Joe Flacco or Lamar Jackson? Who is the best Ravens quarterback of all time?

yo yo yo yo that sounded like the crime

time intro didn't it alright so guys I

don't have a lot of time I only have

like 20 minutes because I'm supposed to

be on this conference call with my work

so let's just get through this stream

really quick and you know we'll move

forward from there but guys I wanted a

stream because oh whoa what's up noobs

my name is Joe noob oh if you don't know

thank you guys for joining here but

basically so I wanted to do this stream

because I feel like I haven't done a

solo stream in such a long time and ya

guys by the way it wasn't a dream that

video was real I don't know if you guys

even side because you know how YouTube

is they don't want to suggest my videos

out there but yes the stash is here to

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get to it guys because like I said I

don't have a lot of time but I did want

to get on a solo stream for you guys

because I haven't talked to you in a

while man you know it's either been for

the podcast which obviously is not going

anywhere we're gonna still do that every

single Wednesday but I just haven't done

a solo stream with you guys to just

discuss crap man you know it feels like

such a while since I've connected with

you guys so that's why I wanted to jump

on here for a quick maybe 15 20 minutes

stream at most so let's get into the

topic at hand guys I've wasted enough of

your time already so basically if you

guys didn't know the Ravens I believe

themselves put out the all-time lineups

right for the Baltimore Ravens so and I

think the biggest debate came that they

put Lamar Jackson instead of Joe Flacco

if I'm not mistaken so I want to hear

what you guys have to say about this I

know this by now is this is old news but

I didn't have time to stream yesterday

or Saturday or Friday because you know I

don't have

excuse but I just didn't so anyway what

I did do is I put poles I put poles

everywhere I put poles on YouTube I put

it on Twitter I put one on Instagram I

even put one on tik-tok and I actually

forgot to bring that one up so let me

let me bring that one up as well and by

the way I don't know what's going on

with tik-tok I don't know if they're

being canceled that's what I heard last

so if that is the case then just forget

I ever said anything but I wanted to

bring up all my poles and I wanted to

talk about them right so let's start off

with the YouTube poll so on the YouTube

pull obviously I asked the same question

everywhere on YouTube I asked who is the

best all-time Ravens quarterback now

this one was interesting this one was

interesting we got 419 votes on this

poll on YouTube and 54% of people said

Lamar Jackson 46% of people said Joe

Flacco so on YouTube according to you

guys on YouTube Lamar Jackson is the

best alzheimer evens quarterback this is

according to the YouTube voters 419

people I mean that's a pretty good

sample size and more than half of the

419 people voted for Lamar Jackson so

that's interesting

tick tock because the feds I believe it

I believe it so let's move on to tick

tock might as well only three people

answered which you know is fine I don't

really have that big of a following on

tick tock so I don't expect that but all

three of them said Lamar Jackson all

three of them said Lamar Jackson on tick

tock let's move to Instagram because I

didn't get as many votes on there either

we got let's see 37 people voted for Joe

Flacco 37 people voted for Joe Flacco

and 11 people voted for Lamar Jackson so

already we're seeing some you know some

different differing opinions then I went

to Twitter of course Twitter it had to

be done Twitter 273 people voted on who

is the best Alzheimer Ravens quarterback

pretty good sample size as well

62% of people on Twitter voted for Joe

Flacco 38% of people voted for Lamar

Jackson so there you go man it's so it's

so interesting there's a lot of people

have differing opinions on this

so obviously you guys are here to hear

my opinion right

what's up Casey what's up key J will

Andrew Yosef thank you guys for coming

out here man I know this is a Monday

morning stream at least for me for you

for the people on the East Coast it's

like almost 2 p.m. but I just wanted

like I said to do a quick stream because

I haven't even I haven't been able to

just connect with you guys at on a solo

stream for such a long time so that's

why I wanted to do it anyway so

interesting right

Twitter pretty much a resounding people

of everybody said that it's Joe Flacco

that is the best all-time Ravens

quarterback right on YouTube though its

flipped people actually believe it's

Lamar Jackson that's the best

quarterback the best Ravens quarterback

of all time what's up Antonio thank you

for joining men so it brings up the

question obviously it brings up the

question what do I feel so if you're

just talking about who I would take

right now if you're talking about who I

would take right now and for the future

Lamar Jackson no question Lamar Jackson

no question and I love Joe Flacco I love

Joe Flacco but if you're talking

currently who you would take to be your

quarterback right now I think everybody

agrees with me you would take Lamar

Jackson absolutely no doubt I think the

future is bright with him you know

provided he stays healthy knock on wood

everything like that he is amazing

this guy is amazing and I do think that

he may be considered the best

regular-season quarterback in Ravens

history already already even after just

