Why Is Jerry West "The Logo"?

today's video is going up around one

year after my first video and this is

also my 100th video 100 videos in one

year 7.5 k subscribers and 1.15 million

views it's been an amazing journey that

I look forward to continuing I'm

mentioning all of this because this

being an MBA channel I figured a for my

100th video I should talk about not a

player or a team or anything like that

instead let's talk about the NBA as a

whole or more specifically the origin of

the NBA logo now who is the logo

well Jerry West a point guard of the

Lakers in the 60s and 70s is the

unspoken NBA logo in his 14 seasons in

the NBA Jerry West was an all-star every

single year of his career he won a

championship and went to the finals

eight times won an MVP and was the only

player to ever win a Finals MVP in a

losing effort

Jerry scored 25,000 points in his career

and he's on the list of the 50 greatest

players of all time

West is one of the best players in NBA

history and he was a top 5 player in the

league in its early years the origin of

the logo the logo was created in 1971 to

celebrate the 25th anniversary of the

league at the time the NBA was in fierce

competition with the ABA the American

Basketball Association the league that

had players such as artist Gilmour

George Gervin and Julius Erving back

then professional basketball wasn't

owned by one league so the NBA

commissioner at the time J Walter

Kennedy wanted to create some separation

between the NBA and ABA making the NBA

the go-to league for professional


neither league really had an official

logo nothing too recognizable anyways so

Commissioner Kennedy who understood the

value of branding wanted to give the NBA


logo to make the NBA more recognizable

as a brand now you might think that

something as simple as a logo isn't that

big of a deal but consider this how

often do you subscribe to a YouTube

channel that doesn't have a profile

picture just a white letter with the

colored background even if the channel

has a great video a brand makes it look

reliable and professional even if your

logo is a rusty bucket and a picture

frame it's still better than nothing

so Commissioner Kennedy went to alan

siegel of siegel plus gale to develop an

easy to market logo alan went for a

simplistic design and looked through

photos of the league's top players to

try and create a design that would

capture the essence of the game he

looked at photos of players like will

Chamberland Bill Russell Elgin Baylor

Oscar Robertson and of course Jerry West

and it was a photo of mr. clutch as

Jerry was called that Alan thought

captured the essence of the game Alan

took this photo and created a silhouette

of Jerry it was not a direct trace of

the silhouette which is easy to tell

when you put the photo and logo side by

side for example towards the bottom you

can see both of Jerry's feet which is

not the case of the logo and his shorts

on his left are below the ball in the

photo but above in the silhouette but

nevertheless you can tell that the logo

is Jerry Alan Siegel himself says that

it is but the NBA is reluctant to say

that the logo is Jerry West they just

say that the logo is an interpretation

of NBA players as a whole and they do

this because if the leaked flat out said

that Jerry was the logo the league would

have to pay him a cut every time the

logo is used which would make a West a

very rich man or a way richer man even

if the NBA had to give West only 1% of

the money it would be in the millions

over the past six years the NBA has

earned around 3.6 billion dollars each

year let's say that 20 percent of that

revenue is clothing and branding that

has the NBA logo on it which is actually

probably a conservative estimate

that's 720 million dollars a year that

the logo earns so if west earned a 1% of

that he'd be making 7.2 million a year

that's just 1% realistically is selling

a person's likeness the person would get

at least 20 to 30% of the cut minimum if

Jerry wanted he could sue the NBA and

make bank but he doesn't wes is a very

humble man and he does not care about

the money he does however wish the NBA

would change the logo mostly so we can

stop being asked about it and because

well that leads to the last part of this

video who the logo should be less

believes that the NBA logo should be

Michael Jordan the man who is commonly

considered to be the goat is a pretty

fair pic looking at Jordans case we all

know his resume but for those of you

living under a boulder not a rock MJ for

his career has won six championships in

six attempts five MVPs one defensive

player of the year was a 14 time

all-star and and he has scored the

fourth most points in NBA history 32,000

292 and he is considered by many to be

the greatest player of all time and he

