Lil Wayne is OFFICALLY The SOLE OWNER OF Young Money Records Breaking FREE From Birdman FOR GOOD!

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alright so today it's been a busy day

for Lil Wayne hit the cover of Billboard

magazine had a very in-depth interview

with billboard talked about the car to

5:00 talked about suicide talked about a

number of things but mainly he talked

about that finally he is free officially

free from Cash Money is now the sole

owner of Young Money now it was once a

51/49 % joint venture and that has

finally been granted entirely completely

to Lil Wayne we all know the situation

he dealt with with Birdman old excess of

50 152 million dollars from unpaid

royalties pissed off that Birdman it

seemed like Lil Wayne was just set to

ready just get this [ __ ] over wit and

retire I said numerous times

Cardiff I was never dropping I said it

many it sounds Learning Center to

podcast it looks like I was wrong that a

Carter five would be released via

Republic Records but with this news it

means that low Wayne has a freedom to

drop whatever music was being halted by

Birdman this all comes via hot new hip

hop now this will mark the first album

not to be released under Cash Money

imprint according to billboard now

Lowell Wayne's manager and attorney Ron

Sweeney said there's no hard feelings

animosity this is business and we

finally got our business straight

Birdman away and still speak on the

daily basis but Weezy says he's less

trusting focusing mostly on the outcome

of his long awaited project now like I

said I was one to say and be very

outspoken and vocal talking about this

album Carter five is a myth it's not


low wayna that had the passion for music

anymore like our man Pusha T said

classic Daytona album flash without the

fire another multi-platinum rapper

trapped and can't retire I heard my

brother's words and I listened and I

believed him look like one Wayne was

still dealing with some legal issues

behind that this is why the card if I

didn't drop sooner this is why the

Carter five seemingly didn't drop when

we heard news months ago that Lil Wayne

was finally free from Birdman and

everyone was still waiting for the car

to fire myself personally still waiting

thinking just don't we shade saying it

it's not coming out it's not coming out

September 21st 2018 has been rumored

that the Carter file will finally be

released and I want to say I'm very

excited for that project definitely want

to hear Lil Wayne get back to what he

does best which is rap polarizing figure

out here he's definitely the guy father

for a lot of the [ __ ] you see

out here with the dreads and face

tattoos and a-waiting yeah I mean even

just flow day lyrics low Wayne as they

Godfather for short should be really

refreshing here in Lil Wayne's new album

Carter 5 it's been a myth for forever

everyone's been anticipating it

hopefully it delivers the hype hopefully

low Wayne comes back with just all guns

blazing and this is dope y'all heard

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