what's going on everybody welcome back

to another episode of knock stiff golf

if I was to ask you what your dream golf

foursome would be a lot of people would

maybe say Tiger John Daley Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer a bunch of different names

very respectable now let's talk about

some names that probably wouldn't be on

very many people's lists I think that

would be easily Sergio Garcia maybe even

Matt Kuchar as of late in especially

Patrick Reed he's the one we're gonna be

talking about today because he seems to

not be able to stay out of the media and

it's been about a year since I think I

talked about him last and here we are

again so there's a couple videos that I

did mainly regarding who's probably the

most hated golfer in the PGA and it was

kind of like a throw up between Sergio

with his kind of temper tantrums he was

having and then Patrick Reed just being

dislikeable kind of across the board

most of us are familiar with Patrick

Reed's long history of controversy going

even back to his college days at

University of Georgia he was excused

from the golf team I believe after one

season and then there was mixed rumors

if it was having to do with cheating and

possibly stealing from roommates where

his excuse was that it was an alcohol

violation an interview I believe with

his coach kind of said that there was

some issues with him from the get-go

that they thought they could work

through but he was just not the type of

person that they wanted on the team at

the time you can read into that as much

as you want that's not usually a very

good mark on your record right there and

most of us know about the instrument

from his family and his younger sister

and that's range back to several

tournaments where he's either asked them

not to come or he's had them escorted

out maybe with the help of his current

wife Justine it's kind of a messy

situation when it has to do with family

and I don't know all the details about

that but it is a bit odd to me that that

certainly is not helping his reputation

a few of us will remember the camera

crew confrontation that happened where

he was about to hit a chip and it

sounded like somebody with the camera

crew was juggling some change in their

pocket Patrick Reed Skadi pointed him

out and basically told him stop it and

then Patrick Reed said you know what no

you guys lost your privileges get on the

other side of

to some extent whatever was paraphrased

but it just didn't always paint him in a

very good light and I get it though

these guys are playing very stressful

competitive rounds day in and day out

and having some people that you feel

maybe are trying to push her buttons or

distract you would get old

time after time then also you have him

complaining about his Red Sox tickets

that he got free I believe that was

right before the 2018 Bell technologies

championship I believe it was to him his

wife and his sister all got tickets to

the Red Sox game and he kind of

complained about the seating they were

in how they paid six hundred fifty bucks

to get upgraded and then they were

sitting with the rest of the PGA guys

kind of like he felt slighted I don't

blame him because I don't think a lot of

the PGA players really probably enjoy

hanging out with him and then finally

you kind of run into him and Jordan

speith kind of having a little tiff at

the 2018 Ryder Cup they played together

in previous competitions together and

did very well as a team

but it seems like Jordan maybe wasn't on

the same page didn't feel comfortable

playing with him whatever it was it

became very apparent that Patrick Reed

and his wife both said you need to talk

to Jordan about why he doesn't want to

play with me because because Patrick was

more than willing to play with him kind

of sounds like some kindergarten stuff

going on to be honest you know somebody

won't play with me so whatever anyways

so Patrick Reed has been on the

receiving end of a lot of hate and a lot

of it is warranted and some of it I

think you know is just people that like

to pile on people that are maybe not

everybody's favorite golfer but he did

say something that kind of worried me

and this was in regards to a question of

why do people not like you Patrick Reed

and so I'm gonna read this quote from

him I mean I have no idea and honestly I

don't really care what people say on

Twitter or what they say if they are

cheering for me or not cheering for me

I'm out here to do my job

and that's the play golf I feel like if

I'm doing it the right way then that's

all that really matters now I get that

sentiment but I also think that's

incredibly dangerous it's really the

last part I feel like if I'm doing it

the right way then that's all that

really matters feel like that's a really

good quote for maybe people that are

sociopaths narcissus anything like that

where it doesn't matter what any

but he else thinks it only matters what

I think and yes I get that you shouldn't

always listen to the haters or even

Twitter or any of that stuff but if

there's a large enough movement that

thinks you're wrong it might be time to

kind of take a step back and analyze if

you are actually in the right sometimes

you will be sometimes you won't be but

the idea that says if I think I'm right

I'm right is not good in my opinion so

that brings us to what happened this

weekend at the 2019 Hero World Challenge

it's somewhat of an exhibition prior to

the Presidents Cup that's pretty much a

warm-up but it's a very small field and

you had some names like Tiger in there

you had henrik you had Patrick Reed and

Justin Thomas and plenty of other

players in there that were high profile

players during the third round on Friday

they came to the par-5 11th hole Patrick

Reed hits his drive into a waist area

bunker if you are unfamiliar with rules

of golf I'm just gonna read the

difference between a bunker and a waist

area bunker just so we're on the same

page in golf waist areas or waist

bunkers are treated like what's called

the general area meaning it's just like

hitting off turf players can ground

their clubs in a waste bunker including

taking practice strokes and testing the


however golfers aren't allowed to use

practice swings or shot preparation to

move loose impediments sand shells loose

soil that are naturally part of the

waste bunker if a player does then they

are considered to have improved their

lie and are subject to a two-stroke

penalty under the rules of golf through

rule 8.1 that might be familiar to some

that have been watching golf for a while

back to the 2010 PGA Championship with

Dustin Johnson he grounded his club on

the final hole of regulation and it was

technically a waist area bunker but the

rules had stated before the tournament

that every sand area was to be treated

like a normal bunker where you cannot

ground your club that was known to all

the players and basically elapsed a

judgment or attention Dustin Johnson

ground his club in that bunker costing

him the tournament and the major so it's

certainly fresh in a lot of our minds

with how to play those at this

tournament the waist area you were

certainly allowed to ground your club in

but as you can see from the videos that

have been circulating around Patrick

Reed does something very deliberate in

my opinion you can watch him

on the videos looking down at the club

in deliberately using his club to rake

away to sand behind it because it

appears to be in some sort of footprint

or indentation he does it once he does

it twice hits the shot actually turns

out to be a great shot just rolled a

little too far and the announcers were

saying that this was such a great shot

was a great shot because he improved his

lie so that he could get better contact

on it now I know what you're saying that

okay you know even rory has come out and

said it if it wasn't Patrick Reed it

wouldn't be a big deal

he might be right but this has also come

to light in the 2015 Hero World

Challenge and then also in the 2016 at

the Barclays Tournament you can see this

situation this is not the first time

he's done this this maybe is the third

or fourth I even saw videos coming from

Augusta where he hit into pine straw and

it appeared like he had a better lie

coming out of it there's obviously

questions about his integrity ranging

all the way back from college which is

very unfortunate because he is such a

skilled golfer but when it comes down to

is Patrick Reed is representing America

the Presidents Cup this following week I

don't think it paints America in the

best light I think honestly he should

probably be replaced even though I don't

see that possibly happening America

tends to kind of always have this

unfortunate reputation we have so much

going on in the country right now the

last thing we need to do is be sending

players to another country and saying

hey here's our best of the best and one

just was caught cheating at the last

tournament no big deal this was

apparently cheating which I think most

of us would agree and there's little to

no consequences besides he received a

two-stroke penalty for improving his

life and he ended up losing the

tournament by two strokes so maybe

that's karma whatever it is I think we

can all agree that Patrick Reed maybe

needs to have a little look in the

mirror because what he's doing right now

even though he thinks he's doing the

right thing I don't think is the right

thing I certainly don't think he's

beyond help right now but it certainly

makes it harder and harder to support

him with each of these little scandals

coming up every once in a while that's

my two cents on the whole thing I want

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