Why has Trump offered to buy Greenland?

the land of ice is fast becoming the

land of opportunity

global warming is melting Greenland

exposing the rocks beneath and

attracting speculators but president

Trump's interest in buying the country

had been dismissed as a joke not anymore

essentially it's a large real estate

deal a lot of things could be done it's

hurting Denmark very badly because

they're losing almost 700 million

dollars here carrying it so they carry

it at a great loss and strategically for

the United States it would be nice

that's bemused Greenlanders and the

Danes who were responsible for the

country's foreign and defense policy

Denmark's prime minister who's visiting

Greenland said president Trump's offer

was absurd thankfully the time where you

buy and sell other countries and

populations is over let's leave it there

jokes aside we would naturally love to

have an even closer strategic

relationship with the u.s. beneath this

vast ice cap Greenland is thought to

have large deposits of zinc copper gold

and uranium

the Chinese already have a stake in a

company mining the country's mineral

wealth these trees growing in the

southern part of Greenland for the first

time in several thousand years so this

is an area that is opening up

essentially this is the frontier in

terms of mineral exploration and

exploitation and there is a giant tug of

war going on in that frontier between

China and the US the bizarre episode has

at least put Greenland on the map and a

tourist authorities sense an opportunity

Greenland is not the same but open for


being from visit Greenland who are

trying to get more tourists we will try

to turn this attention towards the

Greenland for something positive the

Arctic is warming twice as fast as

anywhere else on the planet Russia is

already building up its military

presence to protect its claim for oil

and shipping routes in the far north

ice has little value but the

and see beneath could bring riches

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