Hal Tries To Kill Alice And Betty Knocks Him Out! - Riverdale 2x21 'FP Is A Real Man!'

okay why did you become the black widows

this is a town of sinners Betty and

setters have to die your speech at the

Jubilee every girl must do better we

must do better you will do better you

must do better the line to be the

promise that I made my mother but this

town will do better we must do better so

I picked up my father's sword and I

continued the work that he and my

grandfather started the purging of sin

no none of this makes any sense dad why

did you want all this recorded I want

everyone to understand when they find us

well hell I can't say I'm surprised I

always knew you were a mama's boy what

did you say you heard me I knew it I

knew you couldn't do anything for

yourself love whatever you're doing all

I'm doing is I'm pointing out that your

father can't do anything right not even

be a serial killer cleansing the town of

sin really how you're the damn center

mom what are you gonna do how are you

gonna kill the entire town whoever's

jaywalked what Fred Andrews do to

deserve to get shot see what's in that

altar oh and then why don't you kill

yourself you had a fling with Penelope

blossom or me for that matter I stepped

out on you with FP who in every way that

you are not is a real man

soon as you hear that girl live report

to post appear that