The Phantom Ranger Identity Revealed?! - Power Rangers Unsolved Mysteries

so there's one mystery that's left

unsolved in the power Inge's universe

and that is the identity of the Phantom

Ranger now the Phantom Rangers showed up

earlier on in power ranger turbo and no

one had a clue who he was he was just

this mysterious Ranger that had the

power of the predator from the predator

universe able to turn invisible he did

show up a few times and Power Rangers in

space but during that time we never

learned his identity and ever since man

there's been a lot of speculation for

the past two decades who this character

might be and in this video we're going

to go over that speculation and talk

about some stuff you probably never even

know about the character now his

identity was meant to be revealed in the

finale of countdown to destruction and

it makes sense because countdown to

destruction will see big big finale for

power engines as whole Saban for that's

when they were capping the plug poured

on him with this series entirely so they

wanted the wrap up as many Fred's as

they possibly could and the Phantom

Ranger was going to be one of them

originally countdown to destruction was

going to be a free part of a Fox

requested Saban to make it a two-parter

instead so we never found out the

identity of the Phantom Ranger one of

the theories in the fandom who the

Phantom Ranger might be was the son of

Zoran and another one being Justin's

father they were one of the few ideas

floating around in the fandom at the

time but Shuki Levy's original pitch for

the character was the Phantom Ranger was

going to be the ghost of all the Rangers

combined into one spirit so he'd

basically be the spirit of all fallen

Power Rangers in battle becoming some

kind of ghost robot sounds crazy I know

but just bear with me it's Power Rangers

it makes sense when you think about it

the reason why they never gave the

Phantom Ranger an identity was because

they run out of time before they could

fully develop a story for the characters

so unfortunately that storyline for the

character was never wrapped up and I

would like to see where they took it if

they did make an arc or revolving around

the fan

Ranger and Judd Linn had something in

mind many many years ago we're gonna go

for that idea Judd men pitched or had an

idea running around his head for the

Phantom Ranger and this is pretty crazy

so bear with me

so juggling originally wanted Billy

Cranston to be the Phantom Ranger I know

that sounds really crazy Billy as the

Phantom Ranger so the story line that

Judd then was going for

Billy would have created the character

he clipped on you know he clipped off

Australia's right-hand henchmen had Tron

Daddy the one who raised her and adopted

her yup that one the same eclipta that's

the one I'm talking about

so one of the pictures they had Billy

was meant to create a clip door as the

first robot Ranger but unfortunately

things didn't go according to plan and

the robot equipped or turned evil

unfortunately which is why Billy created

the Phantom Ranger powers to stop a clip

door and hunt him down to destroy him

and the powers weren't all there that's

why he was phasing in or out that's why

he kept disappearing that's why the

Phantom Ranger was never in the same

spot for the longest time because he

powers weren't very stable and that's

why he was turning invisible all the

time that was the plot line that

juggling had for the Phantom Ranger now

all these ideas seem really cool but I

would have gone with one of the earlier

ideas where the Phantom Ranger was the

spirit of all the other fallen Rangers

who are the Fallen Rangers well they

could have been these sentai teams that

never got adapted and the ones that came

before zoo ranger that would have been a

great idea that could have been the

Fallen Rangers in his body like the

spirit of those Rangers that we never

saw good at getting adapted that could

have been the Rangers that's a cool idea

that I'm just throwing out there but if

he was Justin's father it would have

been too weird I know that Justin didn't

have much of his dad in his life he was

always working I mean that could have

been an idea that worked but Justin's

father didn't really do anything in

Power Rangers turbo he was barely around

like I mentioned earlier anyway guys

that's gonna wrap up this video tell me

in the comments section your fear is who

you wanted the Phantom Ranger to be do

you like the original idea that

gentleman had pitched tell me in the

comment section down below

I'd love to hear your thoughts anyway

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