two seasons why because he's already won

unanimous league MVP something that only

one other person has done in NFL history

that being Tom Brady

he's already I mean 14 and 2 is the best

record in Ravens history right obviously

the one difference here which is why I'm

gonna say that Joe Flacco should be

considered the best all-time Ravens

quarterback still okay that's how I

believe and again people on YouTube

don't agree they say that it's Lamar

people on tic TOCs say that it's Lamar

however the people on Instagram and

Twitter do say it's Joe Flacco so they

agree with me let me tell you my reasons

because Joe Flacco this guy like you

said Casey January joke right

Lamar hasn't done it yet in the playoffs

just yet

and and I'm not saying that he can't do

it in the playoffs I absolutely do

believe that he will get it done

it's just that he had two roadblocks his

rookie season against the Chargers

obviously things didn't come out well we

lost that game then this year against

the Titans not ideal you would have

liked to see him come out and win that

game but he didn't you know you can say

it was the drop so you can say was the

problem there was problems in that game

that we don't have to get into right now

but obviously Lamar has not got it done

in the playoffs but somebody that did

was Joe Flacco right and that's

something that I feel like people don't

remember about Flacco is that he had ice

in his veins man especially when it came

down to the playoffs when the money was

on the table when you needed to make a

play Joe Flacco was that guy he just was

he had ice in his veins especially with

that Super Bowl run man that was in my

opinion still the greatest Super Bowl

run of all time I know that everybody

wants to say no you have Joe Montana and

even Chiefs fans will say no you have

Patrick mahomes who blah blah blah even

though he threw a pic and if you throw a

pic you're disqualified because Joe

Flacco did not throw a single pick and

he threw 11 touchdowns in that Super

Bowl run but yeah man I still have to

say that Joe Flacco is the best all-time

Ravens quarterback for now if Lamar can

come out next year if he can repeat that

MVP season if he can actually win some

playoff games I'm not even asking him to

make it to the Super Bowl

I just want to see Lamar win at least

one or two playoff games this season

right that's all I want to see I want to

see Lamar prove that he can get it done

in the postseason be

Joe Flacco is very well proven he is

very well proven that he can get it done

in in the playoffs

we saw it time and time again the guy is

amazing in the playoffs and obviously

that Super Bowl would but yeah I still

think that Joe Flacco takes the crown

for best all-time Ravens quarterback he

won us a Super Bowl

Lamar has not done that yet obviously

Joe Flacco never won MVP he only threw

for 4,000 yards once in his career at

least here with the Ravens or just in

general Riley really because it's gonna

you know he's not gonna really do much

with the Jets and he didn't do anything

with the Broncos so he only fear for

4,000 yards once in his career so if you

want to argue that Lamar is the best

all-time regular season Ravens

quarterback I think you have a case

because like I said unanimous league MVP

Joe never even touched a touched MVP

right the only MVP he got was the Super

Bowl MVP but but Lamar has not got it

done in the playoffs yet at Joe Flacco

proved from his first very first

starting year man from his rookie season

he got a playoff win right I think he

made it all the way to the AFC

Championship against the Steelers that

was 2008 right if I'm not mistaken

um but yeah man ice I personally believe

it's still Joe Flacco but that can

change next year if Lamar goes all the

way like we think he might right so

that's how I feel um so let's read some

of your your chats here let's see what's

going on here what up engraving I didn't

see you man thank you for joining I want

to say Lamar so bad I hear you but like

I said I don't think he's there yet

Flacco his trash in his first playoff

games if that's the difference between

the two that is true although they did

find a way to win but yeah I do remember

that he was pretty bad it was pretty bad

Lamar can do it this year agree Joe and

Mark Sanchez are the only quarterbacks

to beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in

the same playoffs interesting huh that

had to be Mark Sanchez mister but fumble

alongside Joe Flacco there but we can

just ignore that we'll just say it's Joe

Flacco statistically it's not even close

to Lamar is the best quarterback in

Ravens history Wow

again I agree to a certain extent if

you're just talking about pure talent

perspective pure regular-season like

what he's done what we what we think he

can do what we're projecting him to do I

totally agree with you but unless Lamar

can win that Super Bowl I cannot you

know give the crown to him and I think

the big argument that a lot of people

were making was that will tread Dilfer

one who's Superbowl is he a better

quarterback than Lamar Jackson that's a

totally different situation I say it

every single time Joe Flacco carried the

Ravens to that Super Bowl win and people

always clown me for saying this but it's

something I believe you can say was

Jacoby Jones you can say was Anquan

Boldin but who was throwing them the

ball that's what I always say who was

throwing them the ball right anyway it's

still Joe Flacco and I don't think that

Trent Dilfer argument is correct because

obviously the Ravens won the Super Bowl

