Finding a Family Patron Saint


i'm ravel o'brien welcome to catholic


does your family have a patron saint i


does your family have a favorite saint

that you like to turn to in prayer

a saint that you like to ask to bring

your prayers and your needs

before god family is actually blessed to


two patron saints saint anne the mother

of our lady and

saint michael the archangel the prince

of the heavenly hosts

now when i talk about our family having

a patron saint or having a couple of

patron saints people

often ask me well how did you choose

your patron saints how did you come

about selecting

saint anne and saint michael to be the

patron saints of your family

and when people ask me this question

about choosing a patron seat for your


i'll actually say to them well you know


you don't choose the patron seat for

your family

the patron saint chooses your family

now let me explain using the examples of

saint anne and saint michael the

archangel who are

our family patron saints see

with saint anne when i was a young boy

growing up and we would

go to visit my mama and my family so

my mother and father and my sister and i

were given my

hamas bedroom to sleep over in

i was always fascinated by the statue

that she had in

her room i was fascinated by the statue


la bunsen anne who my grandma my head

sitting on her dresser overlooking the

foot of her bed

now as i grew older and our visits to my

drama mob became fewer and fewer

i kind of lost interest in saint anne

and actually kind of lost

track of the statue of laban saint anne

from my grandma's bedroom

until one day when my own mother

asked my wife and if we would like to

have the statue of saint anne

that came from her mother-in-law's

bedroom and of course my wife and i

jumped at the chance to have such a

beautiful statue

of such a wonderful saint in our home

and now saint anne

actually has a a pride of place in our

dining room

watching over the table where we meet as

a family

and we share those memories of visits to

my hamas

now this isn't the only way in which

saint ann was telling us that she was

choosing our family to be the patroness


my father-in-law my wife's father is


the small island of saint george in the

azores islands

and in his tiny village on saint george

the patroness of the the village church

is santa anna saint ann the mother of

our lady

and we were blessed a few years ago to


on saint george island during the feast

day of santa ana

and we joined in the festivities in the


for their patron saint and we went to


the high mass in the beautiful little

church in his village

with fireworks at the consecration and

this was

then followed by a procession through

the town streets that were

decorated with beautiful floral carpets

as we were led by a statue of

santa anna followed by our lady of


so you see from both sides of our family

from my wife's side and from my side

sent ann santa anna has already been

watching over our family for generations

now when it comes to saint michael the

archangel well

our son his name is michael

which we realize isn't much of a

coincidence since

my wife's brother is also a michael and

my sister

is a michelle and i even have a michael

as a great-grandfather

but that's not just where the the

calling or the

the whispering of saint michael ends my


was born on the island of san miguel

in the a's wars on st michael's island

and so again we can see how through the


saint michael the archangel has been


over our family from both my side of the


and from my wife's side of the family

and that's a pretty good thing too

because i

couldn't even tell you the number of

times that i've personally called on

saint michael the archangel to

defend me in the day of spiritual battle

and so if your family's in the process


finding a patron scene if your family is

in the process of

looking for a saint to bring your

prayers and your needs before god

i would actually encourage you to look

through your family history

to look for who is the saint that

has been watching over your family for


who is the saint that has already chosen

to be the patron of your family

because remember your family

isn't going to choose a patron saint but

i can guarantee you

a saint has already chosen your family

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