Top 10 Quickest Cases on Judge Judy

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our picks for the top ten quickest cases

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due to a lack of evidence or just

general human stupidity let's get right

to it

number 10 heroin addict

I gave her

all right mr. stemple I'm not gonna go

any further with you sir this is

probably one of the saddest cases in

Judge Judy history the defendant is

Jason stemple a heroin addict who is

clearly going through withdrawal ever

had any substance abuse problem no no


he appears totally distraught complete

with baggy eyes a gaunt face and a lot

of twitching he can barely string two

words together and the plaintiff is even

forced to answer questions on his behalf

she also admits that he used money she

had given him for a drug test to buy

heroin instead eventually I got it out

of him that he had paid for heroin

Judy quickly brings the case to an end

in under two minutes by first telling

Jason he needs help then by offering to

get him some if he wants it it's rare

for Judy to show compassion in court but

it's clear that this man needed to hear

some harsh but reassuring words and I'm

going to suggest to you 31 years old if

you want to be 32 years old you better

get yourself some help

number nine she's an idiot go go speak

let's lighten the mood and watch the

Judy we all know and love the one who

calls other people idiots in this case

the plaintiff is suing sandy wing for a

$4,800 loan he'd co-signed the loan the

money of which was used for Sandy's

breast implants yes and I was like oh I

want to get my boobs done and afterwards

my boy at the time said he was willing

to pay for it so why didn't he he got

arrested I didn't know that part however

the plaintiff and friend or perhaps

former friend now says that sandy hasn't

been making her payments and sandy says

that she had considered the loan a gift

if he wasn't saying she gave me as a

gift so it's not my fault right of

course he doesn't see it that way and he

wants his money

Judy absolutely annihilate sandy and

calls her an idiot before slapping her

with the whole 48 hundred dollar bill

she's an idiot thanks to top it all off

she states that sandy shouldn't have any

more children lest she spread her

stupidity ouch

that some people say that being an only

child is not a good thing in your

daughter's case


number eight ruined iphone here's a

little tip for all you pranksters out

there if you break something you have to

pay for it even if it was an accident

defendant Ashley hunter pushed her

friend Jennifer into a pool and broke

her iPhone and Jennifer wants to be

compensated fair enough

however Ashley refuses to pay because it

was an accident and it quote wasn't

malicious at all and it wasn't malicious

at all I had no idea she had her iphone

I felt awful after it what happens well

you felt awful that means you pay for it

if you feel awful of course Judy isn't

having that ridiculous explanation and

she bluntly ends the case by telling

Ashley to grow up and own her mistakes

the whole thing ends with Ashley

explaining rocket science to Judy or

trying to seeing is how the whole room

exploded with laughter we don't think

she succeeded simple as that

isn't that rocket science what is rocket

science rocket science is when the

scientists find out things about space

number seven bird monitor you gave away

your bird to a good home you're on your

way your bird to this town open up your

ears and listen sometimes good

intentions can land you in jail this was

almost the case for plaintiff Tracy

Martin who sold her pet parrot to the


she later saw the parrot and believed

that it was being neglected as it didn't

have any toys and quote looked horrible

Judy stops the case dead in its tracks

because quote courts don't micromanage

pets she also states that once a

transaction is made the seller has no

further responsibility or say over the

pets well-being she doesn't want

anything to do with you anymore you gave

her your bird exactly Shh this is true

for private affairs and it's also true

for pet adoption centers as such Tracy

has no case and Judy even warns her of

potential jail time if she continues in

her well-meaning but naive pursuit few

daughters here are alone the police are

gonna get involved and she will get a

restraining order against you from

coming anywhere near her what where she

lives you have to stay away from her

number six one weird practical joke try

just to speak the truth do you

understand yes I don't try to speak the

truth then we won't have any trouble mr.

