Top 10 Best Pink Power Rangers

evil beware because nothing beats the

power of pink too much pink energy is

dangerous yeah but there's still four

other coins welcome to and

today we're counting down our picks for

the top 10 pink Power Rangers

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paying tribute to the ladies and pale

red spandex who kick Monster but they

may look sweet and harmless but get on

their bad side and it'll be the last

thing the monsters will ever do for this

list we do have to rule out Sarah from

Ninja steel due to the fact that her

series has just started at time of

writing hey come on

weed pink Rangers have to stick together

right number 10 Vita raka Power Rangers

mystic force I hate pink we can go

through the complaints the pomp a knight

a bear

oh cool irony a girl who doesn't like

pink becoming a pink ranger recruited by

you Donna Vita fights alongside her

friends and sister Madison to defend the

city of Briarwood from the evil warlocks

during her downtime Pina can be found

DJing at the rock quarry and record shop

though she doesn't take nonsense from

anyone she cares deeply about her

friends and he's very protective of both

her sister Madison and childhood friend

chip next time don't save me you may be

trying to bring her to the dark side but

her teammates

and fighting spirit will always help

bring her back to the light who knows

maybe someday she could bring someone

from the dark side to the light you're

not like the others are you what do you

mean you don't want to hurt anyone

number 9 Katherine Hillard Mighty

Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers Zeo

and Power Rangers turbo

much like Tommy cat was a team

controlled by Rita to game the Rangers

trust both as a human and as a

shape-shifting kitty in order to

silently help defeat them however after

the spell is broken and cat retrieves

Kimberley stolen power coin Kim chooses

her to become the second Mighty Morphin

Pink Ranger though an experienced Ranger

skills improve as she harnesses the

power of pink Zeo Ranger and her first

pink turbo Ranger when she isn't helping

to save the world cat is also a talented

ballet dancer and has romantically

caught the eye of Eno single Donnie I

guess I'll see you guys later

oh yeah we do nothing halfway through

turbo she passes the torch to Cassie and

leaves to begin her long-awaited ballet

career I'm gonna step down hey Cassie he

came to my defense I know you to be

loyal and trustworthy

you will bring honor as the new Pink

Ranger number 8 Rose Ortiz Power Rangers

Operation Overdrive professor next time

you want to mess with my robot please

don't a genius in robotics at university

Rose was handpicked by Andrew Hartford

to help find a powerful treasure as the

pink overdrive ranger along with her

genetic invisibility powers courtesy of

Hartford Rose is also extremely

intelligent and a dangerous fighter to

boot having skipped most of her

childhood for education and now having

to help save the world Rose never really

had much time for fun unless being

possessed once by a pirate ghost is

considered fun she isn't always

comfortable talking about herself since

she wasn't a special child but her

knowledge and Ranger skills are things

to be proud of Wow Operation Overdrive

may have been panned by fans rose stood

out like Rose in a thorn-bush

rose by any other name would smell as


see what I mean number 7 Dana Mitchell

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for 18

years I have been training you for this

it's yours if you wanted daddy would be

so proud of his little girl Dana is the

daughter of captain Mitchell the head of

the Lightspeed Aquabase and the younger

sister of her long-lost brother

the titanium Ranger you're right she's

the one to gather up the rescue rangers

only to become one herself along with

her ranger duties Dana is also an EMT

hoping to someday go full-on doctor

despite her expertise and skills she's

not perfect she can be a little

impatient but she only wants to make her

father proud there may come a time when

she gets swept away into the limelight

but she always comes back to keep

Mariner Base safe being a ranger is much

more important that's great to hear

number six her own Power Rangers lost

galaxies I want to be a Power Ranger

anyway we all remember korone start as

the evil astronomer the red space

raiders long-lost sister third princess

of evil this time around she's getting a

chance to make up for her sins when the

deceased Kendrick says quasar saber ends

up in the wrong hands her own will risk

anything to try and bring it back to the

Rangers that bravery is rewarded when

Kendricks his spirit chooses her to take

