Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to Girlfriend: Don't Bring Black People to My Games (Audio) | TMZ

honey I'm sorry I'm sorry too

I wish I can change the skin the colors

my ish what the issue issue is we don't

know what the broadcast

I'm not broadcasting anything I don't do

anything wrong

nobody said you did anything wrong

I don't do anything wrong if we ever

have any issues because people call you

and tell you things about me that are

not really broadcast I'm not using

pictures with minorities why what's

wrong with minorities what's wrong with

was not for nothing

what's wrong with you talking to Anna

Ellen there's nothing wrong with

minority they're fabulous fabulous

because you're an enemy to me why

because we don't understand I don't

understand what nothing that racism

still is 'life know that there's a

culture what people feel certain things

this premise fear certain things towards

black black steel certain things towards

others groups it's been that way

historically and it will always be that

way but it's not that way in my heart

and in my mind but maybe you want to

adjust to the world so wide the war

doesn't do anything for me and they

don't make me happy you're like I don't

want to argue with you I don't want to


I plan to break up in my heart and

that's good I'm living in a culture and

I have to live within the culture so

that's the way it is that's what I got

it I guess I hold this

you live with your heart and you can't

be flexible you can I get an electrical

I understand that that's the way you

were raised and out of your culturing

unrespectful more water you have to

disrespect them no sir

Who am I disrespect the world before you

why am i disrespecting them what my side

walking on you perceive that is easier

less hinata life

why should you be walking properly with

black people

why is refer to you if it is benefiting

me doesn't matter if they're white or

blue or yellow you don't know that maybe

you're stupid maybe you don't know what

people say to be it does matter yeah it


do you know the nominees no I don't know

it you know that you told me you were

gonna remove those you said yes I

understand you

I mean you changed from day to day

Wow so painful Wow

people call you and tell you that I have

to like people on my Instagram and it

bothers you

yeah it bothers me a lot if you want to

broadcast that you're associating with

black people you have to you'll so fear

with black people I'm not you and you're

not me you're supposed to be a delicate

whiter and elegant Latina girl I'm a

mixed girl well you're in love with me a

not a lot in Mexican whether you like it

or not what is the role affected or not

and you're asking me to remove something

that artists me and in my bloodstream

because the world seems different touch

me in you're afraid of what they're

going to think because of your

upbringing you want me to have a page

towards black people I know what you're

that hate that's what people do is turn

things around

I want you to love them privately in

your whole life every day you could be

with them every single day of your life

well they're not in conflict so why

coupl couple slices and why bring this

to my opinion why bring that black

people to the game

oh I believe a little sketch anymore if

your I don't want to occupy I'm sorry

that you feel that way I feel that way

so strongly and it may be cause our

relationship will just break apart and

if it does it does it's better to break

apart now than to break apart I'm sorry

that you still have people around you

that are full of racism in education in

your heart I'm sorry that you're still

races in your life I'm sorry that you

live in the world that still how about

the public your whole life every day you

could do whatever you want you could

sleep didn't you could bring them in if

you do whatever you want the little I

ask you is not to promote it on this and

not to bring it to my things I don't

bring any work tivity okay there there's

nothing nice designing your okay we got

a big problem here I really don't feel

like going anywhere I don't feel like

going to Europe I don't give up just

going good little thing we can go free

didn't like someone that I was really

touching appreciating I'm sorry I don't

have any more friends what would you

like me to do remove the skin color out

of my skin is that a real issue you

making something up I mean I just don't

understand what the issue is there's

nothing wrong with you

for your skin color why are you saying

these things to upset me sweetie I'm

sorry I'm so sorry - we made a giant

mistake openness everything you say to

me is so painful you know I want you to

change the color scheme you know how to

really hurt somebody instead of saying I

understand I don't understand like you

can have so much hate towards minority I

don't have anything on nothing I cannot

understand why would you show us you're

like you who's elevated who's here still

feels above the world and you can't even

be seen with someone in which it's

considered of a different skin be with

me all day long alone I can't believe

that are now educated and mantises

scholar America believe it and stop

talking about it

let's finish our discussion with a

period okay you're not making any good


you can't believe this man you're a

baller I'm not a good person in your


I was a good person you wouldn't have to

leave can't leave that we might put your

all love I love this negative are coming

from negativity I was everybody I'm just

saying in your lousy Instagram you don't

have to have yourself with walking with

black people you don't have to if you

want to do it

if it's white people it's okay if it was

Larry Bird what it have made a


you're just a big spider I could see who

would want to live with a woman like you

111 or all you ever want to do is fight

you're a born fighter I'm sorry I got

here man yeah the worst mouse why are

you so angry honey what's wrong

well why don't you bring up Larry Bird

what he got to do with it you can walk

all night long with your sisters but

your families I thought someone I admire

is my romantic Johnson okay good I'm

sorry okay she's made a lot of changes

for his community for the world for the

people for the minorities he told a lot

of people are you forcing yourself Mike

so Donna finish talking you have nothing

more to say and I said the picture was

someone I admired good and he happens to

be brought here I'm sorry I think it's

nice that you admire him I don't him

well and he should be admired and I'm

just saying that in 2010 his minor

privately and during your entire life

your whole life admired him bringing

their feet him him I don't care you

should do anything a cousin of mine in

this event for the world has to pay for

that call me and don't bring with my

game okay I don't I never thought I

don't know him personally please leave

me alone please please inside is there

anything that I can do to make you feel


never make me feel like you want