Asking NYC Strangers to Pick the Prettiest BLACKPINK Member?!

So they're from a group called Blackpink

Do you know, have you heard of Blackpink before?


Why Lisa?

Blond hair


Yeah, blond

Yeah, that's probably the only one...

Rest of them are ugly...


Three two one, what's going on everybody?!

Wow, guys what's going on?

I'm Xiaoma

And this is Xiaomanyc

The international food and culture...


We've been on a K-pop tour recently

I know you guys all loved the BTS video


Where we took the beautiful members of BTS

Oh my god

We got Jimin

We got Jungkook

We got V

So gorgeous!

And we brought them all to people here in Times Square of New York City

Which is where we are today

And you know what? Many people here...

Have never even heard of BTS before

And so we let people say who they thought was the most handsome member of BTS

But today, you know what guys?

A lot of you guys messaged me on Instagram, xiaomanyc

And you said

You know what Xiaoma?

The BTS is great

But what about the gorgeous girls?

What about the gorgeous women of K-pop?

And specifically, what about...


I said Blackpink?

Aren't those the ladies...

...who make the most incredible K-pop music videos...



Isn't that them? And you guys were like, yes

That is them!

And so!

What we did guys, today...

Is we have prepared...

We're done with that or else we're gonna lose this list!

What we have prepared guys

Is a list of the amazing Blackpink members

And we're gonna come and ask people here today

Who they think is the most beautiful

Of the four gorgeous members of...


That's right guys

We got Jennie!

We got Jisoo

We got Rosé

And last but not least, we got...

Lisa, what's up!

And yeah, we're just gonna go see who

Total strangers here in NYC from all around the world

Would pick as the person that they find the most attractive or pretty and why

You know, just sort of see what people's beauty standards here are like

So today we're not really gonna look at outfits


Every music video, every appearance that they have they're always wearing incredible stuff

You know if you guys subscribe and want to come back for future videos

If you guys like this video I definitely would love to do a video about their outfits

Because I think they're really stunning

So anyway...

Let's go find some people guys!

Let's go find some people guys!!!

You ready?!

Three, two, one...

We're trying to see if people here know who these people are...


Xiaoma: Never seen them? Girl: Sorry...


So they are a group called Blackpink

Xiaoma: Have you heard of Blackpink before? Girl: Oh I have, yeah


Xiaoma: Yeah, they're basically like a Korean pop group... Girl: That's awesome

We're sorta trying to compare beauty standards around the world

And we're trying to see who people here

Like according to their own beauty standards

Would pick as the person they think is the prettiest

And why

I think they're all pretty!

I think they're all beautiful!

Middle: I love her [Lisa's] hair Right: I think this one [Jennie] stands out to me!


No right or wrong answer!

I dig the...

I'm a blond, I like the blond hair!

It just, it just...

I see, I see!

No, I don't know, I like this one, Jennie, because...

I don't know why

I like her hair too...

Yeah, I think something about her makeup probably

Yeah, like the lipstick too

I don't know, but they're all beautiful, for sure

You ever seen them before...?

Right: No... Left: I think Blackpink?

There we go!

Yes, Blackpink

So they're a K-pop band

Oh okay

They're all pretty!

They are all pretty...

Okay, me personally

She's the prettiest



I guess she has the most natural look here



She does

I like Jennie


Yeah, her eyes


Her hair and red lips


Thank you so much, really appreciate it!

And so I do a bunch of K-pop videos


And umm...

Oh god, we're gonna look so dumb!

Let's go!!!

Do you recognize any of these people?


I've heard it

Guy: I can't do this, I don't have any knowledge Girl: I got this, I got this!

I got this!

I don't know why, she's calling my name!



I've always thought Jennie was the prettiest

She's got the porcelain skin

Yeah, and like the long hair

But I've always thought that Jennie was the prettiest, just because

She has the smoky eyeshadow, and she always has a darker...

I think she does her makeup the best

Yeah yeah

But like, [Jisoo]'s got the most natural...

Like, beauty thing going on



Alright, so basically we want to know if people have seen these people before...

No, I haven't

Never seen them? Okay

Umm, they're not really my type

Okay, why not?

I don't know, I just really like black girls, that's just my type

Oh, okay

Do you still want me to pick if I had to?

If you had to, yeah, who would you...


I guess...

The brown hair with Jennie


I guess


And why?

I really don't know

Probably just brown hair


But yeah, that's just me

Kinda hard

I know

I'd say her


Guy: Yeah Xiaoma: Why?

I don't know, the blond hair right there!

I like it though!

I like it!

I would say...Jennie!