mystery no father you don't we're gonna

have a lot of trouble oh the things judy

has to hear this case sees Jimi Mistry

suing his friend Rafael cusine for

damaging his car but this wasn't just

his simple friends get into an accident

in his buddy's car case no it's far away

her than that the two had attended a

party and Rafael got jealous once he saw

Jimmy kissing the woman he had been

kissing earlier in the day so he stole

Jimmy's car and hid it in a nearby park

I started hooking up with this girl and

later that night I see Jimmy hooking up

with the same girl I got I got pretty

upset and I hid his car from him Rafael

eventually recovered the car but Jimmy

noticed some extensive damage including

dents scratches and a missing grille

despite calling Jimmy a wise guy

Judy swiftly Awards him nine hundred and

ten dollars because you can't just steal

your friend's car and hide it in a

park by uh by the way your honor you

look beautiful don't don't suck up it

would be the fastest way for you out the

door sir number five - tiny women

what were you cursing at them for

because they're losers

there's nothing like a good judge duty

evisceration defendant Alexandra Nelson

had to harass the plaintiff outside of

his house and swore at five or six of

his friends the plaintiff retaliated by

confronting them but according to

Alexandra they were just being dumb and

the plaintiff had no right to confront

two tiny women this ridiculous statement

shocks Judy who contorts her face and

visibly recoils from the stupidity she

then calls Alexandra an idiot and a

manipulative problem before slapping her

with a four thousand dollar judgment

judgment for the plaintiff in the amount

of four thousand dollars maybe next time

she'll think about provoking people in

front of their own houses because if

there's one thing we learned here it's

that silliness like that results in one

swift court case number four can I

interest you in some venison this is one

of the funniest cases in Judge Judy

history it sees Yvette and I'm suing her

own sister Carol over damages to her car

Carol had taken the car and hit a deer

causing $1,300 in damages I just didn't

think he didn't think what do you rely

on to do you thinking I just use it all

the time and she wasn't home so I went

over there to get the key and went and

the deer just jumped out in front of me

it sounds like a typical Judge Judy case

until you consider the finer details

like the fact that Carol took the

carcass home made venison stew and

offered some to her sister what'd you do

with it


cetera yes ma'am and she even offered me

some but I'm not having a rhythm or to

stay or the wacky sitcom ask

declarations like Carol defensively

stating that the venison did not have

rigor mortis or the audience desperately

trying to contain their laughter it was

like watching a Judge Judy parody on SNL

needless to say Carol was forced to pay

the damages

turns out venison stew does not fix cars

so why don't you work because I don't

have to well you have to because she

only is just $1,300 yeah when it's baked

and they have to be not the $1300 thank

you thank you your Louisiana

I'd be happy number three don't get

comfy Thank you very

look at this don't get comfy not have

you do well no okay when Judy says don't

get comfy you know a verbal Smackdown is

right around the corner that's exactly

what happened when Brenda Powell sued

her axe roommate Angela rust

brenda was forced to move out of their

apartment and now she wants Angela to

pay the difference between her new more

expensive apartment and the apartment

she shared with Angela however Judy

destroys her confidence with four words

that's not a case that's not a case so

sorry to tell you we don't do cases like

that cuz that's ridiculous she goes over

a few of Brenda's options before

dismissing the case with a simple

goodbye this whole thing is over in two

minutes and it leaves Brenda in tears we

can't say we blame her we'd cry too if

Judy eviscerated us like that that

doesn't happen


parties are excuse me step out number


she broke my toilet now what is small

claims court for if you can't sue your

friend over a broken toilet

Lisa Rida believes that her large friend

Barbara Roth is responsible for her

toilet because it cracked after Barbara

sat on it this whole ordeal is probably

the most embarrassing thing that Barbara

has ever gone through and we feel

terrible for her and so does Judy I want

to know is did you fall on it did you

get heck note you hit it with a hammer

no no no no did you hit it with a wrench

in her nose she quickly explains that

the toilet broke while Barbara was using

it in other words that Barbara did not

intentionally break the toilet before

calling the case stupid and throwing it

out the audience claps and guffaws and

everyone goes home happy

everyone except Lisa toilets break I had

one just break in my apartment last week

cost me six hundred and fifty dollars to

put in a new toilet you think I went

around to try to find the last person

who sat on it

before we unveil our most jaw-droppingly

stupid number one pick let's take a look

at some honorable or would it be

dishonorable mentions who do you live

with my witness how do you support

yourself I'm on paper I write mr. ban

hands books gonna understand that when

he comes to court he's supposed to bring

all relevant information not just the

information that he wants me to read and

she was like what's going on number one

Dumb and Dumber judy must love it when

the defendants do her job for her in

what is perhaps the most famous case in

Judge Judy history a man incriminates

himself in a matter of seconds by

indirectly admitting that he stole a

woman's purse the plaintiff Gini

paradiso lists some of the items that

were stolen in the purse snatching

including her wallet a calculator and an

earpiece or was there an earpiece not

according to the defendant who

brilliantly states there was no earpiece

in there ma'am I had to replace all my

ideas I had gift cards in there my

earpiece and the calculator

I don't was missing it now everyone

laughs in disbelief judy calls them Dumb

and Dumber and the plaintiff has awarded

$500 for her troubles now if only all

court cases could be that simple judges

for the plaintiff for the amount of $500

that's what I think it's worth madam


imagine being stupid enough to

incriminate yourself in front of the

Judge Judy herself cringe what'd you

guys think of the list let us know in

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