotti became owner in

2004 they're coming off consecutive AFC

North Division titles good thing he kept

good guy John around when they looked

headed for a split trusting Eric takasi

to take over for Ozzie Newsome was a

stroke of genius - he has a 151 and 105

record as owner and of course that Super

Bowl xlvii championship helps his

placement here and a future spot in

Canton looks likely at this point number

2 Rooney family Pittsburgh Steelers the

Steelers have been the model of

consistency under the Rooney's only

three head coaches dating back to 1969

GM Kevin culvert has been in the front

office since 2000 the Steelers haven't

had a losing season since 2003 and oh

yeah they won Super Bowl 40 and 43 and

have three AFC title banners in the 21st

century the Rooney's have set the golden

standard for sports ownership if it

weren't for the next guy on our list

they'd be in the top spot every single

year number 1 Robert Kraft New England

Patriots we also rank Bill Belichick is

the best coach and the best GM we said

that it would be a long time until

Belichick loses the top spot the same

applies the Kraft call us 1 another

current owner wins six Super Bowls

nobody has done their job better than

Kraft he's by far the best owner among

all North American professional sports


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