Who Is MR. P?! in Roblox Piggy..

hey guys down here welcome to the story

of piggy I've played a lot of roblox

piggy and I've played all out of water I

haven't completed every level and all

the cutscenes like a messed up movie

okay so am i asking the last piggy

episode I think there's a carnival one

pretty sure by asked you in that if you

wanted me to react to like a movie of

all the cutscenes put together and you

guys said yes please do it so I'm doing

it now this video right here is put

together by video game news I'll put the

link to their channel in the description

they've helped me out on a video before

to do with hello neighbor but they put

together every single piggy cutscene

apart from chapter 8 I think but we know

that one cuz we completed it last time

so about further ado let's hit play and

let's see what's going down so this is

chapter 1 this was the original this is

a place that George pig was last seen

poor little man what was that sound

wait is that hold on was that the

neighbor that was the neighbor dressed

up in roblox right it is that should be

great so you get smacked over the head

and then this is when you escape I think

we've seen this cutscene already I'm

pretty sure and it should show us a

little cutscene right oh wait oh my gosh

that bacon I was just about to get

slapped by piggy hold on that custom

we've been browned it's really making me


show me the cutscene oh here it is oh no

wait this is the next one so there isn't

a cutscene at the end of chapter 1 so

there wasn't any story interesting right

neighbor has made it to chapter 2 which

one is this is this the museum hello

they don't hear the station it's the

station okay okay this is what I haven't

actually done yet but it looks like

they're escaping in the car everyone's

escaping in the car

everyone got in a four person car

somehow escaped but I don't know if

there's an extra part of story to this

because the game started to really ramp

up in popularity from like chapter two

so maybe they started adding a story in

from there yeah see this is Chapter

three okay I'm very confused who is in

this car who is this character who is

this right here and this guy said does

not fit in the car whatsoever

so these are the monsters I feel like

there's more to this hold on we're out

of gas and completely surrounded by

monsters how do we get out of this huh

looks like we'll have to go through the

gallery who is the person that picked us

up in the car who is that then this is

the escape for chapter three we escaped

you haven't done this one either this

one's actually pretty difficult

I'd say of the ones I've played this

one's probably the most difficult the

gallery car scene there is no cutscene

I think these monsters they were our

friends okay I'm super confused right

now I hope it makes sense this is a

making sense okay I found another one

that includes the dialogue when you're

inside the house as well so hopefully

that'll make it making a little bit more

sense who's this guy's character Oh

expecting that what is that monstrosity

oh my goodness look at it this could be

one of the piggy skins but but Kitty

instead so we know this one and then it

says oh no I've got to get out of here

this was the original where I don't

think there was a story of Mines Peppa

Pig was heavily involved as well and

then the escape happens and nothing else

happens from there sure like piggy see

you later okay chapter two this is the

station where we the police there's a

police car outside we're the police

I didn't even notice that so we're like

a theory this is my theory we're trying

to see where George pig went we went to

look for him at the piggy house wasn't

there got trapped and had to escape so

next course of investigation was to go

to the station so we're here with

shilling and this is when the

announcement says a monster is in the

station so currently were the most

unlucky police officer in the world

right now here we go look another

monster I need to get to the garage this

is where you realize you're like aah

everywhere I go there's monsters and

this is a dog a big hurry find some gas

we can get out of here so this random

dog big man is just in the car waiting

to save this police officer which is us

okay it starts making a little bit more

sense but we have the mystery of the dog

who is this dog but the gas in all piggy

is coming up fast

coulda been dangerous see a golden pig

oh that's still one of my favorite skins

it's hilarious so we didn't put enough

gas in our car we break down and then

get surrounded by more monsters I guess

actually infection came after this but

the infection could be part of the story

now that would make this part make sense

everyone who gets captured gets infected

but we're trying to escape car King dead

theme theory

my theory so then we have to run into

the gallery we have no choice and then

some of those monsters looked familiar

yeah because we've seen them before and

then doggies they're just like can I

have a bone please can I have a bone I

think that's like in the the later

chapters when you can give bunny the

crossbow to a dog bunny pig and all the

other piggies wait an article piggy

bunny a doggy is it is that the theme so

then we perform the escape and I don't

think there is a cutscene after this one

chapter 4 and Beyond I think is when the

story started to come in and as we know

near the end it's super weird

so this is the beginning of chapter 4

coming up four weeks later we escaped

way camping I think those monsters they

were our friends I mean I don't know

what the dog is all about here it's

getting late maybe we should get some


that's definitely a dog great is that a

dog I feel like that's a dog wearing a

pink sweater vest and no pants we want

to talk about it oh and then he gets

cracked around the head with a glass

bottle doggy it is a dog where are you

oh I knew it was a dog I've played the

beginning of this map already see

subconsciously I knew it was a dog so

kit see here kitty frog needs to go and

find the dog is there a cutscene after

this there is we've done this one dad's

dog is walkie talkie what's he gonna say

so this is when the story really started

to pick up when the game started to pick

up properly and they decided to add a

story I don't know what happened to

George pig by the way are we gonna find

him who knows poor George this is

chapter 5 my name is mr. P and I need

you to rescue my friend from the school

this is all incredibly random can we

just we just left the dog behind it's

okay the dogs dead and now he befriended

mr. P okay looks like I'm going in oh

this is the school we played this one -


we we saved Bonnie oh my goodness mr. P

who could mr. Peavey me me in the sewers

