The Raven Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER


Huan er do you think this is doctor what

is it can the reigning champion and

still reigning champ after this

everything was all about the view and

that's that mr. ed because they also

mentioned talk and I think this is

someone from the talk I think it is

Sheryl Underwood from the talk really


are you willing to put down your crown

if you're wrong

I am so I'm willing I will put you will

no longer night around on the line rein

it in mr. Kaul who do you believe this

is going to throw a curveball I don't

think we've said her name yet

Megan McCain maybe from the view okay

Megan McCain that's not bad

curveball it is lots of lot of talk

shows I convinced you guys in the talk

arena that's for sure you did mr. Robin

Thicke well you know there were some

hints also I mean with the talk show

thing in the flock and I remember when I

was young and the Ricki Lake Show came

on television it was kind of

revolutionary in some ways and I think

that she won an Emmy or at least she

should have and I was a big fan of the

show and I think it's Ricki Lake all

right all right

I do too think it might be Ricki Lake

but to be different I'm gonna go with

Raven Symone yeah Raven Raven she did

say on the package it's so mean Raven

yeah I'm keeping my title I'm keeping my

crown well we all need to know right

you made your final guesses now let's

see if any of you were right

no Raven show us all who's behind the



Ricki Lake


well everything now

wow that's amazing I demand a week it is

great to finally see you what an amazing

journey you've done so many things in

your career we've seen you in movies we

see you win Emmys for your amazing talk

show hosting abilities but tell me what

have you learned from this experience on

the mad singer I mean it isn't so much

what I learned but I love the anonymity

I loved like you know I'm so bad at

keeping a secret you guys and so for me

to not tell my family what I'm doing

it's just been it's been a ball I have

to ask why the Reagan

you know the Raven is about

metamorphosis it's about death but it's

also about rebirth and I went through a

sip of my husband last year and this

really was an opportunity for me to sort

of share my my journey through through

his loss he was he was the best thing

that ever happened to me

well I know he's smiling down on you now

dedicated your entire journey to him is

a beautiful thing