UK's next prime minister revealed - BBC News

and ladies and gentlemen to announce the

results of the leadership election

please welcome our attorney officers day

Michelle Gilliam and Charles Walker


well Thank You Brandon can I thank you

and your team that conserved a central

office for doing a fantastic job it's

been a team effort and shown the

conservative family at its best and if I

could make one plea as a backbencher can

we be kinder to the next prime minister

than we've been to the current Prime



so without further delay I'm going to

hand you over to the wonderful co-chair

of the 1922 committee Dame Cheryl

thank you very much Charles on the 24th

of May the Prime Minister the right

honourable Theresa May announced that

she would be standing down as leader of

our party on the 7th of June and over

the past 46 days

the 1922 committee organized five

ballots of members of parliament and

then worked with the party chairmen and

the electoral reform services to present

the final two candidates so all

qualifying members of the conservative

and unionist party could vote for our

new leader

I want to echo Charles's thanks to

Brandon and in particular to the party

board and the party staff for all their

sterling work on the hustings and also

the ers who have conducted a very

professional operation collecting and

Counting the votes from home and abroad

and also the 1922 executive especially

in my co-chairman Charles Walker with

him it has been a pleasure to work and

at least we have brought equality to the

top of the 1922 committee gender balance

is important and the offices of the 1922

committee Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown Bob

Blackman and Nigel Evans all together

here today and our own parliamentary

staff who have given up their spare time

to help conduct what I believe has been

a very successful election finally I

would like to thank all those party

members who voted and those who stood in

the election and particularly my

colleagues Jeremy hunt and Horace

Johnson who despite the challenges of a

contest run in the glare of Press

comment and public scrutiny I believe

have emerged as worthy candidates for

the position of leader

now I think you've all been waiting long

enough but in in the honored tradition

I'm going to ask my beautiful assistant

to handle hand me the envelope before

the announcement it's called teamwork I

Dane Cheryl Gillan the joint returning

officer for the conservative and

unionist party leadership election

declare that the total number of

eligible electors was one hundred and

fifty nine thousand three hundred and

twenty the turnout in the election was

eighty seven point four percent the

total number of ballot papers rejected

was five hundred and nine and the total

number of votes given to each candidate

was as follows Jeremy Hunt 46,656 Boris

Johnson 92153 and therefore I give

notice that Boris Johnson is elected as

the leader of the conservative