What is Publisher?

this is Zoe Zoe is a journalism student

she's hoping one day to be a newspaper


Zoe is just joined the staff of her

college newspaper the staff consists of

Zoe a cute nerdy guy called Alex and a

cat named George the newspaper is small

it's so small it doesn't even have a web

version that's so old-school

Zoe groans fortunately Zoe has played

with Joomla and know she can get the

newspaper online fast she installs

Joomla and adds a nice template Alex

starts adding articles they create an

article blog and agree that the site

looks pretty boring it's nothing like a

real news site their readers agree after

five seconds they leave the site to look

at George's YouTube videos Zoe and Alex

want something exciting that will keep

their readers coming back and away from

George's videos their content is awesome

but no one is sticking around long

enough to find out sadly their measly

five hundred dollar budget means they

can't hire a web designer one day Zoe

receives a newsletter from ijumaa about

an extension called publisher it says

she can get her new site looking just

like CNN or Fox's news in just a few

hours with no HTML or CSS knowledge this

is it

she tells Alex in your face she tells


she buys publisher and installs it she

creates a few zones chooses a style for

each then drags and drops the zones into

different issues she also adds media

image galleries and podcasts it couldn't

be easier in just a couple of hours the

newspaper site is looking very slick

even cooler publishers layouts are

responsive so the site displays nicely

on phones and tablets - Zoe posts of

writers wanted notice on the home page

within a few hours she gets 20

applications so he approves the accounts

for the writers and they start

submitting their articles with the new

contributors the site's traffic

increases dramatically students started

sharing articles on Facebook and Twitter

bringing even more readers to the site

with the new traffic at

you local businesses decide to buy

advertising now Zoe and Alex can buy

lunch a welcome break from eating cheap

noodles and Georgia's treats once they

finish setting up publisher it pretty

much runs itself

so wait explain Zoe very Alex echos that

says George