when you find her

of course we just randomly meet mr. P in

the sewers we've done

haven't we completed the school one

before or no there is this guy okay the

creator of this game is is taking the

biscuit here are you kidding me I need

to make a roblox game this is hilarious

mr. P your mustache even looks dodgy I

don't trust this guy we just randomly

find this guy's walkie-talkie and meet

him in the sewers and now random bunny

has turned up that must be the friend

but at least bunny's got a crossbow

looks like you two made it out we

certainly did he's my favorite character

I love him

I don't feel too Oh No who said that me

I don't think that was my color of text

was it what was that bunny it's bunny

I mean Otto is me hang in there happy

gamer 299 Oh doggies back where did you

come from

okay so happy gamer 299 is obviously

like you'll play a name shoutouts to

have a gamer tune on I'm doing this

together we're gonna help you so I pass


doggy randomly appears so doggies okay

not dead and okay you're finally up

listen it's not safe here not anymore so

we just happened again unluckiest police

roblox person in the world we pass out

potentially with an infection and the

infection is in the hospital so we need

bunny who's I patched escape I felt like

I'm just making this up but it's so

weird how long was I out for says the

serious cat in a frog outfit mr. P is

waiting for us on the roof let's hurry I

really feel like I should have played

this properly I played little bits of

each one mr. P what's good bro they left

ah the ultimate betrayal I told you I

didn't trust his mustache when I said he

was my favorite character I didn't mean

it he's now my least favorite character

are you kidding me he took the

helicopter and left ridiculous

we need to find another way out this is

chapter 6 which is the hospital chapter

7 I guess you're right well that's

helpful input from my character Wow and

then he just walks off oh we met bunny

are you coming

she feels betrayed I'm actually getting

into this story a little bit now yeah


I have to do this for our own good mr. B

mr. P mister put himself first mister

prioritizes himself why the mr. piggy

wait my cracker story hey guys mr. piggy

or it could just be mr. potato and why

didn't my character to see that note on

the floor I have no idea but let's

continue right this one we 100%

completed chapter 7 we're almost out of

here I just need to rest a little so

this is where we just wander him with


don't worry bunny we get out of it I

have magically been cured of my

infection which is great

we'll find a way to get this train

working and we found a way to get this

train working they had five minutes left

I had three seconds in my video

absolutely insane buddy the Train is

walking now oh yeah this gets real

emotional let me turn it up oh no bunny

are you alright are you okay mr. P gave

me a push that's someone in someone

while this emotional moment is going

down his shot piggy and is gone for 20

seconds so no one's paying attention

apart from me this is why it seems so

random when I complete it excited

understand the intricacies of who mr. P

is and when did this potion drinking

happen bunny don't drink random potions

given to you by a human like potato

you're an idiot you deserve everything

you get I didn't know it would soon turn

me into wait wait wait wait bunny big

you can still come with me wait we can

find him no you need to go without me Oh

Tom B bunny bring me the zombie bunny go

now I will hold those monsters off for

as long as I can this does feel like a

Walking Dead moment it really does like

when a key character kind of takes on

the zombies together well bye buddy good

luck happy gamer you mean dr. Troy

blocks we just need you bunny we we try

and we try once to try and get her to

come with us and that's it and then I

think that's it for this so then let me

bring up my gameplay for chapter 8 which

is the carnival and this will all make


here it is you better be ready mr. P

yeah I'm coming for revenge wait

I've already

just realize my mind is blown that's mr.

P he owns the flipping carnival oh my

goodness this picture I've just realized

this car is on its side that's not not

healthy maybe that was mr. P's car I'm

coming for you you know Punk no wonder I

didn't have an idea what was going on I

would have been so much more invested

and here comes the ending this is where

we escaped last I don't think about

sound honest apologies mr. P I'm here -

who are you ah dizzy are they infected

okay so two new characters are just

randomly introduced into the mix we have

Arthur and zebra wait is he mrs. Z zebra

everything's got a at the ends amazing

pony the infected don't talk why you

called pony when you've got a pig snout

I'm super analyzing this now and none of

this makes sense

and who is that on the right is that a

kid potato that's a kid potato hold on

as mr. potato got a son or a daughter

what right I knew that

so you got a pony and Xizhi I'm ZZ and

this is my friend pony great I'm dr.

Troy blocks what are you doing here what

are they doing here

I wanted to pan back round to the other

side we came to look for survivors we've

got a safe place so yeah this is like

exactly like The Walking Dead that's

where the infection bit comes in oh look

they've got a friend - oh no I forgot

about this bit oh this is where he like

clocks him in the back of the head isn't

it if you've seen my chapter eight then

you'll know what's going on here

this is where Pony goes just quacks him

in the in the neck crack dead perfect

get out of here that was a close one

certainly was let's bring you back with

us this place is dangerous

okay ZZ zebra we got this it sounds like

a kids show and I guess it is it's dizzy

and Peppa Pig wait I need to do some

research okay we're fine dizzy is not in

Peppa Pig these are random new

characters so that's that but if I go

backwards I want to see where this if

this picture is in there it's not in

that part where is this picture show me

the picture I see the baby potato there

it is on the right hand side that's the

only time you see it there's a baby

potato involved and I need to know more

well that was quite the trip if you add

them all together with some an analysis

that's quite the movie my favorite part

was when mr. potato was revealed then he

betrayed us all little punk so now in

Chapter 9

comes out which could be any day really

we're gonna be all caught up we know the

whole story of piggy in roblox thank you

guys for making me watch it I hope you

enjoyed if you did leave a like to be

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I'll see you guys all of you in the next


care bye mr. potato what a legend