How good are the Rams? | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

player of the year in georgia when sean

mcvay was coming out the runner up

was a guy named calvin johnson might

have heard of him

he was the runner-up the winner sean

mcveigh yeah i don't even know what that


he's a high school he was a high school

quizable how is that possible in the

state of georgia

he played for a uh private school and

calvin johnson finished behind

sean as they say as they say

sometimes with keyshot do the math

that's all i'm saying it ain't

it's not hard it's not it's sean was a


good quarterback i'm just standing fast

in in high school scrappy

first one in last one out he was very

you know very smart at what he did

played 100 of the time all the time full


but different levels as you know like


i'm assuming you was new jersey high

school player of the year yes of course

right but you probably

you were but you could have probably not

been if they just decided to

take somebody else that just happens

right it's just it happens that way

jay that's your line well i mean it

happens it's just

what are you gonna do they both ended up

in the nfl no i know where you're going

another interesting turn of events in

georgia a lot of stuff going on in

georgia it happens

so mcveigh goes from georgia to l.a he

makes the cross-country trip they'll

make a cross-country trip back to miami

on the short week here's the real

question they saw his coaching talent

that's one

youngest coach in modern day i like sean


he does a lot of cool things with her

team too like he brought dwayne johnson

in for motivational speaking like he

always tries to find

like those innuendos those intricacies

to push your team to a different you're

a young coach you got to connect with

your young roster and he's able to do it

when most of the coaches in the league

are maybe 20 years

older so that you mentioned that

i mean worse oh gosh well we don't want

to know that on air

so when sean first took the job you know

i had a conversation with him and we

were talking about

the way to go about connecting with your


and i told him i said look man this

straight in his eyes he'd tell you to

this day i told him i said

whatever you do you better not change

from who you were in washington because

the moment that you become a phony


they're going to see through it and

they're going to run through a wall so

stay the same

you was buddy buddies with him when he

was an assistant coach

still treat it that way but don't all of

a sudden

act brand new because you got hc on your


don't do it head coach no you're gonna

yeah cause they'll see you how close

were you when you said that to him when

you looked him in the eyes because he's

like he's about what five

nine he's a little bit taller than you

i'm just trying to get the video

over here no he's a little bit taller

than you i actually was sitting down but

he's a little bit taller

he's taller than six two come on man jay

that's bad

my program height is six three from six

two to five and two how good are the


look they're not in keys real rankings

we had earlier this morning they did not

make the cut in the top seven how good

are they

um i'm not sure how good they are i

their defense could take them to a

championship game

but if we're looking where where were

they ranked key like we're

third or fourth in the nfc in nfc

fourth they are somewhere hovering

around that

fifth spot i would say uh maybe even a

sixth spot i need to see a little bit

more from them

i need to see i need to see a signature

win cowboys week one wasn't a signature


uh they got beat by boston and boston


they got beat um by the 49ers when i

thought the 49ers had fell apart

jimmy garoppolo had the best game of the

year against them i mean it just it was

a different

then they go out last night and they

beat up on chicago which

chicago has an offense that can't get

out of his own way

and puts the defense in bad situations


so i want to see who they playing in the

next three games

in next four games that's going to tell

me a lot when we get toward the end of

the season but i think that i do think

that they are

a contender as of right now just don't

know where they're going to finish

let's reel it off for the fellas jay you

love looking at the schedule and talking

about the schedule they got the dolphins

here on a short weekend that could be a

trap game by the way

interesting no it's not the same though

they're going to miami right

yes see if they was going to miami in a

regular season and regular

you know it was regular then i would

worry about stuff is still open in miami

yeah but they're not they're not going

out like that

it's not they're not you know what i'm

saying they're not doing it like that

then they'll buy

it right pepper chicken wings

nba back december 22nd maybe a bubble

maybe not

next up after a bye seattle at home

yeah they they've always given seattle a

tough a tough out

um they have played them they played

them tough and they could get seattle

they certainly could their next six


then they got the six games they

got the buccaneers and the niners again

yeah so their first four these next four

games i don't count i don't count miami

as a this is no

you you got a young kid taking the snaps

for the first time in tuatanvalea

at quarterback you don't know what he

how he's going to respond

to a dude like aaron donald pushing the

center in his lap um

seattle they always play them tough the

bucks is a tough out

and then the 49ers so they got to go to


go home and then come back to tampa

that's what i'm saying correct

they should have just should have given

them a back to back that way they didn't

have to travel

by the way so it shows you how much the

nfl has changed when's the last time you

said this

the first breather for the rams will be

when they take on the patriots on

december 10th

as of today right i know that'll change

as cam newton

plays better it's really the jets that

number will go up it's really the jets

in their next seven games

the seventh game yes as you mentioned

it'll be patrick back-to-back

yeah jay's giants another shot at jay's

giants not on the ram schedule

at least moving forward to this

particular point as you know the rams

already defeated the giant 17-9

earlier thanks this season just just

bring it out that's why i said it


that thanks great so you think they are


you think they have a coach that's very

good but we'll have to wait to see

how it all comes i do i just i gotta see

a little bit more

i think they're a playoff team who do

you need to see more from is that jared

goff because

that was my my biggest question for this

team well jared goff needs to play

consistent continue to play consistent

but i also just need to see

what they look like against competition

that's going to punch back

yeah but but key i mean i guess is it


well with other teams you don't really

need to see that as much right like my

argument always against green bay

so i was like who has green bay really

played but you see aaron rodgers he's

a different level so yeah i understand

what you're saying yeah i mean

aaron rodgers you know the moment that

you question aaron rodgers the first

thing he comes out and does

is go nuts well jared goff you question


and he doesn't come out and go nuts it's

just kind of

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