Who Is Postmaster General Louis DeJoy? | NowThis

- That's Louis DeJoy,

a business executive, Trump megadonor,

who, by the way,

DeJoy is the first person in nearly two decades

to become a Postmaster General

who was not selected from the Postal Service's ranks,

but DeJoy was a shoe-in nonetheless.

He was appointed by the Postal Services' Board of Governors,

who have deep ties to the GOP and Mitch McConnell.

DeJoy himself donated over


I'm PJ Evans, the writer of this show,

and this is what's going on with the US Postal Service,

Trump, and DeJoy.

- I guess I was an entrepreneur once, when I first started.

The rest of my life was implementing

and operating my plan.

- [PJ] As a North Carolina businessman,

DeJoy has significant investments in companies

that compete or do business with the US Postal Service,

aka USPS, including financial interests

in private delivery competitors to the USPS,

meaning he stands to benefit

if the public service went private.

- He's a fantastic man.

He wants to make the Post Office great again.

- [PJ] DeJoy has already taken drastic measures

to upend American democracy as the nation largely looks

to vote by mail amid a global pandemic,

Under DeJoy's leadership,

the USPS has removed high-speed mail-sorting machines

from facilities, which would be used

to sort ballots come November 3rd.

One report says they

right before the election.

As if that weren't enough,

they've unbolted corner mailboxes,

eliminated employee overtime,

mandated that mail be kept until the next day

if distribution centers are running behind,

and, as USA Today notes,

DeJoy has also restructured the USPS by

He has also banned employees from making extra trips

to deliver mail.

DeJoy argues these drastic measures are meant

to save the Post Office from further economic ruin,

as the service has experienced cash shortages

in recent years.

However, critics point out that this financial crisis

at the Postal Service is largely self-imposed

by a law Congress passed in 2006,

which mandated that the Postal Service

to the tune of

but one former game-show host turned President

of these United States, doesn't seem

to have that crucial fact on his radar.

- It's run very badly,

so we wanna make sure that the Post Office runs properly

and doesn't lose billions of dollars.

Somebody said it lost $78 billion

over a relatively short period of time.

- [PJ] Trump has been candid about his war

on the Post Office.

He's insisted that the USPS is a joke,

and if they want Coronavirus aid,

they need to jack up the prices on packages

He told Fox Business,

adding, if they don't get the funds,

Trump has repeatedly claimed, without evidence,

that mail ballots lead to widespread voter fraud.

It's worth noting that he

and Melania have requested mail-in ballots in Florida.

It seems this claim of voter fraud is a disguise

for his real push, though.

Mark Dimondstein, the president

of the American Postal Workers Union,

explains the DeJoy and Trump agenda plainly.

As it stands, the USPS is America's

most popular government agency.

It is one of the country's oldest institutions.

In fact,


But with the recent measures DeJoy is taking

to sabotage the Postal Service, the public may sour on it.

Nathan J. Robinson of Current Affairs notes,

By trying to put the USPS in a bad light,

Trump and DeJoy are not only undermining

America's democratic process,

they are delaying mail-order medicines

to our country's military veterans and elderly population,

causing them to miss doses of vital medications.

To protect American democracy and lives,

USPS needs to function smoothly,

especially during a pandemic,

where the consequences are literally dire.


but this administration doesn't seem worried

about stripping away vital resources,

which hurt efficient and safe functionality

within the United States Postal Service.

It seems worried about only one thing,

maintaining power by any means necessary.

Since its founding in 1775, when Benjamin Franklin

was appointed the first

the United States Postal Service has been just that,

a service.

The unofficial motto of the USPS,

chiseled above the historic New York City Post Office

on 33rd, reads,

DeJoy is doing everything in his power

to make this mission that much harder.

Recently, Louis DeJoy testified before the House

about his apparent war on the United States Post Office.

- Will you be bringing back any mail-sorting machines

that have been removed

since you've become Postmaster General.

Will any of those come back?

- There's no intention to do that.

They're not needed, sir.

- [Sen. Peters] So you will not bring back any processors.

- They're not needed, sir.

- [PJ] Before that testimony, DeJoy released a statement,

saying in part,

Although DeJoy claims to be complying

to avoid even the appearance of suppressing mail votes,

reports are surfacing suggesting he isn't.

According to one report,

the day after making that statement,

USPS instructed all maintenance managers to not reconnect

or reinstall perfectly working sorting machines

they had disconnected.

No time like the present to dabble in voter suppression.

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