Free HALOS in ROYALE HIGH? *Don’t Fall for It!* Royale High Exploiting Has Gone Too Far


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cool today's video is a

pretty serious topic this is

one of the issues in royal high right

now i mean

there's kind of a lot of issues in royal

high right now but this is one that

really stood out to me

people have been saying that there is a

way to get free items in a royal high

like a ton of halos a ton of rare items

and it can get you banned from the game

that's right today we are talking about

royal high exploiting which is a huge

issue right now there is not supposed to


70 halos in someone's inventory like

that's just not okay

so today we're going to talk about

exploiting what it is

how people do it the signs that someone

is exploiting

all of that fun stuff so

what is exploiting no it is not getting

free items exploiting is using a script

virus or glitch to get items in their


and they're stolen like they're stealing

items either from other people's


or from the game how do i know this well

i interviewed someone on twitter who

said that they used to be a royal high

roblox exploiter and i asked them some


about how it worked how they did it and

what were the consequences for them

basically they said there was a really

sketchy website that they had to like


and they had to script and it was

basically stealing items from other

people's inventories

and they never used it again because

they got their main account

banned from doing it they did get items

in their inventory but they were

stealing the items from the game

and a lot of people use roblox to buy

the items so it's basically stealing

money from people which

can get you arrested in real life so

exploiting is not something that i would

recommend and i'm sure that she wouldn't

recommend it either

so if exploiting is so bad why do people

do it

well let me show you this picture again

if you have the opportunity to get 62


would you want to have 62 halos i mean

you can't do a whole lot with 62 halos

but imagine all the giveaways you could


imagine how many things you get by

trading them you could give them to all

your friends

so when little kids are on youtube and

they see a video about how to

exploit in royal high they click on it

and they're like oh my gosh

i want 62 halos and that's how people

get into it because they get so

greedy that they want all these free

halos and they don't understand

that doing it is not only stealing but

it will get you banned from the game

there is not a chance that you can have

62 halos

in your inventory without getting banned

from the game

so you're probably wondering how do i

know if an item that i have has been

exploited or how do i know of a person

that i know or have seen online is an


so you can't really tell if an item that

you have is exploited

i think sometimes the halos don't move

but we don't know that for sure

so if you have a halo that's not moving

like i do

don't panic it's probably gonna be fine

and then i actually got a bunch of

exploited halos a couple years ago

years it was more like months ago and i

did not get banned from the game and the

halos were

totally normal and i still actually have

some of them

so it might just depend on the exploit

so don't panic

and if you want to know if someone is an

explainer there are a couple signs

number one is if they have a ton of

doubles of items

if they just have a ton of halos and

they're all different that's probably

just them being rich and royal high

but if they have like 16 of one halo

that's pretty sketchy also if they

always like kind of glitch out of the

game like they have a really laggy


that's another sign or if when they post

things online

they don't show their full inventory and

they just show like

one halo at a time they're probably

trying to hide the amount of halos

that they have so those are just a few


honestly if you get an exploited item

you're probably going to be okay

but you should be reporting people if

you suspect them as being an exploiter

exploiters aren't out to get us like

they're not trying to get us banned

they might not even be bad people but it

should definitely be discouraged rather

than encouraged as people saying it

like it's a way to get free items it's

not it's a way to steal items so if you

ever hear

someone say that explaining is a way to

get free items that is not true

they're stealing items we shouldn't be

encouraging people to want to exploit

thank you guys so much for watching i

hope this helped you a little bit with

your questions about

exploiting it's really not a way to get

free items it's gonna get you banned

it's stealing

it's dangerous you can get viruses not

worth it for getting 62 halos or

whatever it is that people want these


i love you guys so much and i thank you

that we're so close to a hundred


that's crazy and i'm so excited to

celebrate with you guys when we get


i love you guys so much xoxo