her place as the second pink galaxy

Ranger now a lot friendlier and bubbly

er she's determined to make up for her

lost childhood and her past deeds though

she was once an enemy she fits in well

as a ranger

I love being a Power Ranger

number five Shelby Watkins Power Rangers

Dino charge and Power Rangers Dino super

charge anything else we haven't even

ordered yet


didn't me it's order cuz I bet your

minds though her father wants her to

take over the family business

Shelby's passion is with the dinosaurs

so much so that she sneaks it away into

a [ __ ] expedition and has a run-in

with Tyler and a monster

the pink energem chooses her and she

becomes the pink Dino charge Ranger

though she's a little stubborn she's

determined to prove her worth to the

team especially to the skeptical miss

Morgan ever since I first got here I've

been waiting tables mopping floors

and being a pretty good pink ranger if I

do say so myself

she also develops him not always subtle

crush on Tyler which he later returns

her expertise of dinosaurs has helped

the team more times than they can count

very few Rangers can brag about creating

an organic Zord by themselves after all

number four Cassie Chan Power Rangers

turbo and Power Rangers in space there's

no confusion why this Rangers on list

originally Cassie was on her way to

Stone Canyon to pursue a singing career

when Tommy and Kat are in trouble

Cassie reluctantly helps TJ with the

rescue her bravery allows Kat to pass

the torch to her as the new pink turbo

Ranger I guess I owe you a big thank you

are you all right now I am

she sells romantic interest in the

mysterious phantom Ranger but has no

time for that as she follows the others

into space and becomes the pink Space

Ranger though she's gutsy and sarcastic

she has a genuine care for her friends

even the unexpected ones if it weren't

for the behind-the-scenes drama

Cassie could have become the second pink

galaxy Ranger after Kendricks dies

saving her I wish I could stay in home

number three Hendriks morgan Power

Rangers lost galaxy and we're running

ahead of schedule by 20 minutes only 20

minutes how can we not include the first

Ranger to die on the battlefield

Kendricks is a science officer aboard

the Terra venture space colony and one

of the chosen wielders of the quasar

sabers the pink galaxy Ranger I'm sorry

it was a reflex

though she has movie star Beauty

Hendrix's interests are in science and

protecting her friends during a team-up

with the space Rangers kendricks

demonstrates the ladder when psycho

Peaks weapon threatens to destroy

Cassie's powers and the colony Hendrix

destroys the deadly weapon but it costs

her gravely

this was a shocking way to write

Kendricks off while actress Valerie

Vernon underwent leukemia treatment

thankfully that treatment was a success

and Kendricks makes him unexplained but

welcome revival in the finale

I knew you'd make it here number two

Kimberly Anne Hart Mighty Morphin Power

Rangers here's the pink Ranger that

started it all Kimberly was handpicked

by sir Don to aid in the battle against

Rita Repulsa she may sometimes act like

a valley girl but she cares deeply for

her teammates and can hold her own in a

fight especially with that power bow of

hers she was also an expert gymnast and

was half of the series first major

couple with Tommy her time ultimately

came in season three with a ten-part

story arc that saw her almost lose her

powers and received the offer of a

lifetime though it was a hard decision

she passes her powers down to Kat and

makes a heartfelt departure right before

sending Tommy a Dear John letter in Zhu

Tommy you know I would never do anything

to hurt you

but I feel like I found the person that

I belong before we unveil our number one

pink warrior here are a few mighty

honorable mentions

as in right now


okay I'm filthy cranky and my new shoes

are trashed do you really want to mess

with me number one Jennifer Jenn Scott's

Power Rangers time force in the year

3000 Jen was an officer of the time

force police and the fiance of the

original read Time Force Ranger Alex

when the criminal Rancic strikes Alex

down and retreats to 2001 Jen is

determined to bring him to justice

as the leader of the Time Force Rangers

still grieving for Alex Jen has trouble

getting along with his duplicate Wes and

is very determined to take rancic down

over time ice breaks her out of her cold

shell and then some as a skilled fighter

jen is the Ranger you don't want to tick

off and is the only pink ranger to be

the team leader as such she more than

earns the top spot on this list is to

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