Who is China's President Xi Jinping?

they come by the busload hundreds of

political pilgrims creasing the steps of

Chinese President Xi Jinping daily into

the rugged hills of northeast China

dusty yellow soil were the seeds of his

cult of personality now grow we're party

officials obediently line up to hear

legends of how she once waited barefoot

into freezing water to help the

villagers clear ice dams she was

banished here as a teen 50 years ago

from a family with a solid communist

pedigree caught in the purges of Mao

tse-tung's Cultural Revolution living in

this cave learning as the slogan says to

struggle hard and be self-reliant today

the required political lectures continue

around the village as were followed by

police and kept from interviewing anyone

such as the sensitivity to Xi's image

are sure to believe in this flag is to

believe in president sheaves as dooming

foot he lectured political thought at

China's Military College

y'all can't offend anybody yet as soon

as he came to power promoted the Chinese

dream he says the great rejuvenation of

our nation indeed as the most powerful

man in China the chairman of the party

and president did away with term limits

so he could rule for life she has made

nationalism his rallying cry surely to

me we will safeguard our sovereignty he

told the People's Congress any tricks to

split China are doomed

she has built the Chinese military force

unlike anything the world has seen here

his key aim is to reintegrate lost

territories like Hong Kong and Taiwan

possibly by force and to become world's

leading economic power challenging the

u.s. in every way to lay the groundwork

she has consolidated power at home with

a growing personal presence in a tough

dictatorial rule reining in any possible

dissent from Muslim Uighur by jailing

more than a million shutting down

churches and locking up human rights

activists cracking down on opposing

voices in the Communist Party still

there are some who challenge his vision

Jean Lee Fong is a historian VA China's

one-party dictatorship is very difficult

to sustain says the former member of the

respected Academy of Social Sciences

who's among few here not afraid to speak

out she is full of fantasies Jung says

he lives in the illusion of building a

great world empire and replacing the

u.s. but it's too huge and unrealistic

not so say the country's leaders who

point to China's rise which has been as

dramatic as she's own from those days in

the village and yet the permanence of

all this prosperity is not guaranteed

China's economy is slowing its military

is largely untested and this rise to

great power status is facing growing

resistance internationally Sasha petrol

sakes CBC News Beijing