The TRUTH About LeBron James At Point Guard For The Lakers (Ft. NBA Height)

doesn't matter to me I'll do whatever it

takes to us to win there's a matter I'm

a ballplayer the preseason starts

tomorrow and it may be the first time we

see LeBron James officially play point

guard there's all these expectations but

that's not reality here's the truth what

is up dude see that spoilers players

it's your boy MJ it feels weird to call

the Bron James a point guard but at the

same time it feels right LeBron's been

the guy running offenses for years and

has been one of the best playmakers it

almost seems unfair to run them as the

official point guard but there's also

some major flaws they're just glossed

over so I want to get to the bottom of

all these expectations of LeBron as a

point guard drop a like for the amount

of free throws LeBron will miss a solid

6137 I just dropped a new video on these

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I'm gonna shoot my shot and ask you to

please subscribe now LeBron will most

likely play a combination of positions

with multiple lineups but the star of

games and most likely in their crunch

time lineup LeBron will be the point


we know that LeBron was already bringing

up the ball most of the time he had the

ball in his hands most of the time more

than most point guards in fact he has

some of the best vision in the NBA

averaging eight point three assists per

game last season he can execute a

pick-and-roll to perfection call plays

upon his spa just a real floor general

how LeBron would play with Andy Davis as

a small forward would be no different as

of how he'd play with as a point guard I

think the thing people focus on the most

about LeBron at point guard is his size

and that's for a good reason

LeBron six eight which makes him the

third tallest point guard in the NBA

right behind Ben Simmons

and Isaac Banga the Lakers legend I am I

am but he's the only one of the three

that can shoot last year he only shot 34

percent from three it's not leap but

last season was also a wreck

LeBron shot 33% of Jebel threes which is

important for all ball handlers for

comparison curry shall 41.5% and Durant

shot 31% we think of both of them as

pretty good AAB triple 3-point shooters

but there's a wide spectrum of

efficiency the main thing is that LeBron

can make them and put enough pressure on

the defense there's also this idea that

LeBron that point guard means that

there's gonna be some point guard

guarding him like Stephon curry but I

don't think any NBA defense would do


LeBron's combination of speed in size is

what made him a freak of nature he's as

fast as a guard but with a weight of 250

no one could stay in front of him if he

just pushed through but who do you put

on LeBron that's been a question ever

since he came in the league do you put a

six three point guard a 610 power

forward does that mean that somewhere a

point car is on Danny Green and he's

small for Donn ante Davis in fact what

is even the right size to bother LeBron

to answer that I looked up all the

defenders who had the most success

against LeBron and the answers weren't

all that shocking except for one factor

most LeBrons defenders throughout the

years have been small forks in power

Ford's one of the obvious answers was

Kawhi Leonard just look at LeBron when

he sees Kawhi


my move-in date that's the ultimate sign

of respect

but Kauai is one of the best defenders

in the league that has had success with

a lot of players but I kept thinking

there had to be players that weren't the

best offenders and everyone but could

still bother LeBron and surprisingly

there was one it was Kevin Durant while

Kevin Durant didn't have the weight to

stop LeBron from gang where he won on

the court he had the quickness and

length to bother LeBron but bronze even

said that Kevin Durant's probably played

the best defense on him other than Kawhi

another person that comes to mind is

Andre Iguodala who just has good

instincts with his hands and long arms

at almost 7 feet wingspan being physical

with LeBron doesn't get you anywhere

I think Joakim Noah kind of got owned

when he tried to do all that so defenses

will most likely match up a faster four

done to LeBron preferably a lanky one

that could just irritate LeBron enough

to game out his comfort zone

there's no way to stop LeBron but you

still gotta put someone on him so he

just doesn't do whatever he wants so

LeBron won't have the mismatch but what

he is doing is creating mismatches for

all of his teammates smaller players

will be forced onto Danny Green and Kyle

Kuzma once he's healthy and that's the

beauty of running LeBron at point guard