in 2000 2001 because of the defense

nobody's denying that nobody's sitting

here saying Trent Dilfer had an amazing

playoff run that's not the case

Joe Flacco did that Joe Flacco did that

he won us that Super Bowl so that's why

to me Joe Flacco still takes the crown

but Lamar could very easily overtake him

just in three years in his third season

he could overtake everybody in the

ravens franchise right so that's how I

feel about it

Joe was super inconsistent January Joe

only existed in three playoff runs some

interesting Garnett interesting

interesting even though he won what 10

playoff games that's not only three

playoff runs men you know you need a

little more than that so Flacco had a

lucky run and was fluke oh the vast

majority of career I mean yes you could

say that

but I wouldn't say he got lucky he just

he had that ice in his veins man he he

went off you guys cannot just ignore the

fact that he threw for almost 1,200

yards in four games 11 touchdowns 2-0

picks and beat a rookie Andrew Luck

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady of the road

on his way to beating Colin Kaepernick

in the Super Bowl who was very hot at

the time in that 49ers defense was

something special

I don't get why people have to discount

Joe Flacco just to bring up Lamar

Jackson that why can't we just respect

what Joe Flacco did for the franchise

and the organization and respect that

yes he is currently the best quarterback

in franchise history however that could

totally change next year that could

totally change next year which is the

crazy thing because Lamar could overtake

him in three years so that's what I'm


if Flacco had Lamar's weapons he

wouldn't have got it done uh I mean I

guess that's debatable if you want

that's fine but I mean Flacco never had

weapons dude especially after 2012-2013

Joe was good in primetime games he sure

was he did he I'm telling you man he had

that ice in his veins he just didn't

always activate it you know that's how I

feel Joe Flacco had weapons before 2014

that's why he was so good

I might agree with you there he didn't

really have many weapons Joe Flacco was

four and five with this Ravens team um I

wouldn't say this Ravens team because I

mean I don't think the defense was as

good as it is now especially but I mean

I can see what you're saying

I can see what you're saying if Lamar

had Joe's line he wouldn't be as

dominant and I wouldn't agree with that

man I mean Joe had a good line but it

wasn't great it's not like he always had

amazing offensive lines you know they

were solid but I mean he didn't have

Ronnie Stanley for most of his career

Ronnie Stanley is amazing I know he had

Yonder but I'm just saying man I don't

know Robert says have I lost some weight

I actually have thank you for noticing I

don't know if it's because I shaved the

beard so that's why I look a little

skinnier I mean I'm still fat but let's

be real here

I have lost like 20 pounds so hopefully

it's noticeable at least but anyway now

you guys are starting to come in here

and I have to actually get going

unfortunately but hey man it's a debate

if you guys are watching the replay

please leave me a comment down below I

want to know what you guys think about


kind of put forth my argument why i

believe joe flacco right now is the best

Ravens quarterback in in franchise

history but like I said Lamar can easily

overtake that this next year if he can

repeat his MVP season I think he'll have

an argument if he can go all the way to

the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl he

definitely has I think he will get that

crown but right now I need to see Lamar

get it done in the playoffs I just want

him to win in the playoffs just that's

the only separator man you know in my

opinion Lamar is the second best

quarterback in the league

today only behind Patrick mahomes now I

know people say Russell Wilson which is

fine I can see the argument there but I

personally if I'm taking quarterbacks I

definitely wouldn't take a lot more

Jackson but the only thing separating

him from from Patrick mahomes in my

opinion and I know this is gonna spark

even more debate especially if Chiefs

fans come in here is that Patrick

mahomes has won a Super Bowl that's it

that's my only separator you know if

you're asking me who I would rather have

Patrick mahomes real Ammar if I'm

running that system I would definitely

take Lamar over Patrick mahomes if I if

I want to run first which I you know I'm

not a head coach or anything but if I

was building an offense I am a run first

team I love running the football that's

just how I like to play I would

definitely take Lamar so again it's a

whole other thing man it's it's it's a

whole lot of debates your face with the

stache looks like a baby face with a

stache yeah man

amen I got that stache like I said you

got to respect the stache that's how it

is man that's what we're gonna do from

here on out and I do actually have to

shave but anyway thank you guys so much

for coming out here man like I said a

short stream today I have to get out of

here I have to do a conference call with

my work so if you're watching the replay

leave a comment down below let me know

who you think is the best all-time

Ravens franchise quarterback Lamar or

Joe Flacco do you agree with my

arguments do you think I'm totally

off-base here definitely let me know

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thank you guys peace out if I could hit

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