Girl: Jennie, yes Xiaoma: Why?

I don't know, her hair's just flowing...

And it just...

I don't know, the picture just makes her look...

Better than everybody else!

They're a group called Blackpink

It's like a K-pop group

Have you heard of Blackpink before?


Xiaoma: Korean pop music... Guy: Yeah, I've heard of it

I would choose, I don't know...

Rose, maybe?

Yeah, I think so too


Just stands out!


Maybe it's the expression

The expression

Uh, Jennie



I don't know

More distinctive...face

Like more sharper...than the others



Why Lisa?

Blond hair


Yeah, blond

Yeah, that's probably the only one...

Rest of them are ugly...



The one that stands out to me?


I think she




I don't know, like...

I don't know, like a different type of Asian...?

I don't know?

Okay, like how?

She's kinda like a more darker tone of skin

Because I have some friends from Asia

They're always like, oh I have to be pale

Because that looks prettier

Girl: But I don't think that Xiaoma: You like the darker look?


Yeah, I like that

Sweet, thank you so much, really appreciate it!

Thank you guys!

I've seen her



South Korea


They're part of a band, do you know what band?

I'm not sure of the band, but I know it's a girls' group

It's an all-girls group from K-pop

Bingo, Blackpink!

Oh, they're K-pop?

Yes, these are K-pop

They're K-pop artists

A K-pop band


They're called Blackpink

Something like that!

We're sort of trying to compare beauty standards around the world


Oh, okay!

Who would people here...

Pick for themselves as the prettiest and why


Out of them, they all look alike!

Center: They do all look alike! Left: Are they all the same?

They all look like the same person!

I can assure you they are different people...

I know!

So if there's one in particular who might...

Right: She stands out to me... Middle: Maybe Jennie?

Left: Where did y'all put my phone? Middle: Maybe Jennie?

Right: She stands out to me! Xiaoma: Jisoo? Why?

Because her features are defined...


She has sharp angles in her face

I like it!

Right: And I love it! Left: Well, I feel like...

Jennie, maybe?


Lisa looks more...

She doesn't look as Asian as Jennie

However, Jennie doesn't look so Asian

It looks like one of those anime characters...

And her color's gorgeous [Jisoo]


Yeah, her color's gorgeous

Of skin?

Yeah, illumination

Illumination, right


Sweet, thank you guys so much!

No problem!

Have you ever seen them before? Do you know who they are?

No, they look Asian

They are, yes, they're from a K-pop group called Blackpink


Have you heard of Blackpink before?


Umm, I think her




I mean, because of her black hair

And her skin tone

You know, it's not really that...

Light, it's kinda dark, it's in-between


Sweet, thank you so much man, really appreciate it!

They're so beautiful, how am I supposed to pick?!

I know, I know, I know...

I feel like in terms of American beauty standards...

I think she would

She looks like you, without your [hijab]

I was thinking more like her [Jennie]

Left: Yeah, I was looking at her too Right: Like the brown hair...

Just like flowing in...


And like the red lips and the big brows

Right right

And the winged eyeliners


Jisoo, why?

I don't know, she's pretty!




Well thank you guys so much, really appreciate it!

Have you seen them before?

Not that I would know


Oh yes, I know

I'm Korean

Oh cool

Oh, this is all to you!

You should be doing this!

Guy: Because you're the expert on this... Xiaoma: Do you have a favorite Blackpink member?





Yeah, and why?


I like her...


And her...

Facial expression


Sexy and hot


That's all


Awesome, thank you guys so much, really appreciate it!

We're playing ATEEZ right now, so, sorry

Playing what?

Another K-pop group!

Stan ATEEZ, okay?!


Are you Blackpink fans?

Yes, yes!


It's hard to choose...

They're all beautiful, they're all so pretty!

There's kinda this thing where like...

Jisoo, like...

She belongs in a K-drama

Right: She just has that K-drama beauty... Left: Yeah, she has a really...

Beautiful, structured face

Like, her nose looks perfect...

She has a really perfect structured face

Right, she's like Queen Visual

They're all beautiful, but

Like Jisoo...

Like, Jisoo is like...


When I first got into them, I was like...

Jennie, like, I love you

Jennie, yeah

I love her!

Yeah, so I would say...




Thank you guys so much, really appreciate it!

Have a nice day!

Thank you, you too guys, thank you!

As fun as that was, I gotta say...

Regardless of what the results are

They're all amazingly beautiful

And particularly Lisa!!!

Lisa is...

My girl!!

Any future K-pop video ideas, would love to hear them

In the comments, or particularly on Instagram

You guys could reach out and let me know!

See you next time guys!