he'll make everyone else's life easier I

think a great example of what mismatches

end up happening our defenses against

the 76ers when Ben Simmons is the point

guard and he playoffs with the Sixers

running in lineup of Ben Simmons JJ

Redick Jimmy Butler Tobias Harris and

Joel embiid the Nets put Jared Dudley on

Ben Simmons and their point guard

DeAngelo Russell was put on these Sixers

forward to bias Harris there was always

a mismatch in the playoffs because

someone other than the point guard had

to guard Ben unless you just did with

LeBron did which made Ben Simmons a

liability the nets didn't want to put

the answer on JJ Redick because that


mean that dancer Russell the star point

guard would have to run through all

these screens and chase JJ drag around

which one every tire Russell out so

having a knockdown sugar definitely help

with the mismatch there is also the

concern of shooting usually the two

guards are with LeBron are knockdown

shooters along with a stretch for for

LeBron to be a point guard and have a

similar system Kuzma and the other small

forwards would need to be knocked down

shooters along with Danny Green Kuzma

definitely spaces the floor out but he's

not a knockdown shooter he's only shot


on catches shoot threes players like

kog'maw Pope who have shot thirty six

point seven percent and even Jared

Dudley who shot 34.2% catch and shoot

threes would be better options

Kuzma still serves as the purpose of

being a force pacer but in terms of

actual success when LeBron will pass it

to him Kuzma hasn't proven anything yet

the rest of what LeBron brings will be

the same old LeBron but what people

aren't focusing on is that with all that

size at point guard comes certain

downfalls just like LeBron is an

offensive mismatch he also becomes an

odd man out when it comes to defense

what position is LeBron guard and do all

these ships and defensive assignments

actually work for the Lakers for

instance you don't want to end up in a

situation where Kyle Kuzma somehow ends

up going the point guard because that

would be at the same time you don't want

LeBron James going a point guard or

shooting guard let's just say last

season wasn't the best defensive effort


all right I do think that if LeBron puts

his mind to it he can still be a great

defender LeBron has been an all-nba

first team defender but with his

offensive load

LeBron need to take a breather

defensively even with a guy like Anthony

Davis LeBron will still have a sizeable

offensive load and Sur running after

quick guards hardly counts as a breather

he's in the 17th season and with all

this mileage on his body it doesn't make

sense to have a 34 year old LeBron guard

anyone else but forwards or bigs maybe

some slower shooting guards but with

that being said I'm not even sure how

you can have a lineup with LeBron Kuzma

and Davis on the floor if ad wants to

play a power forward if Anthony Davis

plays senator kuzmic and guard the 4 and

LeBron garcy 3 while being the point

guard offense but then there would be

two Lakers guards with those three

because you would need two guards to

guard the 1 and E 2 and it becomes a

more normal I know without LeBron

actually playing point guard that's not

a bad thing by any means but that just

defeats the old purpose because then

there are no offensive benefits because

LeBron is no longer playing point guard

in this lineup with LeBron Green kuzmic

Davis and Miggy Green can guard the

point guard Miggy shigar dissenter Davis

guards to power forward leaving Kuzma or

LeBron to guard the shooting guard

unless Kuzma is taking the next step or

unless LeBron wants to work harder every

night to show off his defense there is a

huge mismatch with LeBron his point


if Kuzma is in the lineup with him Kuzma

has made improvements but he was still

ranked 85th defensively out of 100 power

forks and she's just not Larry quick

enough to stay with most guards the man

in the roster that could allow LeBron to

play point guard is Jared Dudley who can

defend the shooting guard but is still

big enough to cause mismatches the whole

point LeBron playing point guard besides

necessity is to create mismatches but if

you have two other guards on the court

with LeBron

defeats the whole purpose so LeBron a

point guard might seem like hacks and

they could be on some rosters but it's

not as simple as it seems with the

Lakers current roster the offensive

benefits are what we expected but

they're still there and the defensive

side is definitely a struggle but what

do you think

how will the Brawn play this season will

the Lakers win the championship drop a

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