Edgar Allan Poe : Legend of The Poe Toaster


hey guys while my channel might be

predominantly focused on music I also

think it's important to discuss and

explore the artists who influenced the

music we know and love I'm in Baltimore

today and as you may have noticed one of

the city's most famous residents is

predominantly featured on our bookshelf

he's my wife's favorite author and one

of mine as well but before we toast to

mr. Poe I'd like to share with you all

the mysteries surrounding his death

Edgar Allan Poe was last seen on October

3rd 18-49 in the Fells Point

neighborhood of Baltimore specifically

outside of a pub that you can still

visit today the horse you came in on he

was looking out of sorts to say the

least wearing clothes that were in his

own and babbling incoherently when he

was found by a man named Joseph Walker

who took him to a nearby hospital he

never became coherent enough to explain

what happened to him and died a few days

later on October 7th 18-49 without a

concrete cause of death

theories ranged wildly from cholera to

something called cupen a form of voter

fraud in which random individuals are

captured by election gangs given alcohol

and a change of clothes and forced to

vote multiple times for a particular

candidate long after his demise the

debate continues and interestingly

enough Edgar Allen Poe's final resting

place wasn't so finally post funeral was

held the day after his death and he was

laid to rest in a cheap handless

cushionless coffin without a headstone

at this spot in the rear corner of the

cemetery you see Poe's cousin Nielsen

had commissioned a marble headstone for

the site but it was destroyed in a freak

train wreck before reaching Baltimore

instead after the funeral pose grave was

marked only with a small stone reading

the number 80 in keeping with the mist

it's not entirely clear what the number

refers to over 15 years after his death

enough funds were raised to give this

poet the monument he deserved

after trouble locating Poe's body after

the cemeteries headstones had for some

reason been changed around in 1875 he

was relocated to the front of the

cemetery beneath this beautiful monument

which unfortunately bears the wrong

birthdate but at least he finally had a

monument right about 10 years later the

remains of his beloved wife Virginia

were relocated to the same site to rest

together for eternity but that's not the

end of the story for over 70 years a

mysterious figure only known as the POE

toaster visits this site every year on

Edgar Allan Poe's birthday every year on

Poe's birthday January 19 a figure in an

all-black outfit with a white scarf and

hat would leave three red roses and a

bottle of cognac on posed grave it said

that he visited the grave beginning in

the 1930s or 40s and continued through

the 1990s when a note left behind

indicated the torch had been passed

perhaps to a family member the visits

continued for about a decade but the

last sighting of the POE toaster was in

2009 though no one has seen the toaster

since we would like to take this

opportunity to raise a glass to mr. Poe

for all the people he inspired after

keeping us hooked on his mysteries long

after his death