The Masked Singer | Season 2 | Episode 5 | PENGUIN Masked Removed Scene


the penguin

it's uh good makes too much gonna be

with the rest of you scurry backstage in

an orderly fashion

let's keep it going for the big win

I am definitely sorry that you're

leaving us but on the other hand we

cannot wait to see who was behind this

mask right

but first game need your final guesses

okay so I for sure like with everything

in my bones and body I thought for sure

you were Sherri Shepherd I mean the way

you walked the way you move the way you

sounded the clues even I also talk like

a Kathy Griffin when she said voice to

be heard not pretty not funny her career

was over and then today I got a little

thrown there was a clue that said nailed

it and there's a Netflix series with

Nicole Byer so I'm gonna go with Nicole

Byer alright dr. Jung just judging off

the clue package of Curb Your Enthusiasm

I will steal Robin Thicke's guests and I

will change my vote to Wanda Sykes

because she was on Curb Your Enthusiasm

she was a comedian legendary comedian

all makes sense that was my idea and my

idea alone but but you know I mean but

one day you know her comedy very well if

you yeah can you even imagine Wanda

doing the twerking and the dancing the

penguin was doing business called char

zinger I heard secretary in the clue


so I was thinking Megan Mullaly from

Will & Grace but then there was a star a

few times in the package so I'm still

gonna go with Star Jones it's a great


the clue packages that had all this

stuff about comedy clubs and then there

were the TV shows Curb Your Enthusiasm

Wanda Sykes and then there's the office

so I'm gonna go with the office version

with Mindy Kaling also from the Mindy

project very funny Wow

you know I'm not allowed to jest but I

think I know who it is but you guys have

made their final guesses now let's see

if any of you are right penguin show us

who you are


comedian host Emmy Award winner do it

Jenny McCarthy was right kind of Sherri

Shepherd you belong on this show

girlfriend I love you so much Jenny

knows me so well she's been through two

marriages and divorces with me and we've

walked around naked in front of each


she knows the lesson and it was so hard

not to grab your butt Nick I knew it

when it was time to take the mask off as

she start grabbing my butt I was like

that Sherri

what made you do this show and be here

with us tonight

my son Jeffrey said mommy you should do

this and I said I'm scared and he goes

you should just do it scared we're great

job here to perform unmask 1 & 4 ha the

heart is formerly known as penguin make

some noise for the illustrious Sherri