Queen becomes longest reigning British monarch in history

I did travel for you all that's my whole

life whether it be long or short shall

be devoted to your service and to the

service of our great imperial family to

which we all belong queen elizabeth ii

surpasses her great-great-grandmother

Queen Victoria to become the

longest-serving British monarch in

history this week the 89 year old takes

the crown on Wednesday reigning for 63

years and 217 days and it all began in

the early 1950s 1953 it was the year the

world was introduced to Ian Fleming's

James Bond the Year Edmund Hillary and

Sherpa Tenzing Norgay conquered Everest

and the Year Elvis Presley made his

first ever recording in Britain an

estimated three million people lined the

streets of London world leaders

dignitaries and invited guests gathered

at Westminster Abbey and millions of

people around the world huddled around

television sets all to witness a

momentous occasion for the British

Empire Elizabeth was just 25 years old

when she ascended to the throne in 1952

but she was not always destined to be

queen her father George the 6th became

King after the abdication of his brother

Edward the eighth and when he died his

eldest daughter was next in line the

young Queen quickly tucked to her new

role with energy and grace and soon she

and her husband Prince Philip set off on

a six-month world tour she became the

first monarch to circumnavigate the

globe and in time also became the most

widely traveled head of state in history

in 1977 the Queen celebrated her silver

jubilee in a sign that the monarchy had

not been damaged by the turbulent 1960s

and 70s millions of people took part in

street parties to honor the Queen around

the country the 1990s was a difficult

decade for the Queen and her family 1992

saw Windsor Castle

badly damaged in a fire and the

disintegration of the marriages of three

of the Queen's children in 1997 Princess

Diana was killed in a car accident in

Paris I want to pay tribute to Diana

myself I for one believe there are

lessons to be drawn from her life and

from the extraordinary and moving

reaction to her death in 2002 the Queen

celebrated her golden jubilee but the

year also brought personal sadness in

February the Queen lost her sister

Princess Margaret and just a few weeks

later in March the Queen mother passed

away at the age of 101 but recent years

have brought happier times for the Queen

she marked her Diamond Jubilee in 2012

watched as her family grew and even

jumped out of a helicopter with James

Bond at the London Olympics well kind of

now aged 89 she continues to carry out

her duties as monarch and as a great

grandmother with remarkable energy