Are Eagles players getting tired of Carson Wentz at quarterback? Will he get benched? | KJZ

but zubin it pains me to say this right

now but

you know the eagles are the worst team

in the nfc right now they're the worst

team in the conference they're minus 28

in point differential

uh doug peterson is only one of four

coaches to make the playoffs in three

straight years going into this year

so they have to figure out what is the


and the problem starts absolutely with

carson wentz

and you know you look at him his


is way off his throws are way off

as as as has been pointed out by espn

stats and information which i think is a

very telling number and it does and

when you look at it in the eye test and

you just watch film

he's got 20 off target throws most in

the nfl

15 15 of those 20 off target throws

are in a clean pocket not under pressure

not under duress so there's a lot

there's a lot to unpack there with his


and with his accuracy and then his

decision-making right

i mean i mean key the thing i learned

most from bill parcells about the

quarterback position that i

sat in his office for many many times

was that

the job of the quarterback is to do two

things get the team in the end zone

and win the football game that's it

those two things and he throws that

interception on first and ten in the

third quarter when he marches down field

and that throw was late that throw was


double team this j.j arsego whiteside

was being double

covered and that was a poor decision

and here's the thing you know a lot

because i'm not allowed in the locker


this year i rely a lot on what i see on

the field

pre and post snap what's the dynamics

going on

and it's important to really watch


and when caution once came off the field

no one talked to him when he came to the


there was no patent him on the helmet uh

yo dog we're gonna get you next time

don't worry about it

we got you back so don't there was none

of that there was no chatter

there was no conversation there was no

interaction with him until he went to

one of the coaches and got the tablet

to look at the play and that was very

telling to me

you know what that means sal that means

that they're getting

and growing tired with carson wins at

the quarterback spot and with that being


the offensive line obviously hasn't

played up to snuff

they've been somewhat decimated with

injuries and moving guys around on the

offensive line

and because of that how soon how likely

are we to see a young quarterback that

they drafted in the second round and

jalen hurts

i don't know the answer to that i know

they activated them last week

they used them as a decoy in a couple of

plays both of them were pretty


but when they drafted them they drafted

with the intention of using him

on the field you know obviously it was a

different training camp it was a

truncated trading camp he couldn't have

any kind of

preseason game so that made it much more

difficult to incorporate any kind of

you know crazy new idea to your offense

such as bringing taysom hill like claire

and jalen hurts and put him on the field

a lot what drew brees and sean payton do

in new orleans saints

but you're asking me behind center

taking the snaps

hey hey key that's an enormous

an enormous admission of a mistake that

you made

right you just gave this guy a 100


plus you anointed him the franchise


a year later you're telling your team

you're telling your organization you're

telling your fan base

you're telling the whole world oops

we made a big mistake here but you know


let me give you another part of the

answer and that is this

i was there i covered the eagles game in

2008 in baltimore

when andy reid took his pro bowl

quarterback off the field after he threw

an interception i thought about dominic

donald mcnabb he benched

donovan mcnabb remember that yep i was

gonna get to that but you got there for


right right so he benched donovan mcnabb

so uh listen and that's donovan mcnabb

we're talking about now

and they had also given him a hundred

million dollars

and we're talking about a guy that andy

reid drafted just like carson once was

drafted by doug peterson

so uh you know there's nothing really


there shouldn't be anything that

protects carson wentz from getting

benched if donovan may

have been asking revenge by andy reid

and carson once

certainly can get advanced or should be

able to get bent by by doug peterson

there's no question about that

so sal what do you think a reasonable

timetable would be

if wince continues to play with this

type of

lack of zest right they played a bengals

coming up next then at 49ers at steelers

then versus ravens

well if you lose to the bengals at home

uh even though there'll be no fans in

the stands uh you'll be able to hear the

booze in south philadelphia coming out

of the row halls i can tell you that

i can tell you that you know since 2018

jay will the eagles are 15 and 14

and carson wentz's starts they are a

five basically a 500 team

they're basically a 500 team and after

he threw that interception

next day what did doug peterson say

yesterday about the interception

unacceptable yep now after your coach

or your boss says your behavior or your

performance is unacceptable the next


is you're fired you're benched there is

you know you don't pass go and collect

200 after that

monopoly reference there by sal paul


wanted to quickly mention um right now

they're 0-2

um do you think they can rally and make

the playoffs i know it's early but do

you kind of feel like

the odds aren't favorable to 0-2 teams

make in the playoffs but do you sort of

feel like this team has enough

moxie to rally do they have enough


is the question moxie and will is one


it's hard to measure that hard to

measure that when you're not in the

locker room i'll be honest

with you reporting on the nfl this year

is tougher because we're not in the

locker room

day-to-day we're not

looking at the players in the eye

talking to them

one-on-one reading their body language

after the game

uh talking to them after the cameras

leave i mean you know keys

keys see me in the locker room i wait

till the cameras go

i put my notebook away i'll sit down and

uh next to them

and they'll say what's up can't do that

this year hard to find out

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