Why is Queen Elizabeth’s Husband Prince Philip Not a King? | Vanity Fair


why is Williams grandfather a prince and

not a king constitutionally female

consorts to the male moniker crowned

queen yes

that means you Kate however there is no

standard title for the male consort to a

female monarch though they are never

crowned King Phillip was granted the

title Duke of Edinburgh by Elizabeth's

father King George and later Prince of

the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth

herself but even without the kingly

title Phillip has managed to make quite

a name for himself over the years mostly

with his charming public comments how do

you keep the natives off the booze long

enough to get them through the test he

once asked a Scottish driving instructor

do you still throw Spears at each other

he asked an Aborigine on a trip in

Australia in his off hours the Prince is

an enthusiastic amateur oil painter and

loves the ponies

he played polo until 1971 and upon

giving that up

started competitive carriage riding a

lively sport that requires a carriage a

brave soul and four plucky ponies

he stopped competing in 2006 but at 90

years old still relishes his role as an

official at the annual Royal Windsor

horse show play on Philip