Masked Singer Flamingo Reveal | Finale | Season 2 Episode 13 | Finale

coming up all three finalists will take

it off and the winner of the golden mass

will finally be revealed the winner is


welcome back to the but now the as we've

seen here tonight all season long

there's a reason these three are the

mass senior finalists but now the time

has come to say farewell to our favorite

characters and see which of these

incredible performers will earn our

ultimate honor the golden mask trophy

audience ohh now for your favorite the

performer with the most votes will earn

the golden mask and now our final votes

are in the third place winner of this

season's masked singer



ladies and gentlemen give it up for the

flamingos congratulations

klaxon what you got it all back but

right now give it up for the flamingos

that's a surprise


as you know Kimiko we love you and we're

so sorry to say goodbye but we are so

excited to see your famous face panel

I'm gonna need each of you to give us

your final guess is about who you

believe is behind this mess whoa first

of all I want to tell you how much I

enjoyed you this season you were so full

of life that voice of yours you can't

confuse it with anything else I think

you are Adrienne Bailon girlfriend I

agree we had some Latin clues she said

from hoodrat to Hollywood someone

discovered her in a church choir I think

that person was Ricky Martin so I think

it's Adrienne Bailon mr. Robin Thicke

from the level of performance and

everything that you've been doing since

Lady Marmalade I thought you were

Fantasia Barrino but there's just little

attributes and vocal things that don't

sound like Fantasia and all the clues do

you know line up to into one thing and

so I'm going to agree with the girls on

this when I go with Adrienne Bailon I

don't know exactly

literally guest a single different

person week to week at first I said

Fergie but I may have to go to one of my

earlier guesses someone who started out

in a church choir someone who's been

through a lot in life Jessica Simpson

have an audience agree with you half of

said you're crazy well it sounds like my


okay panel we have your final guesses

now it's time to see who's right

flamingo we need to know who are you





the multi-talented superstar my friend a

lot of you were right Jimmy you started

it you I'm as fan of yours your voice is

so beautiful and to be able to watch you

every week I was like oh my god I'm the

luckiest girl ever

thank you so much I gained more

confidence when the world sees this that

you can go out there and do this girl

China one time I'm like wait I might

think I sound terrible but if they think

I saw night maybe I sell my beyond I

this has been life-changing like I never

thought that I would love performing

again and um this has just been so crazy

and I can't thank you guys enough it's

been the best thing I've ever done