French Government resigns ahead of new Prime Minister appointment | DW News

it's all change at the top of the French

government the country's new Prime

Minister has just been named as Jacques

Tex he was responsible for coordinating

France's reopening strategy after its

coronavirus locked down earlier the

previous prime minister it wofully

handed in his government's resignation

to President Emmanuel macron Philippe's

decision to stand down has paved the way

for a reshuffle which had been widely

expected president Macomb had promised

to chart a new course for the last two

years of his term that will focus on

efforts to relaunch the French economy

now let's go straight to Paris and bring

it in EDW correspondent Lisa Lewis for

more on this Lisa who's the new man what

do we know about John castex he's a 55

year old senior administration of

official a public servant who's well

known in public servant circles he's

been the mayor of a small town in

southern France for a few years he was

also working at the Elysee under Nicolas

Sarkozy the former conservative

president and as you said he's been part

of the team with that now former prime

minister I'd like Philippe to put in


Frances strategy to come out of the

lockdown here after the coronavirus

crisis after the peak of the coronavirus

crisis he's known to be hardworking and

very efficient very well known in

circles of public servants but quite

unknown to the French public okay a bit

of a technic right it seems does his

appointment as Prime Minister mark the

beginning of a change of policy then in

France well it does mark the beginning

of a change of strategy by in Manama

coin used to have this widely popular

prime minister I'd love Philippe

Philippe who is as seen in a positive

way by more than half of the French now

he's got someone who basically no one

knows so he's not John cast X is

unlikely trait to take up part of the

limelight and among McCaw wants to

reinvent himself indeed in the coming

two years ahead of the 2022 presidential

elections that is unlikely to happen


Prime Minister it's more likely that in

my McCall will take up more space he

said that he would invest lots of money

into the economy to get it back on track

also invest money to help young people

find new jobs after the Kovach 19 crisis

and also help elderly people you know

who are dependent and do a reform in

that area but he also said in an

interview with regional newspapers this

morning that if he wouldn't change

completely course actually he wants to

stick to his major reforms such as the

pension reform the very controversial

pension reform against which French had

been demonstrating for months before the

kovat lockdown happened and it looks

like a magma cone wants to give a fresh

impetus to his time in power to give him

a chance to get reelected in 2022 but

without changing cos completely it were

Filipe wasn't the only one to step down

the whole government resigned why was

that necessary well that's not

completely extraordinary he also

happened under a man Marcos predecessor

the socialist Francois or Londa it's it

is a sign again that in my macro is

trying to reinvent himself his present

presidency his image to show that to the

French that he will now do something new

and that they should trust him again so

that he has a chance of winning at the

presidential election again in 2022

he's a Lewisohn Paris thank you