the LEGEND of Greg Ward Jr. (UNDRAFTED Quarterback SAVED The Philadelphia Eagles’ Season!!!)

hi guys doing today and welcome back to

book of Hebrew and today we gonna talk

about how an undrafted the quarterback

saved Philadelphia Eagles season

beginning of 2019 season Greg Ward jr.

was actually on the practice part of

Philadelphia Eagles roster he was in and

out of the squad with injury piling up

and messy start and ego Steve

Gregoire jr. was promoted to active

roster on November 23 2019

he saved the Eagle season by just

helping them in the receiving side of

the game Gregory Mario Ward jr. was born

in Tyler Texas on July 12 1995 his

father Greg Ward senior is a pastor at

the Pentecostal porters Chapel Church of

God in Christ while his mother Mary Ward

is a housewife

Greg and Mary Ward had four boys Greg

Ward jr. was the third child of the four

boys Greg or junior went to John Tyler

high school being a versatile athlete he

played both the wide receiver and the

quarterback position

he played wide receiver in his sophomore

year and he actually had a decent staff

he caught 53 receptions for 667 yards by

his junior and senior season he started

as a quarterback for John Tyler Lyons he

passed for seven thousand seven hundred

ninety-eight yards and 71 touchdowns

with only ten interceptions he also

rushed for 2,073 with 31 rushing

touchdowns on November 9 2012 John Tyler

High School face White House high school

for district championship

the white house wildcats was led by

Patrick mahomes who eventually became

the 2019 MVP for the NFL Greg Ward jr.

had a great game he threw for 323 yards

with four passing touchdowns and rushed

462 yards with one rushing touchdown

Patrick mahomes also had an impressive

game he threw for 441 yards with four

touchdowns John Tyler Lyons beat the

White House Wildcats the final score was

45 38 by the end of his high school

career grégoire jr. was the 2013 Texas

high school player of the year compared

to Ohio State University or University

of Oklahoma the University of Houston is

not included in the list of powerhouse

school when it comes to football only

few schools offered him scholarship only

Houston Memphis Rice New Mexico Houston

Baptist at thousand Methodist in 2013 in

his freshman year he joined the

University of Houston as a backup

quarterback and a backup wide receiver

for the Tina

he had an OK season because he was a

backup where he threw for 310 yards with

one passing touchdown and rushed for 176

yards with two rushing touchdowns he

also had 95 receiving yards with one

receiving touchdown by sophomore year

Greg started as a wide receiver and

caught 15 receptions for a hundred

thirty nine yards with one receiving


in 2014 Gregg became the official

starting quarterback for Houston Cougars

replacing John O corn in just 10 games

he threw for two thousand and ten yards

with 12 passing touchdowns he also

rushed for 573 yards with six rushing

touchdowns in 2015 he led his team to 11

wins in one loss record where they faced

the temple university with 10 wins and 2

losses record Houston Cougars defeated

the temple owls in American Athletic

Conference football championship game

the final score was 24 13 Gregg was

named Most Valuable Player of that game

where he produced a total of 236 yards

with two rushing touchdowns the next

game was the Beach Bowl also known as

chick-fil-a Peach Bowl Houston Cougars

battled against the Florida State

Seminoles the Seminoles were very

impressive an outstanding team led by

future NFL stars such as Jalen Ramsey

and Dalvin cook but those stars are not

enough against the Houston Cougars

Houston Cougars crush the Florida State

Seminoles 38 to 24 in the final game of

the season the Houston Cougars ended the

season with a 13 wins and 1 loss record

in 2016 season Greg Ward jr. improved

stats but the team had a disappointing


head coach Tom Herman he resigned right

before their last Vegas Bowl the final

game of the season they ended the season

with nine wins and four losses

throughout his junior and senior season

he threw for six thousand 384 yards and

43 touchdowns he also rushed for 1632

yards and 31 rushing touchdowns in the

span of two years from 2015-2016 only

two quarterbacks in college had six

thousand passing yards and 1,500 rushing

yards he was Gregoire junior and deshaun

Watson the future quarterback for

Houston Texans Greg Ward jr. also had

the most rushing yards by a quarterback

in Houston Cougars history and tied the

most rushing touchdown with all

accolades and award a lot of teams don't

think Greg Ward jr. does not fit as a

quarterback in the league in an article

in the Sports Illustrated it was noted

that NFL teams were trying to decide

what to do with Greg Ward jr.

as a prospect he was an undersized

quarterback and a lot of teams don't

know where to put him so they put him in

a gray area meaning they aren't sure

what position he could play he was

invited to an NFL Combine but not as a

quarterback but as a wider receiver

unfortunately he can't participate in

NFL Combine because of his ankle injury

so Greg Ward jr. went undrafted in the

2017 NFL Draft on May 11 2017 the

Philadelphia Eagles signed Greg Ward jr.

as an undrafted rookie

it was waived right before the season

started and later joined the Eagles

practice squad the following day he was

in the practice squad when the

Philadelphia Eagles won that 2017 Super

Bowl but he was released right before

the 2018 season started on January 1st

2019 he signed with the San Antonio

commanders of the Alliance of American

football or AAF a new football

unfortunately the AEF ended in just

eight weeks due to bankruptcy by April 7


after the season Ward mention an Eagles

insider a Philadelphia Eagles podcast

that she was looking for a normal office

job and our opportunity to play for NFL

team again it was on April 9 2019 when

the Eagles called him and signed him


according to Penn a website for

sports and news in Pennsylvania there

were 16 transactions between grégoire

jr. and the Philadelphia Eagles in his

career week 12 of NFL season Nelson

Aguilar Austin Jeffery in Deshawn

Jackson were all injured that week's

Ward took a barrage of it and caught six

passes for 40 yards on December 9 2009

teen his dream of catching a pass for a

touchdown was shattered

ward caught a touchdown pass from Carson

wins but they called it back because of

a holding penalty he still had a nice

game and caught four passes for 34 yards

the next game they faced the Washington

Redskins he had his best game of the

season he led the team with seven

catches for 61 yards and scored his

first ever NFL touchdown in the season

against Redskins quarterback Josh Norman

in the postgame video by Scott Grayson a

sports anchor for Fox 29 in Philadelphia

grégoire jr. was asked about his

transition in the AAF to catching a

game-winner touchdown against the

Redskins he said you always think about

that I wasn't going to quit until I did

it and today showed that I am very

thankful and everything goes to God man

without him I won't be even in this

position with all of these tours and

hurdles Greg Ward jr. was so focused and

determined with his ankle in mind

Gregoire's juniors tenacious attitude

proved that anyone can follow their


through hard work and dedication