of all people captures the essence of

the game he's a great pick to be the

next NBA logo but there are other

players who are good for the picking

first of all going back 46 years if

you're trying to choose a silhouette of

the essence of the game as Siegel was at

the time you would think that you would

choose a winning player to be the logo

as good of a player as Jerry West was he

was 1 for 8 in the finals

and there was a man that was fairly

responsible for that record Bill Russell

the 11 time NBA champion beat up on the

West's Lakers year after year after year

for those 11 rings so if you're choosing

between a player that is constantly

winning versus a player that is

constantly losing I think the choice for

the essence of the game would pretty

clearly be for the winning player here's

a photo right here that I think

look good for his silhouette I even made

a logo of my own and Photoshop out of

this photo you can tell that I used to

want to be a graphic designer

and that there is a reason that I

decided not to pursue that as my major

it's all right I guess also why would

the league portray a guard in the logo

at the time the NBA was dominated by the

big man Bill Russell and Wilt

Chamberlain were dominating the league

at this time the Bucks recently drafted

a center called Lew Alcindor who would

become Kareem abdul-jabbar it was

average and 16 the season that the logo

was made the NBA was a big man the

league at the time Russell was a big who

was winning rings like it was nothing

back then that the essence of the game

was a big man posting up or grabbing a

rebound or blocking a shot not a guard

dribbling the ball as you can see from

Jerry's highlights ball handling wasn't

exactly polished in the NBA in the 60s

and 70s so it wasn't a huge part of the

game you also could argue that well

chamberlain deserved a spot wilt the

stilt who had a 100 point game in his

career who by 1971 was at the latter

stages of an amazing NBA career having

played 13 seasons at that point so even

at the time choosing Jerry West as a

silhouette to capture the essence of the

game was questionable even in 1971 for

more modern examples Kobe Bryant a

five-time champion an MVP and an 18 time

all-star is another top-tier player in

NBA history who deserves to have his

name in the conversation his ex-partner

Shaquille O'Neal could have been a great

pick his dominance on the game was

absolutely legendary winning four

championships and two MVPs and being

single-handedly the most physically

dominant player in NBA history if you

want your league to be represented by

winning and dominance then Shaq is your

man or maybe you would want to have your

league represented by winning and

professionalism and loyalty if that's

the case and your guy is Tim Duncan a

five-time champion two-time MVP and


meantime all-star a pretty good guy to

have represent your league and I do

think that LeBron has a great case as

well but I believe that the logo should

go to the player that is retired the

reality is the NBA will likely not

change the logo for a very long time if

the NBA made a player such as Kobe or MJ

the logo I wouldn't guess that they

would be as happy to have their likeness

being sold without making a profit the

NBA really is lucky that Jerry West

doesn't care about the fact that he's

not making money off of the logo because

he very easily could but I'd love to see

it happen because as good as a player

West is he is far from the most

deserving candidate a skinny guard who

played in the 60s is no longer what I

think of when I think of the NBA

well actually it's never what I thought

of so it certainly isn't who fans think

of now even if you were a fan all the

way back to then I think it would also

be cool if the NBA changed the logo

every decade or so to keep up with the

trend of the league a lot of NBA teams

do this every few years changing their

logos imagine after Jordan retired MJ

became the logo while Kobe was

dominating then Kobe retired Kobe became

the logo while LeBron with the top

player the league as he is now and so on

and so on

the logo could almost become a career

achievement like one last accomplishment

to end a legendary career imagine

reading a career resume of MJ that said

six championships five MVPs and a logo

would be really cool could be a point of

pride for players something that players

could fight to accomplish a motivator

you could say and just like the NBA has

vintage nights where let's say the 2016

Lakers wear a 1960s Lakers style jersey

the NBA could sell vintage logo clothes

and things like that an interesting idea

that I would like to see come to reality

thanks to everyone who's been with me on

this 100 video journey I look forward to

the next 100

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