your dad has some crazy idea to show us

old home movies I figured would indulge

em since we're practically on lockdown

anyway which one well I'm just happy

we're all here as a family sit down

Betty I think you're really ready to

enjoy this


now remember I'm making this movie so we

never forget what your daddy sacrificed

for us you do love your daddy don't you

Harold yes mom

and you want your daddy to keep living

with us yes mom I don't understand what

are we watching is that you how it is

your daddy did something very noble

Harold he took care of that Conway

family they were sinners and what

happens to sinners today what is this a

snuff film shut the hell up Alice from

once in your life that's right now that

little Conway boy who survived they're

gonna ask him who killed his family he

needs to point out somebody anybody but

not daddy

because we don't want daddy to be taken

away from us do we know I love my daddy

so you have to help him make sure when

they ask the Conway boy who he saw kill

his family make sure he doesn't say

daddy can you do that Harold convince

him thanks Laura

you're a good boy how your father let

him escape thank you you will do better

you must do better

take out your tape recorder house

I need you to record this

the Conway's that was the family that

was murdered 40 years ago my god take it

out and I want to tell my story

no our story really first to clear

something up your great grandpappy

Cooper wasn't murdered by his brother

like some dog he was the killer he

killed great grandpappy blossom and then

took on the Cooper name to create a new

identity for himself for us what does

that have to do with the Conway's the

Conway's knew our secret mr. Conway

blackmailed my father your grandpappy so

grandpa killed them they were sinners


even the children well there was one

survivor the Conway's boy Joseph mr.

Swenson who you convinced to accuse an

innocent man Joseph was easy to

manipulate as a boy and as a man

what are you telling us how's that I

have a darkness Alice the same darkness

my father had the same darkness his

father had and now it lives in Betty our




Who am I Betty say cui

here's a blanket