Inside Air Force One: Secrets to Presidential Travel

in an age when air travel is getting

increasingly uncomfortable shrinking

seats expanding fees we have an

exclusive inside look at an alternative

way to fly there's only one prerequisite

you have to be President of the United

States here's ABC's chief White House

correspondent Jonathan Karl this is on

the president's reading list that might

be on the first lady's day inside Air

Force One it seems a diverse reading

selection from life and style to the

latest Sports Illustrated and on board

some of the finest food you can get in

the air and check out those table

settings we've seen it in movies as a

giant moving target get off my plane

this look familiar

the flying oval office nearly identical

to the on set version in house of cards

so you want me to forgive you to say

that it was okay but tonight for the

first time under President Obama we're

taking you on an exclusive all-access

tour of Air Force One we are already on

a military base but we are about to go

to a base within a base one of the most

secure military facilities in the world

this is where Air Force One is housed

colonel dave ban Holzer is the Air Force

one commander if you wouldn't mind

handing your cell phone over to our

security guy here just because we're

going into a more secure I don't usually

surrender this thing anywhere so our

first stop the kitchens where military

chefs prepare some of the best meals in

the sky so how do you ensure the

security of this food once it leaves

here we're gonna back in seal we're

gonna make sure it's in our art


in our area today's menu quinoa salad

hints at the healthy influence of

Michelle Obama was the main little

different one when the first lady's not

flying you know the president's just

down the hallway a stunning reveal

that's quite a sight welcome to Air

Force One massive and spotless every

inch polished by hand before every

flight on the main deck our tour guide

chief master sergeant Rob nation this is

the the president's office if you will

he can come in and do any of his

day-to-day business here he has the

capabilities the same as the White House

on every flight the president's personal

physician he can transform this cabin

into an airborne emergency room we have

defibrillators we have suction devices

we have IV pumps down the hall the

flying Situation Room where the

president can address the nation the

press cabin this is my usual seat on Air

Force One and finally yes sir you'd like

to see the business end of Air Force

yeah yeah yeah it's a tight fit please

have a seat

that's the copilot seat so you can be my

co-pilot today right what's the most

challenging place you've had the land

Afghanistan is the most you know hard

something until you get on the ground

there and and then you get out of there

safely yeah Air Force One most certainly

secure after all it flies America's

first family okay I gotta ask you you

have a lot of weapons on this plane the

president is very well protected one

Hollywood myth busted so I've ever seen

the movie Air Force one I have totally

realistic right absolutely not

now there is no escape pod on board the

airplane contrary to public miss our

tour complete we joined the crew and

President Obama for his 1070 ahthe

flight a trip to New York City quinoa

just enough time to order lunch hey mom

and for a quick call to mom on the

president's secure line and our journey

ends here on the tarmac at JFK Airport

in New York yet another on-time arrival

for Air Force One

for Nightline Jonathan Karl on Air Force


our thanks to John Karl and this

question what are York in flight

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